Is Audi A4 a good car?

Is Audi A4 a good car?

The Audi A4 was first introduced in 1994 and has been a popular car ever since. The current generation of the A4 is one of the best-selling Audi models because it combines everything Audi is known for with a perfectly sized sedan. The A4 slots between the larger A6 and the smaller Audi A3 sedan, both in size and in levels of luxury.

The Audi A4 comes with a bunch of engines and all of which are sophisticated, efficient, and fitting for the A4. The car is available as either an AWD car or a RWD car. New A4 models are strictly available with an Automatic transmission. Design-wise, the latest A4 is not as exciting as the C-Class or the BMW 3-Series, but it can be if you pick your options right.

The interior of the A4 is where you’ll find a bunch of high-quality materials and superior levels of build quality throughout. The A4 is also a decently reliable car, but only if you maintain it well enough. The most common A4 issues are associated with the engine, the equipment, oil leaks, spark plugs, ignition coils, catalytic converter, and the dreaded DPF filter.

The A4 seems to hold its value really well because it sells well. Practicality is good with the A4 as it offers lots of space for four adults and a trunk space that can take care of all of their luggage. The car is boxy so all-around visibility is also great.

Audi A4 – The powertrain

The Audi A4 comes with a variety of engines starting with the 2.0L 4-cylinder turbo engine with power outputs ranging between 150hp, 190hp, 204hp, 245hp, or 265hp. The A4 also comes with a few different diesel options such as the 2.0L 4-cylinder or the 3.0L V6 diesel TDI engine with either 163hp or 231hp.

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The best Audi A4 engines are the 3.0L twin-turbo V6 found in the RS4 Avant which pushes out 450hp and the 3.0L TFSI found in the Audi S4 which pushes out 350hp. It’s also worth mentioning that the European market gets a 3.0L TDI for the S4 which makes 350hp as well.

The A4 is available with Quattro AWD as an option, but the range-topping S4 and RS4 get Quattro as standard. These engines are mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch S-Tronic transmission, except for the RS4 which gets an 8-speed Tiptronic due to S-Tronic torque-related limitations. Efficiency is also great because the most efficient 35 TDI model can return up to 60MPG.

Audi A4 – Design and chassis

The Audi A4 is the more subdued car when compared to the BMW 3-Series and the Mercedes C-Class. However, Audi gives you the ability to choose what you value the most which means that you can equip your A4 to look as good, or even better than the other two. This is both a good thing and a bad thing because it costs money for the A4 to look exciting, yet when it does, it looks 10 times better.

The chassis and suspension tuning of the A4 are tuned towards comfort, even in the top-spec RS and S models. The A4 is a premium executive sedan and it slots between the C-Class and the BMW 3-Series because it is more luxurious yet not as dynamic as the 3-Series, but the same time is more dynamic but not as luxurious as the C-Class.

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 Audi A4 – Reliability and common issues

The Audi A4 is a decently reliable car which means that it can last a long time if you take proper care of it. German premium cars are known to be dependable, but only if all the maintenance and services have been done right.

The most common A4 issues are related to the engine, the cats, oil leaks, spark plugs, O2 sensors, the equipment, the DPF filter, and the ignition coils. Higher mileage A4 models seem to fare worse, but the differences are not huge.

Audi A4 – Value and practicality

The A4 starts at around $40,000, but it goes up from there quite a bit. It makes little to no sense to buy an A4 without a bunch of equipment because the car will not feel as luxurious as it can feel. However, the A4 seems to retain its value really well because it is a really popular car in the 2nd hand market.

Practicality-wise, the A4 slots between the larger A6 and the comparably smaller A3 sedan which makes the A4 the sweet spot. It comes with a large trunk, and enough space for up to four adults to sit comfortably. Visibility is great, entry is easy, and there are many family-friendly features throughout the A4s cabin.

FAQ Section

Should I buy the Audi A4?

If you are after a premium executive compact sedan, the A4 should be right at the top of your list with the C-Class and the BMW 3-Series. The A4 seems to be one of the best Audi models of all time judging by the owner’s satisfaction surveys because the A4 strikes a perfect balance between costs and features.

The A6 is a large car and it has only gotten bigger in the last decade while the A4 has also grown in size, but not enough to make the car feel huge. All in all, the A4 is a great daily driver, a great family car, and a great cruiser.

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Is the Audi A4 a safe car?

The Audi A4 is a stellar 5-star rated car when it comes to safety because Audi is keen on making safe cars since the release of the very first Audi A4. It offers great passive safety features, but many of the active software safety features are part of optional equipment.

This is a bit discouraging as some of these safety features cost thousands of dollars. We have already mentioned that buying the A4 only makes sense if the car has got all the equipment necessary which further drives the price up.

Which options to go for with the Audi A4?

First and foremost, you need to upgrade to Matrix lights as that makes the car both safer and look much better. Matrix is an expensive option, but Matrix cars are more popular on the second-hand market. Furthermore, upgraded infotainment with Audi Virtual Cockpit is necessary, and so is digital A/C.

If you have the means, also be sure to go for the S-Line package as it makes the interior and exterior look amazing. If you live in the US, be sure to at least go for the Premium Plus package, but if you can, you should go for the Prestige.

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