Is Audi e-tron a good car?

Audi e-tron

The Audi e-tron is the very first Audi mainstream EV to come out which is both a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing is that Audi is not going to enter into a new venture without making sure the car is not only able to deliver but to do so in a class-leading manner. The bad thing is that a first-of-its-kind car typically comes with a bunch of issues. So, is Audi e-tron a good car?

The Audi e-tron is a good car, but only if you are the type of person to buy such a car and if you only consider buying newer e-tron models. Older e-tron models are significantly worse when it comes to reliability and if you are not someone used to owning an EV, you are not going to like the e-tron.

The e-tron comes in a few different versions depending on the car’s power and range. All e-tron models come with Audi’s proprietary Quattro AWD system and all of them have more than 300hp. The e-tron looks similar to the Audi Q5, but with special EV design touches which also include a Sportback variant.

The driving experience is surprisingly dynamic thanks to a lower center of gravity. The car is heavy and you can definitely feel it, but no too much to ruin the experience altogether. Reliability is questionable for earlier models but decent for newer models. Practicality is great, but value is decent at best.

Audi e-tron – The powertrain

The e-tron comes in a few different variants depending on the car’s battery size and power. The entry-level e-tron is the 50 model that gets a 71.2kWh battery that gives the car a maximum range of around 190 miles. It offers 313hp and it charges in about 27 minutes through a fast DC charger (120kW) while slow charging takes about 7 hours.

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The next in line is the 55 model that gets the larger 95kWh that gives the e-tron a range of 271 miles between charges and 408hp. The 55 can be recharged in 30 minutes through a fast DC charger (150kW) while slow charging takes 9 and a half hours.

The range-topping e-tron model is the e-tron S which also offers a 95kWh battery but the power has been increased to 503hp. The power increase means that this e-tron can’t last longer than 226 miles but it charges the same as the 55 model. As such, the e-tron does not offer the miles, but it makes up for it with fast charging.

Audi e-tron – Design and chassis

The Audi e-Tron looks similar to the Audi Q5 but it does got special EV touches such as new grille and a lovely rear full-length tail light. The e-tron also looks a bit sleeker when compared to the Q5, especially in its Sportback version which makes the e-tron look like a slightly smaller but even more stylish Audi Q8.

The interior of the e-tron is almost identical to other Audi SUVs, except for the cool Audi virtual exterior mirrors which replace the mirrors with cameras and 7-inch displays in the A-pillar. The chassis and suspension are tuned towards comfort and the car does not roll in the corners. It is comfortable and quiet and fairly dynamic in S form.

 Audi e-tron – Reliability and common issues

Older Audi e-tron models are not the most reliable EVs on the market, quite the opposite, they are one of the least reliable EVs on the market. Subsequent e-tron models seem to be a lot better because Audi realized that more than 100 different software problems could ruin the sales. That is why Audi even postponed the e-tron’s market release by up to 4 weeks to solve many of these issues.

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The most common e-tron issues are associated with the software, the powertrain, the reverse gear, water ingress, electricals, and the equipment. Many of these have been solved throughout the car’s production, but not all of them.

 Audi e-tron – Value and practicality

The Audi e-tron is not the cheapest EV you can buy these days for two reasons. First of all, it is an EV and EVs come with slightly higher prices from the start. Secondly, the e-tron is a true luxury SUV which further drives the price up to the sky. All in all, there are better cars for this price tag, but if you like the e-tron, you will be more than happy with the value aspect.

Practicality-wise, the e-tron can easily accommodate up to five adults without any issues. The trunk space is decent, but it can be better considering the car’s size. Visibility is great and so is ease of entry. The car is easy to drive and is also a really good family car.

FAQ Section

Should I buy an Audi e-tron?

The Audi e-tron is a relatively popular electric luxury SUV even though it has been out for a few years now. Audi is likely going to refresh the e-tron soon which is probably going to make the entire package a lot more enticing. The e-tron is the first Audi EV which means that it showed where Audi can do better and that is likely going to be the case with the e-tron replacement/refresh.

As such, I’d advise you to wait a little bit longer to see what Audi will do with the e-tron refresh as that car should most definitely be better, especially in the reliability department.

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Does the Audi e-tron offer enough range?

The entry-level Audi e-tron offers less than 200 miles which is a really short driving range in 2022. That is why most people deem the entry-level e-tron to be more of a daily city commuter rather than a true daily driver that can do both long distances and short city commuting.

You can get longer-lasting cars for half the price of the entry-level e-tron which means that you should not even consider the 50 model if you are used to driving a lot.

When it the new Audi e-tron coming out?

According to a few online sources, the new revised Audi e-tron is likely going to hit the market in about 6 months’ time and it should be a huge upgrade over the existing model. Some sources say that the new e-tron will offer more than 350 miles of range which will make it a lor more competitive.

Some sources state that the revised e-tron is going to showcase a bunch of new technologies such as a completely brand-new infotainment system. As such, you should stick to your guns and wait before the new e-tron arrives.

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