Common problems with Audi Q8

Audi Q8 Problems

The Audi Q8 was first introduced for the 2018 model year and it took the luxury SUV market the moment it came. The Q8 is selling really well because it is a well-rounded luxury SUV that offers pretty much everything. It looks great, it drives great, it’s luxurious, safe, comfortable, and extremely desirable.

It shares many of its parts with the Audi Q7 that came a few years before the Q8 which means that Audi managed to solve a fair bit of issues that came with the 2nd generation Q7. As such, the Audi Q8 seems to be a decently reliable car, but there are some issues worth talking about such as the front shock absorbers and the connection between the steering shaft and the steering rack.

The Audi Q8 also seems to suffer from issues associated with the gearbox as it sometimes leaks transmission fluid. Given the fact that the Q8 is a big heavy car with at least 21-inch tires, tire wear seems to be worse than usual which is certainly a big issue as 21-inch+ tires cost a fortune to replace.

Finally, the Q8 also suffers from issues associated with the start/stop system as Audi was served with a class-action lawsuit due to potential dangers associated with how the start/stop system operates. All in all, the Q8 seems to be decently reliable, but it does cost a lot of money to maintain.

Audi Q8 front shock absorber issues

According to multiple online sources, the Audi Q8 is known to experience issues with the front suspension, more specifically the front shock absorber fork. The issue here is that the fork hasn’t been cast good enough which results in the car having trouble absorbing uneven surfaces which could even lead to the fork coming off completely.

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Audi says that some Q8 models manufactured between the 27th of November 2018 and the 18th December of 2018 were associated with this issue, but some say that many succeeding Q8s have also been affected. Either way, be sure to contact an Audi dealer and ask around if the Q8 you are looking at was part of this issue or not.

Audi Q8 steering rack and steering shaft issue

These sources also state that the Q8 suffers from bad bolts that connect the steering rack to the steering shaft which can also break under pressure and make the car undrivable. This issue not only affects the Q8, but also the Q7, and the period in which these issues happened is between June 2015 and February 2019.

Understandably, these issues are likely affecting a larger number of Q8 models and therefore you should pay close attention to these bolts. Be sure to ask around at an Audi dealership about the Q8 you are looking at to see if there is anything that needs to be done in regards to this issue.

Audi Q8 transmission oil leaks

European luxury cars are known to go through fluids like crazy. They typically consume lots of fuel, and lots of oil, but hardly any car consumes lots of transmission oil, at least not if the oil is not leaking. However, the Q8 was fitted with a faulty transmission oil join from the factory which can leak oil if not remedied in due time.

As such, you need to pay close attention to this issue as a lack of transmission oil can virtually destroy a transmission. Some say that only a small portion of Q8 models made in 2019 have been affected, but it’s better to check in order to be 100% safe.

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Audi Q8 tire-related issues

The Audi Q8 was part of the 42L5 Audi recall for a faulty alteration of the rear axle’s toe and camber which wear out the rear tires at an extreme pace. However, the Audi Q8 comes with 21-inch tires at the very least and all four tires need to be the same because the Q8 is an AWD Quattro SUV. If all four tires are not the same, it can cause some safety issues.

This means that replacing Audi Q8 tires costs a small fortune because they are huge in every possible dimension. Moreover, thanks to huge wheels, many people are complaining that curbing the wheels on an Audi Q8 is almost impossible if you drive it in the city.

Audi Q8 start/stop system issues

One of the most controversial issues that plague the Audi Q8 is related to the car’s start/stop system in which the engine disengages before the car comes to a halt. The system can also result in the Q8 stalling and that is why Audi was served with a class-action lawsuit which has been dismissed.

Either way, a faulty start/stop system can certainly be a stressful affair because issues such as these can cause accidents if your guard is down.

FAQ Section

Should I buy the Audi Q8?

The Audi Q8 is one of the best luxury SUVs you can buy right now and many people deem it to be the best Audi model on the market. The reason why is simply because the Q8 is a great all-around car. It looks stunning inside and out, it is packed with the latest and greatest tech, it is safe, fast, relatively reliable, and extremely desirable.

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The Q8 is equally popular with both older and younger drivers and between men and women. It offers a commanding driving position and a bunch of powerful and sophisticated engines.


Is the Audi Q8 better than the Q7?

The Audi Q8 is better than the Q7 in almost every way, except for practicality because the Q7 is available with seven seats and it offers more space for both people and cargo. These two are extremely similar and there aren’t too many mentionable differences between the two, but the Q8 seems to be the one most people would go for.

If you are a family man and you want the most space you can get, the Q7 is the better choice.

How long can an Audi Q8 last?

The Audi Q8 should be able to last hundreds of thousands of miles without needing major overhauls. This is because the Q8 is just like any other German luxury vehicle, dependable for life if maintained correctly.

All in all, you should not worry about the longevity of the Audi, but rather about all the maintenance costs you will have to pay before reaching any significant amount of miles.

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