Common problems with Audi RS6 Avant

Audi RS6 Avant problems

In the world of fast family haulers, the Audi RS6 is somewhat of a legend. Many deem the RS6 to be the best single car any person can have because it offers everything a car can offer. I can do winter driving like it’s nothing, it is extremely fast, comfortable, and luxurious. It offers loads of space and it also looks great both inside and out.

This inevitably means that it comes with a huge price tag, and that is sadly the case. However, you can’t expect one of the best all-around cars to not be compromised one way or the other. The Audi RS6 Avant seems to be a relatively reliable car, but only if you maintain it well enough. Without proper maintenance, it is going to cause a bunch of issues.

The most common issues with the RS6 are related to the suspension, the brakes, the cooling system, the water pump, and the engine. Most of these are expensive to fix, but they aren’t extremely common. Either way, the RS6 is a complex bit of kit which means that it needs thorough and timely maintenance, otherwise, it is going to fail.

All in all, the RS6 is one of the best cars you can buy these days. It may be expensive to buy, and expensive to run, but it makes perfect sense to invest in a car such as the RS6 because it is a car you can comfortably use for decades to come.

Audi RS6 suspension issues

Older Audi RS6 models are more prone to suspension issues than newer ones, and the most common Audi RS6 suspension issues are related to the old RS6 models with DRC systems, and the new RS6 models with air suspension. The DRC (Dynamic ride control) issue is the most common with C5 and C6 models in which the system fails to adjust itself to the driving environment.

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Newer Audi RS6 models that come with air suspension also suffer from suspension-related issues in which the car is unable to maintain a consistent ride height if it is parked for a while. The reason why this happens is probably that the airbags are leaking. Therefore, they need to be fixed as soon as possible.

Audi RS6 issues with the brakes

The Audi RS6 is a certified 2-ton car which means that it takes quite a bit of force to stop it. Thankfully, newer Audi models come with either 8 or even 10 piston brakes. The RS6 also offers carbon-ceramic brakes which are extremely expensive, but useful if you are someone who likes to drive fast and brake abruptly.

The biggest issue is that regular steel brakes are sometimes known to warp which can significantly decrease their lifespan. This happens because the car is extremely and the brake cooling isn’t able to negate that. Prematurely worn-out discs are a common issue with all Audi RS6 generations except those with carbon ceramics.

Audi RS6 cooling system issues

The RS6 gets a large V8 engine with all RS6 generations and the C6 RS6 even gets a Lamborghini-derived V10 engine. As such, these engines need a lot of cooling for them to always operate at an optimum temperature. If there are any issues with the cooling system, the engine is likely to overheat if you don’t notice it early enough.

The reason why this happens is mostly due to coolant leaks which can happen anywhere in the system. The seals are known to deteriorate early on older RS6 models which means that those are likely to need replacement hoses a few times during their lifespan.

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 Audi RS6 water pump issue

Another issue related to the cooling system functionality is a faulty water pump. If you hear whining noises while driving the car, be sure to pay close attention to the car’s temperature. Water pump failures are a common trait of older RS6 models while newer models are a lot better.

However, there are instances in which owners complained about their C7 RS6 models overheating due to a faulty water pump.

Audi RS6 engine issues

There are instances in which many RS6 owners complained about the engine either dying on them or misfiring like crazy. This issue seems to be happening to both newer and older RS6 models. If you sense the engine misfiring, sputtering, or struggling in any other way, be sure to park it up immediately and stop driving it.

Some say that these issues are down to a faulty fuel pump while others blame faulty fuel injectors. The air intakes are sometimes known to cause issues on 4.0L VAG V8s so this could also be an issue worth talking about. Either way, if you sense your engine causing you a headache, pull over and stop driving in order not to cause additional damage.

FAQ Section

Which Audi RS6 is the best?

The C8 Audi RS6 is by far the best one yet is at beats all of the previous generations when it comes to looks, performance, and many other aspects such as practicality, desirability, and technology. The C7 RS6 is also a really good car while the C6 arguably comes with the coolest engine of them all.

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People aren’t too interested in buying the C5 RS6, or any RS6 older than the C7 generation. All in all, they are all great in their own right, but no one can deny the C8 is the most advanced and most capable one yet.

Is the Audi RS6 the best Audi?

Yes, the RS6 is the best Audi money can buy because there is nothing the RS6 can’t do besides serious off-roading, but no Audi can do serious off-roading anyway. It is the best package with four rings at the front because it offers loads of space, loads of performance, loads of technology, and loads of everything else.

The Audi RS7 is the closest thing to the RS6 Avant within the Audi family, but the RS6 costs more and is not as practical as the RS6.

How long can an Audi RS6 last?

The Audi RS6 can easily last a few hundred thousand miles without needing any major overhauls, but only if you maintain it well enough. These cars aren’t necessarily fragile, but they come with loads of performance parts that need to withstand stresses on a daily basis.

An RS6 is not a regular A6 which means that people tend to haul the RS6 while most people cruise in the A6. Either way, take care of it, and it should last you a long time.

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