Does Aiways use special tires?

Electric car tires are different from regular ICE car tires because they need to support heavier cars that have different torque characteristics. This means that EV tires need to be more robust in order to countereffect the increased levels of wear and tear associated with a heavier car.

Traction is also an important aspect as the heavier the car the higher the inertia which means that the braking distances tend to be longer. As such, EVs including Aiways mostly do come with specific tires that are not specifically designed for each and every model but are rather rated for EV use.

If you want to gather all the necessary info about replacing the tires on your Aiways car you should go through your owner’s manual or check the inner door sill for tire-related info. If you are unable to find which size or type of tire you need you should contact your Aiways dealer directly.

Tires are an essential aspect of on-road safety because they are the only components that connect the car with the road. As such, always be sure to opt for the correct size and compound type as this is not something you ever want to skimp on.

Aiways U5 tire information

The Aiways U5 is a Chinese SUV/crossover EV that combines cheap prices with decent all-around EV driving characteristics. The U5 is not the sportiest EV on the market nor the most comfortable EV on the market, but it does offer a decent driving experience considering the price.

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If you want to keep these factory driving conditions without sacrificing safety or efficiency, you need to always use specific tires that adhere to all the specifications associated with the U5. As such, always go through your owner’s manual or contact your Aiways dealer directly whenever you have any tire-related questions.

As far as tire dimensions are concerned, the Standard Aiways U5 uses 215/65R17 front tires and rear tires while the Premium model uses 235/50R19 front and rear tires. Both tire sizes are rated with a 99V speed rating.

Rim sizes associated with the standard model are 6.5Jx17 ET40 while the Premium model sports 7Jx19 ET43 rim dimensions. The standard U5 is rated for 2.3 PSI for the front tires and 2.6 PSI for the rear tires. The Premium model is rated 2.4 PSI for the fronts and 2.6 PSI for the rear tires.

Aiways U5 – Basic specifications

Both the Standard and the Premium versions of the U5 come with a single electric motor configuration that pushes out 150kW (201hp) of power. The U5 also comes with a 63kWh battery that should offer you 250 WLTP miles of range between charges.

It takes a little over 30 minutes to charge the U5 from 20% to 80% through a fast DC charger while a slow AC charger replenishes the U5 in around 8-10 hours. The Aiways U5 comes with almost all advanced driver assistance systems but it’s worth mentioning that these are not class-leading in any way.

The greatest issue with the U5 is the lackluster safety because Euro NCAP, the leading European car crash testing organization rated the U5 with a rather poor 3-star rating. This is because the U5 failed to deliver in the side-impact tests continuously.

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Aiways responded quickly by saying that they are already working on solving these issues so you should wait before these issues are resolved if you want to buy the U5.

Chinese EV startup brands and their future

Aiways is only one out of many Chinese EV startup companies such as XPeng, Li Auto, and Nio to name a few. These companies are focused on designing cheap EVs for the masses which could potentially flood the Western markets if average EV prices don’t go down accordingly.

These Chinese EV brands are actually doing all of us a favor because they can offer a competitive EV for a lower price tag thus making all the other EV manufacturers adjust their prices accordingly. One of the largest issues associated with EVs these days is the high entry costs because an EV carries a far greater price when compared to a comparable ICE car.

These Chinese EV startup companies are in a great position of becoming increasingly more relevant EV manufacturers in the future if they manage to design and offer great cars at a relatively discounted price.

FAQ Section

Should I buy the Aiways U5?

You should buy the Aiways U5 if you want a cheap but decent EV that can easily do what all the other current EVs can do. If you need a reliable A-to-B transportation device and you are not interested in being stylish or attention-grabbing, the U5 is the perfect car for you.

However, you need to keep in mind that the U5 is not the safest car from its class and that it’s also not going to be easy to sell as so many people aren’t even aware that the Aiways brand even exists.

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How important are tires?

Tires are one of if not the most important aspects of overall car safety as they are the only contact between the car and the road. This means that even the safest cars on the planet are unsafe if they are not equipped with adequately sized and adequately made tires.

As such, always be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when it comes to tires and never skimp on them. If you live in an area that experiences harsh winter conditions you should also invest money into buying a set of decent winter tires.

Is Aiways going to become more popular in the future?

Aiways is almost certainly going to become a more popular EV brand in the future if they continue offering competitively priced cars that offer a lot for the money. The U5 and the U6 are not perfect by any means, but they do offer a lot of value for the money.

There are a few notable issues with the U5 such as safety, value retention, and 2nd hand desirability but these are rather manageable if Aiways continues to make decent cars.

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