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2023 Peugeot 2008

The Peugeot 2008 is a French subcompact crossover SUV that was first revealed back in 2013 and it slots underneath the Peugeot 2008 as the smallest crossover SUV in Peugeot’s lineup. The 2008 is Peugeot’s take on what is supposed to be the most popular crossover segment in Europe which means that the 2008 is designed to sell really well.

Indeed, the Peugeot 2008 is raking up sales throughout Europe because it offers a really enticing package overall for a relatively attainable price. However, in this article, we are going to focus on all the common problems with Peugeot 2008 and tell you what you need to look out for if you are in the market for a subcompact crossover Peugeot SUV.

These include problems with the transmission, problems with the diesel particulate filter (DPF), problems with the engine, and problems with the suspension. The 2008 also suffers from certain electrical issues which also need to be addressed thoroughly.

All in all, the 2008 isn’t the most reliable car in its segment, but is reliable enough for most people. If you take proper care of it and you maintain it whenever needed, it should serve you for years to come without any grave issues, for the most part at least.

Transmission Issues

One of the most disappointing aspects of the 2008 is its automated manual gearbox which just isn’t on par with most others options in this segment. The pre-facelift current generation of the 2008 has a gearbox that isn’t the smoothest in normal operations, yet it can become really jerky and harsh relatively commonly which is obvious due to it having many complaints over the years.

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The post-facelift model seems to be a bit better, but it does experience issues with the actuator where the transmission sometimes refuses to engage gears in a consistent way, or at all. To remedy this, a new actuator is needed which is far from ideal.

DPF Issues

Even though diesel is becoming the odd man’s fuel lately, people are still interested in buying diesel engines for a wide variety of benefits, but not so much with the 2008 as it does suffer from DPF issues more than other similar cars. 2013-2018 models seem to experience these the most and they can lead to a total engine failure if not addressed in due time.

The issue here is that some plastic can get damaged due to it being too close to the exhaust which will require you to replace filters quite often. Moreover, any more serious issues with the DPF will require you to pay a lot of money for repairs as these systems are notoriously expensive.

Engine Issues

If you sense your 2008 lacking power or stalling, there might be something wrong with the engine. The 2017 2008 seem to be experiencing the most engine-related issues, some of which can even lead to a total engine failure. Other engine-related issues include problems with oil leaks and problems with the turbocharger.

Be sure to inspect your 2008’s powertrain whenever you sense any discrepancies with how it delivers power as suffering a total engine loss could be detrimental to the car’s value and your bank account as well.

Suspension Issues

The suspension system in the 2008 was the reason why Peugeot did a few separate recalls as some of these issues are fairly serious. The front suspension wishbones are known to be fragile as the mounting bolts could break off without any apparent reason. The 2013-2014 2008 seems to be the most affected by suspension issues, so be sure to inspect these if you are in the market for a 2008.

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They say that the issue here is that Peugeot didn’t either use the proper bolts or they didn’t tighten the bolts from the factory in the way they were supposed to.

 Electrical Issues

To top off this list, we also need to mention a few electrical issues which can often be really frustrating. The starter motor used to crank the engine is prone to failure on some 2008 models where the motor can overheat and even catch fire in extreme situations. As such, the relay needs to be looked after and replaced if that indeed does happen.

Other electrical issues include potential issues with the battery, issues with the infotainment system not responding, and certain issues with ADAS where the car can sense obstacles even though they are not there.

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 FAQ Section

Should I buy a Peugeot 2008?

The Peugeot 2008 sure is a really enticing package as it looks really good inside and out and it offers a decent amount of space. It is also packed with lots of features to keep you both safe and entertained on long journeys. The best thing about the 2008 is its value as it does not cost too much money to begin with, yet offers a lot of stuff in the process.

However, if you are used to driving luxury cars and larger SUVs, you are not going to like the 2008. Moreover, if you often transport multiple passengers, the 2008 is not the best in its class. Lastly, the 2008 also isn’t the most reliable nor the most fun to drive car in its segment either.

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Which cars rival the Peugeot 2008?

The Peugeot 2008 goes against cars like the equally popular Renault Captur, the quirky Citroen, the Mini Countryman, the Dacia Duster, the Nissan Juke, the VW T-Cross, and the Skoda Yeti. Out of all these, the VW has the best badge appeal, the Dacia is the value pick of the bunch while the Skoda Yeti offers the most space.

Overall, they are all closely matched and tend to one-up each other in various categories all the time.

When is the new Peugeot 2008 coming out?

Peugeot has recently updated the 2008 to make it more modern and in line with the rest of the segment which means that we should expect the next generation of the 2008 in the next 2-4 years. Peugeot is likely going to focus on electrifying the next-gen 2008 and make it a more modern, boxier, and better car overall.

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