Is Peugeot 107 a good car?

Peugeot 107

The Peugeot 107 used to be the smallest hatchback in Peugeot’s lineup which means that Peugeot discontinued it in 2014 when it was replaced by the 108 which carried that torch until 2021 when the entire Peugeot “100” series was brought to an end in order to better focus on the slightly larger 208. So, is Peugeot 107 a good car?

The 107 is a good car for a few distinct reasons. First of all, it comes with Toyota-sourced engines which aren’t the best and most powerful engines in the world but can last a long time if properly maintained. Design-wise, the 107 really isn’t anything to brag home about as it is just a small relatively aged hatchback.

Peugeot wasn’t overly keen on designing characterful cars when the 107 came out which also translates to the interior. The driving experience is actually fairly entertaining as the 107 is really lightweight and it comparably agile. Reliability seems to be fine which is why the 107 should be able to last a long time.

Value-wise, you can now get one of these for dirt cheap these days, but it is better to spend a little bit more to find a car that wasn’t abused throughout its life. Practicality is abysmal as the 107 has no space in the trunk and no space for literally anything besides the driver in the front.

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Peugeot 107 – The Powertrain

The 107 is offered with a choice of two engines, either a 1.0L inline 3-cylinder gasoline engine with 69hp and 68lb-ft of torque or a diesel-powered 1.4L HDi engine with 54hp and 95lb-ft of torque. Most models come with a rudimentary 5-speed manual gearbox and a set of three pedals, but a 5-speed 2-Tronic gearbox was available as an option.

The power is sent to the front wheels only and the car should be able to return around 45-55MPG for the gasoline model and up to 60MPG for the diesel variant. The 107 weighs under 1,900lb or 860kg which is why it does not really need all that much power to go places. The 95lb-ft of torque with the diesel model is arguably the best version to go for.

Peugeot 107 – Design and Driving

You don’t have to be a design expert to see that the people who designed the 107 didn’t really care all that much about making the car look memorable. It looks like any other Peugeot from that era which means that it does not look like much. The interior is the same story but is ergonomically a really good place to be as everything is in perfect reach and is functional.

The driving experience is entertaining as the little 107 is agile and nippy and can be placed through narrow traffic gaps like a dart. It stays surprisingly flat through corners, but you will not be pushing one as it is so small it feels uncomfortable. It is also relatively quiet and comfortable as well.

Peugeot 107 – Reliability and Common Issues

The 107 is widely regarded to be a reliable car which means that it should stand the test of time if you take proper care of it. The engine does have a few hiccups when it comes to the idle control valve or the catalytic converter, but timely maintenance should be able to either proactively solve this or minimize the setbacks.

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The power steering pump can fail, the battery can get depleted quite quickly, the dashboard gauges can fail, the exhaust can rust, and the door and trunk seals can also let in water. Therefore, if you are after a well-used example, be sure to check these.

Peugeot 107 – Value and Practicality

You can buy a Peugeot 107 for little to no money these days as depreciation has really taken its toll on the 107. It is also such a small car that the market isn’t there for older subcompact cars. On the topic of space, the 107 has none. The front seats can fit a larger adult, but the rear seats are bad. You can get the 107 with either 2-doors or 5-doors, but it does not make all that much difference.

The trunk space is small and not overly usable, but the hatchback tailgate does it make accessible. It is not a car designed for long-distance journeys, but it is a good car for normal inter-city driving.

FAQ Section

Is the Peugeot 107 a good car to buy?

Well, if you want a subcompact city hatchback that is affordable to buy and affordable to maintain, then yes, the 107 is indeed a good buy. It is also a fairly reliable and efficient car which means that your overall costs are going to be kept at a minimum.

However, be sure to test the car out beforehand as many people are likely to be annoyed with the space, or lack thereof as far as the 107 is concerned. The 108 is slightly better, but the 208 should be a starting point for anyone that is above 5’10” and especially those who often have rear-seat passengers.

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Is the Peugeot the new 107?

No, it is not. The 208 has been out for quite a while and it was intended to slot between the “100” (106, 107, 108) series and the Peugeot “300” (306, 307, 308). This means that the 208 is comparably larger and is still in production compared to the 106, 107, and 108 which were sacked completely back in 2021. It is said that Peugeot sold the factory to Toyota in which the “100” series cars were built.

How safe is the Peugeot 107?

For such a small car, you’d expect it to be bad, and it kinda is. The 107 was awarded a 3 out of 5 stars from EURO NCAP which is the most famous European crash-testing organization. NCAP said that the 107 is not all that good when it comes to adult protection and pedestrian protection while children protection and safety assist features are okay.

The 107 does not have a knee airbag, it does not have a side pelvis airbag, it does not have a seatbelt reminder, and the rear passengers barely even get a rear head airbag.

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