Common problems with Hyundai ix20

Hyundai ix20

The Hyundai ix20 is a slightly more utilitarian version of the regular Hyundai i20 which means that it offers a tad bit more space, a longer wheelbase, and a slightly higher driving position. This makes the car a bit more usable for family use over the i20 which is the smallest and tightest Hyundai hatchback out there.

The i20x was first revealed back in 2010 and was in continuous production for a better part of 10 years before it was discontinued. Reliability-wise, the i20x is okay, but there are many Hyundai models that seem to be doing much better. Either way, in this article, we are going to list all the common problems with Hyundai i20x.

For starters, the i20x suffers key-related issues as the key is known to break incredibly often. The steering system also experiences certain issues, mostly related to the trim and sometimes even the power steering system. Some models experience water ingress which is certainly an issue because water can cause massive damage to your interior.

Other issues include problems with the car’s electrical systems and issues with the manual transmission. All in all, the ix20 is fairly dependable, but it is not as good as most Hyundai models from this era. Either way, if you take proper care of it, it should be able to serve you for a long time.

Hyundai ix20 – Key fob-related issues

It seems like many owners are complaining that the key fob with the ix20 is way too fragile and that it can break incredibly easily. The issue here is that the pin that holds the key attached to the fob is made really poorly and it tends to break with minimum levels of stress. Sadly, there are no repairs that can mend your key completely which means that you will have to replace it.

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Replacing the key is going to cost you around $100, but you will also have to take it to a dealership so they can program it for your car. Moreover, it is also a good idea for you to always have multiple keys at your disposal so you can still use your car if this indeed happens.

Hyundai ix20 – Steering system issues

The Hyundai ix20 uses the very same steering system as the regular i20 which means that these can be fixed in the same way. The problem here is that the gears within the steering column can become insufficiently lubricated which means that you will have to lubricate your steering-system gears relatively often.

Another issue with the steering system is when the electric power steering motor fails due to overheating. Hyundai designed this system for the power steering motor to turn itself off whenever it reaches high temperatures. This is intended as a safety feature, but it can also completely disengage your power steering system.

Hyundai ix20 – Water ingress

This is likely the worst issue that can happen with the Hyundai ix20 and is mostly associated with earlier ix20 models. The problem here is that the seals surrounding the front windscreen and the doors tend to deteriorate rapidly and thus let water get into the interior. A first, your windows will be covered with condensation, but later the water will get in.

Dampness setting in inside a car can cause lots of issues down the line such as electrical trouble, unpleasant smells, underbody corrosion, and even cause certain health issues. As such, be sure to pay close attention to this issue, especially if you own an older ix20 model.

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Hyundai ix20 – Electrical issues

Electrical issues are relatively common on many Hyundai models these days and the ix20 is no different. These issues include problems with the power windows, more specifically the power window motors. The only way to resolve this issue effectively is to simply replace the power window motors and hope that this does not happen again.

Other electrical issues include potential trouble with power locks or potential issues with certain A/C components like the condenser. You should also check if the car is able to connect to a phone as the connectivity suite is also a known failure point.

Hyundai ix20 – Manual transmission issues

To finish off this list, we ought to mention that the ix20 also suffers from certain manual transmission-related issues. Most of these are related to the clutch which can often have an aggressive biting point or it does not want to engage properly at all.

The entire transmission is sometimes known to be jittery and really difficult to shift smoothly. Be sure to check the transmission oil and don’t drive the car aggressively if you want to maintain a healthy clutch.

FAQ Section

Should I buy a Hyundai ix20?

If you are interested in buying a compact, affordable, and efficient city car that can also do family duties, the ix20 certainly is a good choice. The increased practicality over the regular i20 is certainly a good addition as the ix20 can be and is being used as a Taxi in certain European countries. If you combine that with low running costs and efficient engines, it makes perfect sense.

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However, if you are used to driving something larger or more luxurious, chances are that the ix20 is not going to be enough for you.

How long can a Hyundai ix20 last?

It is really difficult to accurately gauge how long any car can last as there are simply too many variables that go into it. First of all, the way you maintain the car can either make it or break it which means that the ix20 can last decades and that it can last a few years depending on how you take care of it.

Your driving habits, driving environments, and climate also play a large role in determining a car’s longevity. However, if you do everything you can to make the car last, it should easily be able to last 200k miles or even more.

How comfortable is the Hyundai ix20?

The Hyundai ix20 is no luxury car which means that you shouldn’t expect it to be anything special. Moreover, it is also fairly small and does not get too much sound deadening, as such, we can say that the ix20 is adequately comfortable, but nothing special.

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