Which Mercedes has a Moonroof?

which mercedes has moonroof

A moonroof is a glass panel that lets in sunlight during the day and moonlight at night. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the only Mercedes that features a moonroof. Apart from the S-Class, other Mercedes models either feature the sunroof or panoramic sunroof.

What makes a moonroof special is that it controls the amount of lighting that enters your cabin, unlike a sunroof.

Why select a Mercedes with a moonroof?

One of the advantages of having a moonroof over a sunroof is that it allows you to enjoy sunlight and moonlight without opening the top panel. A moonroof has tinted glass with a sliding panel inside. The interior panel allows you to control the amount of light that enters your cabin.

If you don’t want bright light, you can slide the interior panel so that you can view the outside without sunlight affecting your eyes. This is not possible with a sunroof. Also, if the weather changes, you can still enjoy your view as you don’t have to lock it to stop water from entering the cabin.

Another advantage of having a moonroof is that it gives you an openness that you cannot find in a car with an enclosed roof. So, you can enjoy the view without having to open the window. This also gives you a sense of freedom.

Mercedes-Benz with a moonroof: The S-Class

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is referred to as the market leader in sedans for various reasons. Not only is this car highly advanced, but it also comes with some of the best features you could desire in a car. This German machine is elegant, powerful, reliable and luxurious.

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One of the notable features of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the moonroof. Unlike most Mercedes-Benz models that feature a panoramic sunroof or sunroof, this unit comes with a moonroof. A moonroof has several advantages over the sunroof as we’ve discussed above.

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class moonroof can be tilted open to let in air and sunlight. In addition, the roof can also permit light alone by sliding the interior panel instead of the outer panel. This is not the same case with a sunroof.

Moonroof downsides

Having a moonroof can also lead to some issues. It’s crucial to know that maintaining a moonroof is not easy. This is because the hole that leads to the drain has to be cleaned more regularly. On top of that, the track where the sliding panel is mounted has to be inspected often to avoid jamming.

Even though a moonroof makes your car look more beautiful and spacious, it will also add weight to your car. That’s one of the reasons that make the S-Class a fuel guzzler. Repairing a damaged moonroof is also quite expensive.

Things to know about moonroofs, sunroofs and panoramic sunroofs

What’s the difference between a moonroof and a sunroof?

The main difference between a moonroof and a sunroof is that a moonroof is usually a clear or tinted glass panel that slides between the roof and the headliner, while the sunroof is a panel made of glass or metal and installed in the roof of a car.

The sunroof slides open or pops up to enable light and air into your vehicle. On the other hand, a moonroof can be tilted open to allow fresh air to enter the cabin of your vehicle. Both of these roofs will make your car feel fresh as they allow natural lighting and air into your cabin.

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What is panoramic sunroof Mercedes?

Panoramic sunroofs are the same as sunroofs but are quite a bit larger. Therefore, they let in more light than standard sunroofs. The additional light can keep occupants of the car warmer in winter. 

Is it a good or bad idea to have a sunroof?

There are both pros and cons to having a sunroof. A positive aspect of a sunroof is that it lets in fresh air and sunlight into your cabin. On the other hand, a sunroof is not fun to have when the weather is unfavorable, such as during a hot day, rainy season, a storm, or extremely windy conditions.

Which Mercedes models have a panoramic sunroof?

A panoramic sunroof is larger than a typical sunroof and offers an interior that feels bigger because of the added light that this type of roof provides. If you want a Mercedes model with a panoramic sunroof, there are lots of options out there, including:

  • A-Class
  • C-Class
  • E-Class
  • S-Class
  • CLA Coupe
  • CLS Coupe
  • GLA-Class
  • GLE-Class
  • GLC-Class

What other types of cars have moonroofs?

A moonroof is normally found on most high-end car models such as the Mercedes S-Class, Porsche Panamera, Acura ILX, BMW X5, Ford F-150, and Buick Encore.

Other features of the Mercedes S-Class

Apart from the moonroof, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class also boasts of other high-end features that make it a special car. That’s why it has an asking price of around $110,000. Other high-end S-Class models such as the Maybach go for at least $176,000.


When it comes to beauty and elegance, it’s hard to find a car that beats the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. It’s easy to see why executives, royals, and CEOs opt for this German beast. The exterior of the S-Class displays elegance, class, and distinctive details that set it apart from other luxury sedans.

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Forget about the elegant exterior, the interior is something out of this world. This majestic sedan comes with sophisticated surfaces, attractive materials, and outstanding finishes. These features make Mercedes is the leader in luxury and comfort. And with the moonroof with magic sky control, this is truly a car of the future.


Despite having all of the fancy features that you can desire in a luxury car, the Mercedes S-Class also performs at a high level. Thanks to the 3.0-liter intercooled gas/electric inline-6 engine with an all-wheel-drive system. You won’t have problems both on the highway and off-road.


Whether it’s the basic A-Class model or the high-end Mercedes S-Class, safety is always observed. However, the Mercedes S-Class is equipped with more advanced safety features that keep the occupants safe at all times. With features such as active distance assist Distronic, active blind spot, PRE-SAFE technology and much more, you can relax knowing the occupants are safe.

Final thoughts

If you have been looking for a Mercedes with a moonroof, the S-class is your only choice. Unlike the sunroof, a moonroof is typically made of glass and cannot be removed. Additionally, they are usually tinted and can be slid or tilted to open. A moonroof is also more convenient than the sunroof.

which mercedes has moonroof

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