Common problems with Mercedes B180

The Mercedes Benz B-Class is the entry-level Mercedes family car that aims to satisfy those wanting both a luxury car and a family car. The B-Class was first introduced in the late 90s, but the initial few models were not really all that luxurious, nor desirable as you’d expect a Mercedes should be.

The current and previous generations are significantly better as they are a lot more spacious and more luxurious. The B180 model uses a 4-cylinder engine with around 120-136hp which is not really something you’d want from a car as large as the B-Class.

The previous generation (W246) B-Class is not as reliable as the current (W247) B-Class, and the most common issues associated with both of these are down to the transmission, suspension, leaks, engine-related issues, and potential electrical issues.

Most of these are not grave issues, but they indeed seek rectifying as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will likely experience more serious issues which can end up with eye-watering bills. If you are interested in buying the B180, the W247 generation is leagues above its predecessor.

Mercedes B180 transmission issues

The 7-speed auto that comes with the B180, especially the W246 is prone to a myriad of different issues including slow shifting, unwillingness to engage a gear, gear slipping, or crunching noises. These can be resolved in many different ways depending on what is actually wrong with the transmission.

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Sometimes you will have to replace a component or two, or simply replace the oil while at other times you will have to replace the entire gearbox at once. This is a lot more expensive and tasking, but is something you will have to do if you want your B-Class back on the road.

Mercedes B180 suspension issues

Both the W246 and the W247 are also prone to suspension-related issues, especially when it comes to knocking sounds. These are typically being caused by faulty anti-roll bushes which are indeed durable, but unable to last a long time. Thankfully, replacing these is easy as they are cheap and easy to access.

Sometimes the B-Class is prone to more serious issues due to constant driving over uneven roads and aggressive potholes. These can cause all sorts of cracks within the suspension system that tend to add up throughout the life of the car.

Mercedes B180 leaks issue

European luxury cars are known to experience issues related to all sorts of leaks, especially when it comes to oil. Many B-Class owners have also reported issues associated with the fuel system in which they sense fuel odors coming from the back of the car. Oil leaks issues are down to worn-out hoses and seals which can be easily replaced.

The fuel leak issue is mostly down to a faulty “O” ring which is a known issue with many Mercedes models. These can sometimes be misplaced or cracked, so solving these sometimes requires you to either replace the “O” ring or simply readjust it according to the manufacturer’s specification.

Mercedes B180 engine-related issues

The most common engine-related issue with the B180 is down to injector seal failures. If you hear any chaffing noises whenever you turn on the engine, chances are that your injector seals are to blame. These can also be pinpointed easily if you also sense a constant vibration throughout the car. If you notice both of these, your injector seals are the cause.

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To rectify this issue, you will simply have to replace those injector seals and you should be good to go. The B180 also tends to sometimes experience engine stalling which can be due to many different reasons.

Mercedes B180 electrical issues

The B180 is sometimes known to experience all sorts of electrical issues such as power windows not working, trouble with the power tailgate, GPS issues, phone connectivity issues, infotainment system bugs, and glitches. These are a common affair across many Mercedes models, typically older ones.

As such, the new B-Class is not as prone to these as earlier models are, but they are still worth mentioning as they tend to appear across many models. These are typically software related and they don’t tend to last a long time, so you should be good with these. However, sometimes you will have to replace some systems if the issue persists.

FAQ Section

Should I buy the Mercedes W246 B-Class?

The W246 B-Class is now a relatively good deal as many of these can be had for relatively attainable prices. As such, if you are able to find one that makes sense financially, it is a decent buy. It’s worth mentioning that the W246 B-Class is not as reliable as the W247, but if you take care of it, you are likely going to enjoy it for the time to come.

You should focus your attention on the later models with fewer miles on the clock as these are not as difficult to live with as the earlier models.

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Should I buy the Mercedes W247 B-Class?

The W247 B-Class is the newest B-Class model on the market and is perfectly in line with the current Mercedes lineup. It is a more reliable, more luxurious, more spacious, and more advanced version of the W246, and as such, it is indeed worthy consideration.

The W247 B-class should be able to satisfy all of your seating space needs as it is a really competitive Mercedes family car. Most people that buy these typically have a larger family. As such, if you are in such need, the W247 is a great car.

Does the Mercedes B180 lack power?

It depends on what you expect from a car. If you are someone who is used to driving 200hp+ cars, the B180 is going to feel like a snail to you. On the other hand, if you are not all that fussed about speed and acceleration, the B180 is decent. The B-Class is a family car which means that speed and acceleration are not a priority.

120hp for a car as big as the B-Class is lacking, objectively speaking. This will noticeable whenever you want to overtake or merge on a highway.

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