Common problems with Audi S8

Audi S8 problems

The Audi S8 is the fastest and most powerful version of the largest and most comfortable Audi sedan money can buy. This means that the Audi S8 is a true flagship car that promises superiority when it comes to luxury, comfort, technology, and performance. However, the S8 is understated and classy which means that it does not shout performance car.

Cars as complex as the S8 are a nightmare to own if you don’t maintain them well enough which means that lack of maintenance tends to add up over the years. Cars such as these are typically bought by people who spend a lot of time on the road and those who aren’t really keen on replacing their cars every year or two.

So, the S8 is a reliable car, but only if you stay on top of all the maintenance necessities at all times. If you don’t maintain the S8 adequately, it is going to fail. The most common Audi S8 problems are related to the car’s suspension system, the engine, the transmission, the electrics, and some of the equipment.

Most of these can be taken care of with preventive maintenance which is indeed a good thing. All in all, if you want an Audi S8, be sure to only get only that has been kept in good condition, otherwise, it makes no sense to get one because it is going to hurt your bank account.

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Audi S8 – Suspension system issues

The Audi S8 comes with an advanced suspension system called predictive active air suspension which is designed to monitor the road ahead of you and adjust the suspension to cope with any irregularities as they come. However, a system complex such as this one is bound to become a nightmare to fix at some point, but for now, it seems to hold up.

Older Audi S8 models sadly are a lot more problematic as the suspension bushings are known to wear out and so can the multi-links which cause uneven tire wear. However, these issues are almost always tied directly to lack of maintenance which means that you should always pay attention to the car’s suspension system as the ones found in Audi S8 models are expensive.

Audi S8 – Engine issues

The newest Audi S8 comes with a large and powerful V8 engine that seems to be decently reliable, except for increased levels of burnt oil and potential oil leaks. However, the real issues come up with older Audi S8 models like the V10 engine which is a known nightmare to keep operating after a while.

Older V8 units are known to suffer from carbon deposit buildups on the intake manifold which need to be cleaned. If you fail to clean them, they are going to cause issues to your engine and those are not the type of engine issues anyone wants to experience.

Audi S8 – Transmission issues

The Audi S8 gets an 8-speed torque converter gearbox that fits the character of the S8 nicely. Sure, the Tiptronic might not be as fast and responsive as the S-Tronic DSG, but it is a lot smoother and more comfortable. However, the Tiptronic box suffers from oil leaks from the transmission output shaft seals which can damage the transmission if not taken care of.

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The torque converter can also fail, especially on previous-generation S8 models which tends to prompt up a check engine light. Other transmission issues include the usual problems we face with single clutch units and that is a relatively slow response time for a performance car such as the Audi S8.

Audi S8 – Electrical issues

The Audi S8 also suffers from various electrical issues, but thankfully none of them are directly connected to the engine. The most serious electrical issues are associated with the battery which can corrode early on or even get depleted prematurely. Other less serious issues include problems with the MMI system, the backup camera, and many other interior switches.

The start-stop system is a known gripe with many modern-day Audi models and it seems like the S8 is no different. The S8 comes with a wide variety of advanced driver assistance systems such as automatic emergency braking which can be a bit too intrusive. The same story goes for the lane keep assist system as well.

Audi S8 – Equipment issues

According to many online sources, the Audi S8 tends to suffer from water ingress which usually happens due to clogged drains. If you clean these drains, especially those around the sunroof, you are not likely going to experience these issues. All in all, the S8 is a fairly dependable car and Audi has made sure that most mechanical components are dependable and long-lasting.

FAQ Section

Is the Audi S8 worth it?

If you are after a fast, sleek, and understated performance full-size sedan, the S8 is a great choice. It undercuts the S63 AMG and especially the M760 LI which means that it is a more logically priced top-of-the-line performance sedan.

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The credentials of the S8 have been proven time and time again as there simply aren’t too many highway cruisers that are as capable as the S8 is, especially when it comes to the price. The S8 is a great car, and it if you have the means to buy it, you are not going to be disappointed.

Does Audi make the Audi RS8?

The range-topping A8 model is the S8 and there was never a car called the Audi RS8. Audi is likely never going to offer the RS8 which means that the S8 is likely to stay the Audi A8 flagship for the foreseeable future.

Also, given the fact that cars are moving towards electric power, we are likely never going to see a more powerful RS8 version of the A8.

Is the Audi S8 a sports car?

No, the Audi S8 is not a sports car. It is clear that the S8 is a comfortable car designed for those who want a bit more excitement from an otherwise clinical Audi A8. The S8 still rides well and it does not sacrifice comfort in the name of performance as everyone knows that an A8 is being bought for comfort, and not performance.

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