Common problems with Mercedes E350

The Mercedes E350 is the mid-level E-Class model that comes with either a 6-cylinder engine or a 4-cylinder engine for the newest E350 models. As such, the E350 tends to offer between 250hp and 300hp which is more than enough for a luxury executive sedan.

However, the E350 is not perfect and few mentionable issues tend to plague many E350 models through time such as differential leaks and suspension issues. Older E350 models also regularly experience transmission-related issues due to worn-out transmission components.

The 4MATIC all-wheel-drive system is also known to fail on certain E350 models mostly due to the 4MATIC transfer case. Electrical issues are also fairly common, especially for older models such as window regulator issues.

All in all, the E350 is not the most reliable car on the planet, but if you maintain it correctly and you go for a relatively low mileage example, they are able to last a long time. The biggest reason why most E350 models experience issues is that no one tends to maintain them adequately.

Mercedes E350 differential leaks

Many higher mileage examples of the E-Class are known to suffer from differential leaks after a while. This issue is actually the most reoccurring on the E350 so be sure to maintain and inspect the differential according to your service schedules. Almost all Mercedes specialists are aware of this issue and that is why it is essential to spot it early on.

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The leaks mostly form around the differential covers and seals which lose their protective ability over time. This causes a leak that can cause all sorts of more serious issues down the line. However, proper and timely maintenance can remedy this early on.

Mercedes E350 suspension issues

Most Mercedes models that experience suspension issues come with the Mercedes AIRMATIC air suspension system which needs constant maintenance in order to perform. Repairing AIRMATIC indeed costs quite a few dollars, but it’s not true that these can not be resolved in an earlier phase.

The most common AIRMATIC-related issues are associated with the air compressor which loses its pressure-generating ability and makes the car unable to rise. E350 models are also known for sticking air pump relays which may cause the compressor to run all the time and even drain all of your battery charge.

Mercedes E350 transmission issues

It’s worth mentioning that transmission issues are mostly associated with older E350 models because the newer torque converter units are a lot more refined and durable. Specific components like the valve body and the pin connectors are known to fail after a while, especially on older E350 models.

Some E350 models also experience issues with the electronics that control the transmission, especially if the auxiliary battery starts causing issues. All in all, the transmission needs timely oil changes if you want to minimize component wear and tear and make the transmission last as long as possible.

Mercedes E350 4MATIC issues

The 4MATIC transfer case issue is a rather occurring problem for multiple Mercedes models and especially the W212. Issues such as these are more common on higher mileage examples but there are instances when even some low mileage models experience transfer case issues.

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The 4MATIC system is generally a fairly reliable system for all newer Mercedes models as it is a lot more advanced than some earlier iterations of it. The very first 4MATIC systems were a lot more problematic and that’s why most people avoid them.

Mercedes E350 electrical issues

The E350 is known to have a myriad of potential electrical issues that are known to cause headaches all around the world. Issues such as these include wiring harness issues, window regulator issues, dashboard going blank issues, the car being unable to stay or go in park, backup camera issues, and burning electrical smell inside the vehicle.

Everyone knows that E-Class models are incredibly complex and that’s why most of these issues even exist. It is extremely difficult to make such a complex car and expect it to work adequately for decades later. Maintenance can solve some of these issues, but they cant be completely avoided as there are many potential culprits.

FAQ Section

Is the Mercedes E350 a reliable car?

The Mercedes E350 is not really a reliable car in its segment, especially when you compare it to the Lexus ES. This is because the Mercedes E-Class was not built the same way as the ES. Lexus is more than happy about utilizing last-generation features if they are not 100% sure that the newer ones are not reliable enough.

Mercedes is mostly focused on packing its cars with as much innovative technology as possible. That is why most Mercedes models place relatively poorly in most reliability charts. They need constant maintenance if you want them to last a long time, but no one can say that they are reliable enough.

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Is the Mercedes E350 a safe car?

The Mercedes E350 is indeed a really safe car as Mercedes deems safety as one of their priorities. Most Mercedes cars including the E350 offer a stellar 5-star safety rating that is comprised of clever software safety features and incredibly well-executed crash crumple zones and airbags.

As such, all newer E350 models come with all the necessary safety features such as automatic emergency braking, collision avoidance systems, lane keep assist, blind-spot monitoring, cross-traffic alert, and many more which are mostly additional equipment.

Is the Mercedes E350 expensive to maintain?

Maintenance costs associated with the E350 are indeed costlier than those associated with a non-luxury car, and that is the most important part of it. Average annual repair costs for the E350 can easily reach $1000 but it all depends on how old the car is and the milage, levels of equipment, and where you tend to drive it.

The E-Class is a true luxury sedan which means that it also offers true luxury sedan maintenance costs. The Audi A6 3.0 TFSI does cost a bit less to maintain because it is part of the VAG which shares many parts between different manufacturers while BMW the BMW 530i is the costliest to maintain.

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