Is the BMW 330e reliable?

BMW makes all types of cars. So, whether you want a hybrid, diesel, petrol, or electric-powered car, you will find it at BMW. But is the BMW 330e plug-in hybrid a reliable car? 

Yes, the BMW 330e is more reliable than most BMW models and other German luxury cars. This is because its reliability rating scores above average, which is better than most luxury cars makes on the market. Besides, most BMW models have a reliability score that is below average or less than 3 out of 5. 

The BMW 330e is reliable because it is a hybrid car. Unlike conventional BMW ICE cars, this model comes with fewer moving parts and it doesn’t rely fully on the combustion engine. As a result, few things can go wrong, making this car more reliable than most BMW models. 

Aside from being reliable, the BMW 330e hybrid doesn’t pollute the environment as much as gasoline-powered BMW do. Since this car alternates between an electric motor and a combustion engine, fewer pollutants are released into the atmosphere through combustion. 

Additionally, the BMW 330e saves on fuel cost as it can run on either the electric motor or combustion engine. When running on the electric motor, this car can cover up to 41 miles. This is great, as you will use less fuel and cover more miles than using a gasoline-powered BMW. 

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Features of the BMW 330e


The BMW 330e hybrid is not as eye-catching as the BMW M models, but it’s still very appealing. Besides, it is a four-door car with a seating capacity of 5. The company also offers different colors, allowing buyers to select a color that most appeals to them. 

It has a wheelbase of 112.2-inches, a width of 71.9-inches, a length of 185.7-inches, and a height of 56.9-inches. So, this is a compact car but it is very ideal for a family of five. On top of that, it has a wheel size of 18 by 7.5-inches and an aluminum finish, making the car look sporty and classy. 

When it comes to the interior, this car is so classy with high-end and advanced features. The interior is headlined with fine-wood trim with ash grey-brown high gloss. Other notable features include power door locks, adjustable steering wheel, leather-wrapped steering wheel, and much more. 


Despite being a hybrid car, this car also performs at a high level. It comes with a 2.0-liter inter-cooled turbo gas/electric inline-4 engine. The engine is powerful as it delivers a maximum of 288 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque. Additionally, it comes with 8-speed automatic transmission. 

In terms of speed, the BMW 330e takes 5.45 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph. On the same note, it has a top speed of 143 mph, which is exceptional as it is a hybrid car. So, it can compete favorably with similar cars in its class. 

Comfort and luxury  

This car also allows you to not only save fuel but also have a comfortable ride. Yes, this is a 5-passenger car, but it is very cozy. Thanks to the leather seats that offer comfort. Moreover, it is spacious as it comes with 42-inches of front legroom, 35.2-inches of second-row legroom, 38.7-inches of front headroom, and 37.6-inches of second-row headroom. 

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Apart from being spacious, the BMW 330e also offers heated mirrors, power steering, keyless entry, auto-off headlights, passenger vanity mirror, fog lamps, heads-up displays, and much more. Entertainment features include HD radio, voice activation, 2 LCD monitors in the front, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, and streaming audio. 

Like all the other BMWs, this car is also comfortable and luxurious. However, it may be slightly costlier than BMW ICEs because of the electric motor function. 


As expected, the BMW 330e is a safe car with top-notch safety features. This compact sedan boasts of safety features such as electronic stability control, collision mitigation-front, ABS & Driveline traction control, lane departure warning, back-up camera, rear child safety locks, and much more. 


What are some of the setbacks of owning a BMW 330e?

The BMW 330e may offer a better range with reduced expenditure on fuel, but it has some challenges as well. According to many users, this car is not very appealing from the outside, which is somewhat a turn-off. Additionally, it lacks interior practicality, which is very important. 

Does the BMW 330e plug-in hybrid charge while driving?

Yes, it does. Like all other plug-in hybrid and electric BMWs, the BMW 330e plug-in hybrid charges while driving. This is because of regenerative braking technology that enables the car to recover part of its energy while accelerating and braking. 

How long does it take to charge a BMW 330e?

It depends on the kW per hour charger you’re using. The voltage the socket produces is also very important. If you have a charger with 7 kW per hour, expect it to fully charge your BMW 330e within 3 hours. On top of that, you need a 240V Level 2 system to charge faster.

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Can I drive my BMW 330e without charging?

Yes, you can drive a BMW plug-in hybrid without charging. This is because every time you take your foot off the accelerator pedal, the vehicle starts charging up the battery. So, it is pretty difficult for the battery to run out of power. What’s more, since the car has a combustion engine, you can opt to run on gas fully. 

Are BMW hybrids reliable?

Of course, yes. BMW Hybrids are more reliable than conventional ICE BMWs. However, they are slightly less powerful with slightly poor handling than traditional gasoline-power BMWs. Overall, they are worth investing in as they will reduce your overall running cost. 


The BMW 330e is among the most reliable BMW models on the market. One of the main reasons why this car is very reliable compared to other BMWs is because of the fewer moving parts that it comes with. This is mainly because of the combustion engine/electric motor it contains. 

So, apart from rarely visiting a BMW service center or auto repair shop, you will also reduce pollution to the environment and save money spent on fuel. Overall, this is a comfortable, luxurious, reliable, and powerful car, regardless of it being a plug-in hybrid car. 

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