Is Volvo cheaper to maintain than BMW?

Luxury cars offer buyers comfort, top-notch features, and safe rides. Additionally, the cars look elegant and otherworldly. However, maintaining a luxury car is costly and not for everyone. But which luxury car is cheaper to maintain between Volvo and BMW?

Even though both Volvo and BMW boast highly advanced technological features, a comfortable interior, and excellent ride quality, Volvo is cheaper to maintain than BMW. Besides Volvo is also more reliable and safer than BMW. On the contrary, BMW provides a better ride quality and greater performance. 

Why is Volvo cheaper to maintain than BMW?


Volvo is among the most reliable luxury cars on the market. On the other hand, BMW is among the least reliable cars. This means that Volvos develop fewer problems than BMWs, so owners will spend little time attending to their cars. As a result, they will end up spending less money on repairs and maintenance. 

Overall, Volvo is almost as twice as reliable as a BMW. According to Reliability Index, Volvo sits in 23rd place among the top 40 most reliable cars, while BMW sits at position 31st. So, Volvo is 8 places above BMW, which is huge. 

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Quality of parts

One of the things that make BMW less reliable than even its German competitors is the quality of parts they use. BMW uses a lot of plastic parts, meaning that they wear down much faster compared to Volvo, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz. 

So, you will be forced to attend to your BMW in a short period compared to Volvo and other German luxury car brands. In short, BMW should improve the quality of its parts. 

Cost of spare parts 

Aside from having inferior parts compared to other luxury car brands, BMW spare parts are also very expensive. On top of that, finding Original Equipment Manufacturer parts is not easy like most luxury cars. A simple part that may cost $100 on a Volvo may cost over $300 on a BMW. 

Therefore, if a BMW and a Volvo break down, the Volvo owner will spend less money on acquiring spare parts than a BMW owner. 

Cost of repair and maintenance 

Another thing that makes Volvo maintenance to be cheaper than BMW is the cost of repair and maintenance. For instance, the average cost of replacing a bumper on a Volvo is around $860, while that of a BMW is about $1830, which is more than twice. 

What are the least reliable Volvo and BMW models?

The least reliable Volvo is the Volvo S90, while the least reliable BMW is the BMW X5. Both of these cars have issues that previous owners have complained a lot about. So, if you want to avoid visiting the garage regularly or spending more money on repairs and maintenance, stay away from these cars.

However, not all Volvo S90 and BMW X5 models are bad. So, take note of the model years before investing in one of them. The most unreliable BMW X5 models are those manufactured between 2012-2014 and 2019. For the Volvo S90, the most unreliable model year are those made between 2016 and 2018. 

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What are the most reliable Volvo and BMW models?

The title for the most reliable Volvo goes to the Volvo XC60, while that of the most reliable BMW goes to the BMW E90 E-series. Both of these cars are well made and experience fewer issues. If you want to have peace of mind and enjoy your ride, these two cars are worth investing in. 

Besides, they also register fewer problems compared to other cars. So, the cost of maintaining and repairing them is also cheaper. If well maintained, these cars will last longer than other cars from both brands.  


Which car lasts longer between Volvo and BMW?

Both of these cars are made with top-notch materials and high-end engineering, but sadly, Volvos last longer than BMWs. The main reason behind this is because Volvos are safer and more reliable than BMWs. That’s why it is easy to see a 30-year-old Volvo than to see a 30-year-old BMW.  

Why should I buy a Volvo over a BMW?

The main reason why you should buy a Volvo over a BMW is because of its safety and reliability. Volvo has always strived to make the safest cars on the market and it is the safest car. Aside from that, Volvos are more comfortable than BMWs. Last but not least, Volvo has high-tech features like BMW, but it’s slightly cheaper. 

Why are BMWs so unreliable?

BMWs are so unreliable because of their complex electronics that develop issues easily. Additionally, they are unreliable because BMW uses a lot of plastic parts that break down easily. Last but not least, BMWs are also unreliable due to poor quality control from the company. 

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Is Volvo more reliable than Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi?

No, Volvo may be more reliable than Mercedes-Benz and BMW, but it is not more reliable than Audi. Unlike Volvo, Audi experiences fewer problems, making the cost of maintenance to be cheaper compared to Volvo. However, the difference in the annual cost of maintaining a Volvo and Audi is only $100. 

Which car is more reliable – Volvo XC60 or BMW 328i?

Both of these luxury sedans are reliable, but the Volvo XC69 is more reliable than the BMW 328i. The Volvo XC60 is considered to be one of the most reliable luxury sedans on the market. Only a few cars like the Lexus ES and Genesis G70 are more reliable. 


If you’re looking for a cheaper car to maintain between Volvo and BMW, then the answer is Volvo. Not only are Volvos more reliable in the long run, but they are also safer. Moreover, Volvos experience fewer issues compared to BMWs, meaning that you will visit the mechanic or car repair shop less often.

Aside from BMWs breaking down more easily than Volvos, their parts are quite expensive compared to Volvos parts. Therefore, if you want to save money in the long-term, acquiring a Volvo is the more reasonable thing to do, as it’s cheaper to maintain and repair. 

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