BMW Steptronic transmission problems

BMW Steptronic transmission problems

BMW is one of the most innovative car brands in the market. That’s why their cars a highly advanced and perform outstandingly. One of the best BMW innovations is the BMW Steptronic transmission.

However, like regular transmissions, this unit also comes with its issues. But what are the common BMW Steptronic transmission problems?

Common BMW Steptronic transmission problems are delayed engagement, burning smell, difficulty shifting gears, shaking or vibration, and transmission fluid leakage. Despite having these issues, the BMW Steptronic transmission is very efficient in performance.

What are the main BMW Steptronic transmission problems?

Difficulty shifting gears

A common Steptronic transmission problem is shifting difficulty. This issue usually occurs at certain speeds and rpm. Some BMW drivers have reported having difficulty changing the gears, while others have had a complete failure changing the gears. Therefore, this is a serious issue that should be addressed quickly.

Normally, this problem is caused by worn-out VANOS Solenoids. But in some cases, it is because of low transmission fluid levels or contaminated fluids. So, instead of guessing the cause, visit a professional mechanic so that they can diagnose your car and pinpoint the real culprit.

If the VANOS Solenoids are worn out, replaced them. But if the transmission fluid is contaminated or low, ensure to change it or fill it, respectively.

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Delayed engagement

Aside from having difficulty shifting gears, some BMW Steptronic transmission users have reported having delayed engagement of gears. This also indicates that the gears of the Steptronic transmission are not fully engaging. In some cases, the driver may experience erratic or delayed shifting from one gear to another.

In most cases, this issue is caused by outdated software. If that’s the case, then a software update will fix the problem and have normal gear engagement. Nonetheless, you should visit your trusted mechanic so that they can diagnose the car and find out the real issue.

Shaking or vibration

The BMW Steptronic transmission is meant to function smoothly without shaking or vibrating. Therefore, if it’s shaking or vibrating like a manual transmission, this means that your transmission has a serious problem and should be inspected immediately before things go out of hand.

 If you have such a problem, you should visit a professional mechanic or take your car to a BMW service center for a checkup. One of the main causes of the shaking and vibration is because of worn-out control pulleys. You may have to replace the bad pulleys with new ones to rectify the problem.

Burning smell

If your notice a burning smell coming from your Steptronic transmission, this is a sign the transmission fluid is probably overheating due to dirt, debris, or breakdown of metallic parts and sludge. Thus, you should fix this issue as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the transmission.

The next thing to do is to inspect the transmission oil and its level. So, if the transmission is very low, you should add the right amount of oil or fluid. On the contrary, if the oil is contaminated with dirt, debris, or sludge, you should have it replaced with fresh transmission oil and fluids that will allow it to work smoothly.

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Transmission fluid leakage

BMW Steptronic transmission is well made, meaning that a transmission fluid leakage could mean something is wrong with the transmission. Therefore, if the transmission error message comes on your car’s dashboard and indicates a transmission fluid leakage, you should inspect your car thoroughly.

Some of the main causes of transmission fluid leaks are worn-out gasket covers and seals. So, if you have transmission fluid leakage, check these two parts and replace them if they are the cause. This will stop the leakage and allow your transmission to operate smoothly.


Is BMW Steptronic transmission good?

Yes, the BMW Steptronic transmission is really good. This is because it has shown superior performance than a car driven using a manual-shift transmission. Furthermore, this transmission is very efficient at transferring power while smoothly alternating the gear ratio to efficiently utilize the engine’s torque.

What is Steptronic transmission?

A Steptronic transmission is a transmission from BMW that gives the driver options so that they don’t have to select between an automatic or manual transmission. What’s more, this transmission is a fully automatic drive mode, a manual drive mode that allows for higher engine revving before shifts, and a manual shift mode that allows the user to manually shift gears.

How long does the BMW Steptronic transmission last?

The BMW Steptronic transmission is as durable as regular BMW transmissions. On average, it will last between 150,000 and 300,000 miles. So, the lifespan of the Steptronic transmission is also determined by how well you maintain it. Other factors that will determine its lifespan are the drivers driving habits and how they use the car.

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How can I prevent BMW transmission problems?

If you want to prolong the lifespan of your BMW transmission, it is vital to take good care of your car. For instance, you should adhere to BMW’s recommended maintenance service and check oil and fluid levels. On top of that, changing the transmission fluid and other fluids in the car will play a vital role in how long the transmission lasts.

What is the best way to accurately diagnose BMW Steptronic transmission problems?

The best way to accurately diagnose the BMW Steptronic transmission problems is by taking your car to a professional mechanic or BMW service center. This is because such places have reliable automotive diagnostic scan tools that will help pinpoint the real problem by reading codes from the transmission control unit.

So, BMW drivers with the Steptronic transmission shouldn’t ignore the transmission error message on the screen, but take their car to a repair shop and find out what’s the problem.


After looking at some of the common BMW Steptronic transmission problems, you can now take good care of your car by adhering to BMW’s recommended maintenance service. This will help to keep your car in good condition and last for a long period. With proper maintenance, most of the above issues will be avoided.

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