BMW G30 transmission issues

BMW is synonymous with high-performance, luxurious, and faster cars. Nonetheless, while the engine is vital for BMW’s performance, reliable transmission is also crucial. The transmission helps the driver change gears of the engine and control speed. However, transmissions also have their issues. So, what are the common transmission issues with the BMW G30?

Common BMW G30 transmission issues are low transmission fluid, slipping gears, transmission light coming on, burning odors, lack of response, and grinding or shaking noise. Most transmission issues can be avoided through proper care and maintenance of the car.

What are the common transmission issues with BMW G30?

Low transmission fluid

This issue doesn’t only occur on the BMW G30, but it can be found on almost all BMW models. Unlike engine oil, you should always ensure that your transmission fluid doesn’t run low. If it does, this means your transmission may break down completely, which is very costly to fix.

So, if you notice a bright red fluid under your car, this can be the transmission fluid. Inspect the car and identify the problem. It can be a cracked gasket or a loose hose leaking the fluid. Have these parts replaced to prevent further leak. 

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Check engine light comes on

When the check engine light illuminates your car, this is a sign either the engine or the transmission, or other car components have a problem. However, since BMW features a transmission warning light, you can easily tell that your transmission has a problem.

Take your car to a mechanic to detect the issue and diagnose it in time. A quality canner will pinpoint the real transmission issue and have it fixed by your mechanic.

Slipping gears

The main cause of slipping gears is a faulty or malfunctioned computer system. Note that your car’s computer is created to tell the transmission when to shift from one gear to another. So, if the computer is faulty, your car may slip out of gear unknowingly while driving. This is very dangerous and can cause serious problems.

The best way to fix slipping gears is by changing your transmission fluids regularly and updating your car’s computer software. On top of that, you should replace or repair damaged transmission parts.

Lack of response

Another common problem that many BMW G30 owners have reported is the lack of response from the transmission. Some users reported that the gears failed to switch or they delayed as they tried switching to higher gears. In some cases, it was a delay, while in some, it did not engage completely.

Some of the reasons why the transmission doesn’t respond quickly are because of old and thick transmission fluid or a problem with the computer system. Try fixing this issue by replacing the thick fluid and also resetting the computer. If the problem is not resolved, visit a professional mechanic.

Grinding or shaking in gears

The transmission is designed to work smoothly as it shifts from one gear to another. However, if you feel that the transmission in your BMW G30 is grinding or shaking as you try to shift, this is a sign that you have transmission issues. This is one of the first signs of a failing transmission. As the problem worsens, the grinding and shaking worsen as well. 

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Have your car checked by a professional mechanic and the underlying problem resolved. The main reason why the transmission behaves like this is because of dirty transmission fluid or low transmission fluid levels.

Burning odors

While some smells are normal in your car, others like the burning odor are not. So, if you notice a burning smell from your hood, you should take your car for inspection by a reliable mechanic. This can be an indication that your transmission fluid is leaking. It can also indicate that the fluid level in your car is below the required level and needs refilling.

If it’s leakage, ensure the bad or faulty part is replaced and the fluid-filled. It is important to check your fluid levels and ensure they are filled according to manufacturer recommendations. Low fluid levels in the car can cause sudden surging and extreme slowness. 


What is the benefit of dealing with transmission problems in time?

Dealing with transmission issues in time is crucial because it prevents costly repairs. What’s more, it prevents the issue from affecting other transmission parts. Besides, it also allows your car to run smoothly.

Why do most BMW models have transmission problems?

Most BMWs have transmission issues because most BMW parts are made of plastic. One of the common transmission parts that can easily crack and cause transmission issues is the mechatronic valve. This part is made of plastic and it can crack and cause fluid leakage.

Is the BMW ZF 8-speed transmission reliable?

Yes, the BMW ZF 8-speed transmission is one of the most reliable transmissions on the market. It is swift and smooth with minimal problems. The only major problem with this transmission is the occasional fluid leak. Aside from this issue, the ZF 8-speed transmission is extremely reliable in almost all aspects.

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How long does it take to fix the BMW G30 transmission?

This period varies according to the transmission issues you have. Some minor transmission problems will only take about 8 hours, while some serious ones will take over 48 hours. For instance, rebuilding the BMW G30 transmission will take you at least 3 days.

Is it a good idea to rebuild or replace a bad transmission?

It is cheaper and easier to rebuild a bad transmission than to replace it with a new one. This is because rebuilding an old transmission involves cleaning dirty parts and replacing the damaged or worn-out parts.


The BMW G30 sedan is a nice and luxurious executive car, but it also comes with transmission problems. Knowing the problems your car has in advance is vital as it allows you to prepare for them in advance. As a result, you can take good care of the car and tackle the issues before they get out of hand or become costlier to fix.

If you adhere to BMW’s recommended vehicle maintenance schedule, you will avoid most of the above transmission problems and allow your car to run optimally.

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