BMW 216D Active Tourer problems

BMW 216d

The BMW 216d 2-series active tourer is a two-row subcompact executive MPV made by BMW. This compact car is stylish, reliable, efficient, luxurious, and performs exceptionally well. However, it also comes with several problems that interested buyers ought to know about. But what are the BMW 216d active tourer problems?

Common problems with the BMW 216d active tourer are oil leaks, electrical issues, timing chain tensioner failure, and fuel pump failure. On top of that, other users have reported having transmission issues, suspension problems, and faulty doors.

What are the common problems with the BMW 216D Active Tourer?

Oil leaks

Despite the BMW 216d having multiple issues, the oil leak is the most common problem. An oil leak in the BMW 216d can be caused by failing, damaged, or worn-out engine parts such as damaged gaskets or damaged bolts. Oil leaks can cause several issues such as increased fuel usage, decreased engine performance, and potential damage to engine parts.

While there are several parts that can cause oil leaks in the BMW 216d, the first place to look should be the valve cover gasket. Regardless, it is important to diagnose the car before fixing any problem.

Timing chain tensioner failure

The work of the timing chain tensioner is to control the tension of the timing chain surrounding the sprocket of the crankshaft and the sprocket of the camshaft. Nevertheless, after some time of use, the timing chain tensioner may fail. This can lead to decreased engine performance and engine damage.

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Some of the signs of a failing timing chain tensioner are a knocking noise or rattling noise coming from the engine. To fix this problem, you will have to replace the bad timing chain tensioner and the underlying problems.

Transmission problems

Apart from recording several engine issues, users of the BMW 216d have also recorded several transmission problems. The most affected models were made between 2018 and 2021. Some of the transmission issues reported are car jerking when shifting, sticking in gear, and delayed gear engagement.

To fix this problem, you will have your car diagnosed by a professional BMW mechanic or from the BMW service center. Transmission problems are normally caused by a faulty sensor, transmission fluid, or vacuum.

Electrical issues 

Electrical problems have also been reported by BMW 216d users. Most of the electrical issues have been caused by battery drainage, which causes the car to fail to start and needs jumpstarting. In other cases, electrical issues have been caused by a malfunctioning iDrive system, which controls that car’s infotainment and navigation systems.

To fix the electrical issues in the BMW 216d, you will have the car diagnosed and the root of the problem identified by a professional mechanic.

Fuel pump failure

Fuel pump failure and other fuel-related problems are common in the older BMW 216d. If you own a BMW 216d made between 2014 and 2017, then you’re very likely to experience this issue. Fuel pump failure may cause the car to stall or even lose power.

If the fuel pump is failing or if your car has got a fuel injector issue, it is crucial to replace the failing, damaged, or worn-out parts.

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Suspension issues

Aside from fuel pump failure, some users of the 2014 to 2017 BMW 216d have also complained about suspension problems. Most users complained about noise emerging from the suspension, which was suspected to be caused by worn-out or damaged suspension parts.

To fix suspension issues, the user should have suspension parts such as the ball joints, bushings, and control arms inspected. If any of the parts are damaged or worn out, they should be replaced.

Faulty door

This is one of the problems that caused BMW to recall the BMW 216d 2-Series active tourer. This problem is found in the 2022 BMW 216d model. The manufacturer noted that the door may open unintentionally in the event of a side collision. As a result, this increased the danger of injury to car occupants in case of a second impact or subsequent rollover.

The good news is that the affected cars were recalled and the issue was resolved. But if you’re buying a second-hand BMW 216d, it is vital to check if the owner resolved the problem. 


Is the BMW 216d a reliable car?

The BMW 216d model is among the most reliable BMW models. This is because most reliability agencies have provided it with an above-average reliability score. For instance, J.D. Power has given the BMW 216d a score of 83 out of 100, while other reliability agencies have given it a score of 85 out of 100. 

How long does the BMW 2-Series last?

BMW may be one of the least reliable car models in the market, but with proper care and maintenance, the BMW 216d can last for a long time. Most users of the BMW 216d have registered between 150,000 and 200,000 miles. Note that this is with a national average of 13,500 miles every year. Therefore, the owner should expect to drive this car for at least 10 years.

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Is it expensive to maintain the BMW 216d?

Like most BMWs, the BMW 2-Series is very costly to maintain. In about 10 years, the user will have to part with around $13,780, which is more than the industry average. Note that in the first 5 years, the user will have to part with around $3,612 in repair and maintenance.

Why are used BMW 216d cheap?

Used BMW 216d are cheap because they cost a lot to repair. In addition, the market is oversaturated with used BMW cars. Furthermore, they are cheap because of their low residual value and they also compete with new BMW pricing incentives.

Is the BMW 216d active tourer fuel efficient?

The BMW 216d active tourer is one of the most fuel-efficient BMW models on the market. This car uses 4.3 liters of fuel per 100 km. Besides, it has a combined city/highway fuel usage rate of around 23.3 km per liter. With such efficiency, the users of this car won’t spend a lot on fuel, compared to most of its rivals. 


The BMW 216d is one of the finest sub-compact BMW models in the market. It is efficient, reliable, luxurious, safe, and comfortable. But like most BMWs, this car also comes with multiple problems as discussed above. Nevertheless, if the owner takes good care of the car, it can last for a very long while.

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