Best year for Audi TT

Is Audi TT a good car?

The Audi TT is a compact 2-seater sports car made for those who want to enjoy a premium experience in a compact form factor. The TT has been around for quite a while now, it may not be as popular as it once was, but the 2nd hand market is still brimming with a bunch of used TT models waiting to be snatched by their new owners.

It’s safe to say that the TT has had a really rocky lifespan as not all TT models are made equal. Some of them are considerably worse than others due to various recalls, complaints, and low customer satisfaction results. As such, the best Audi TT you can buy used is the 2015 model because it is a newer TT model, it is really reliable, and it undercuts the latest TT models in price.

The second-best Audi TT model you can buy is the 2014 model year as it is more or less the same as the 2015 model. The 2014 seems to be slightly less reliable, but not by much. Finally, you should also consider buying the 2020 Audi TT as the 2020 model got a hefty refresh without losing anything in the reliability department.

No matter which TT you go for, you need to keep in mind that these cars are complex and require timely and thorough maintenance. As such, be sure to always do a pre-purchase inspection as that is vital when it comes to buying any 2nd hand market car.

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Best Audi years

1. 2015 Audi TT

The 2015 Audi TT model resides in the 2nd generation of the TT model and is the very last 2nd gen TT model year. The reason why the 2015 is the best Audi TT to buy is due to its price and its reliability. Both the 2014 and 2015 TTs were never recalled because they were made properly straight from the factory.

This means that the overall customer satisfaction results there two have is more than satisfactory. Reliability-wise, the TT does not suffer from too many issues, but it does have a few which is understandable for any car, especially one that is 7 years old. However, the car has depreciated quite a bit since it first came out which means you can buy one for a really attainable price.

The 2015 model gets everything you need from a premium luxury sports car, except for the very latest Audi technology which isn’t really a necessity for most people.

2. 2014 Audi TT

The 2014 Audi TT is more or less the same as the 2015 model with the exception of slightly more problems. This is not something to worry about because these can easily be due to worse maintenance when compared to the 2015 model. You should also keep in mind that the 2014 model is even cheaper than the 2015 model.

The 2014 model was also never recalled and it gets decent customer satisfaction results as most people who bought the 2014 TT from new are/were happy with the car. The car’s design is aging pretty well both inside and out, but the 2014 does lack the newest Audi technology.

The main reason why one should consider buying the 2014 Audi TT is the price because it truly does get you a lot for your money. It undercuts the latest Audi TT models by almost 50% which is huge savings and can be better spent on examples with low miles and really good equipment levels.

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3. 2020 Audi TT

The 2020 Audi TT represents the facelifted model that gets pretty much everything you’d want from a premium Audi product. This means that the 2020 model gets Audi’s glorious Virtual Cockpit display which is still pretty much unrivaled by any other car from that segment.

The 2020 also looks much more aggressive and meaningful which made the TT feel a bit more of a racer’s car instead of a hairdresser’s car. The interior is well-appointed with everything you need, and the reliability seems to be holding up really well.

The price might not be as tempting as with the 2014 and 2015 models, but you still get a lot of value for your money. The 2020 Audi TT is a true state-of-the-art Audi 2-seater sports car that offers driving excitement, luxury, and style better than the 2014 and 2015 models do.

FAQ Section

Should I buy the Audi TT?

If you are interested in 2-seater sports cars that are also luxurious, stylish, and relatively comfortable, the Audi TT should be on your radar. Other cars from this segment are the BMW 2-Series, the Porsche 718 Cayman, and the Mercedes SLC Roadster. The 2-Series is the more driver-focused car, but it is not as luxurious as the TT is.

The Porsche 718 Cayman S is the most exciting one to drive, but it costs a lot more money than the TT. Finally, the SLC is the cheapest one of the bunch but most people deem the SLC to be a car that simply isn’t on the same level as these other three cars. As such, the TT definitely has its place here, and it might be the best one out of them all.

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Which Audi TT model is the best?

If you want a TT model that is exciting, but still relatively docile, the 40 TFSI 200hp model is the one to go as it balances efficiency, sophistication, and performance really well. However, there is no getting around the fact that the TT RS is the undisputed champion of the entire TT range because it gets a glorious 5-cylinder engine.

The TT RS sounds like a baby Audi R8 and is the one that is likely going to retain its value incredibly well.

Why is Audi discontinuing the TT?

According to the latest reports, Audi is ditching the TT completely which means that the TT is going away after more than 20 years of continuous production. The reason why Audi is ditching the TT is that they got a different car that is likely going to take its place.

The reality is that cars such as the TT are not as popular as they once were because SUVs and crossovers are ruling the markets. If you pair that with the fact that EVs are also making a boom, there simply isn’t any room left for cars such as the TT.

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