Common problems with Audi S7

Audi S7 problems

The Audi S7 bridges the gap between the “ordinary” Audi A7 and the more performance-oriented Audi RS7. Therefore, the S7 is not as exciting as the RS7, but it is more comfortable than the RS7. The reason the S7 exists is that many people don’t want everyone else to know that they own a performance sedan.

Many enthusiasts believe that a mark of a true fast Audi sedan is a sleeper look. A car that is fast and powerful, yet no uninitiated person could ever tell that it is anything different than just a regular A7. So, if you are one of those people who want to go fast, but unnoticed, the 450hp Audi S7 is the perfect car for you.

However, reliability-wise, there are no such things as perfect cars as all of them are prone to breaking eventually and the S7 is no different. The S7 experiences issues with the transmission, excessive oil consumption, the engine, issues with non-engine electricals, or differential issues.

The only way how you can enjoy an S7 for decades without worrying about paying massive repair bills is to always stay on top of the car’s essential maintenance. Do all the necessary services that need to be done before they actually “need” to be done. This means keeping all of the car’s essential systems and components in the best shape possible.

Audi S7 – Transmission issues

The Audi S7 comes with Audi’s Tiptronic 8-speed torque converter gearbox which has been around for quite a while. Sure, Audi did do quite a lot to make the Tiptronic where it is today, but there are still some issues the Tiptronic gearbox experiences quite often. For example, the solenoid can sometimes fail to control the flow of transmission fluid through the transmission.

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The clutch can get jammed, the torque converter bearings can get worn out, and the entire gearbox can even sometimes leak oil. This does not mean that the Tiptronic found in the S7 is bad, but rather that it is not as sturdy as in many other Audi models, especially those with much less power and torque.

Audi S7 – Excessive oil consumption  

Because the Audi S7 is such a powerful and capable car, and because European luxury cars typically drink oil with two straws, the S7 seems to be using up to a quart of oil every 2000 miles. Audi deems high oil consumption when one of their cars burns a quart of oil every 1200 miles, but even at 2000 miles, it is not common.

Audi S7 – Engine issues

The Audi S7 is sometimes known to experience issues with the engine, more specifically the engine knocking, spark plug issues, ignition coil issues, or issues with the carbon deposits on the manifold. It’s worth mentioning that carbon buildup on the manifold is more or less only reserved for previous-generation S7 models that used a V8 engine.

Either way, the V6 found in the current S7 is a lot better and it seems to be holding up really nicely. It does need maintenance, especially oil top-ups, but if you do everything you can, it is not going to leave you stranded.

Audi S7 – Electrical issues

The Audi S7 is a really complex car which means that it comes with a wide variety of features that are designed to both keep you safe and keep you entertained. However, many of these are known to fail, especially on older S7 models.

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For starters, the MMI infotainment system can sometimes glitch, and so can the backup camera. Phone connectivity seems to be an issue with older cars as well. Vehicle speed control sensors are also sometimes prone to malfunctioning which can be a really dangerous situation.

Audi S7 – Differential issues

The Audi S7 comes with a beefed-up sports differential which is sometimes known to fail and the car even prompts up the warning message saying that there is a problem with the differential. This issue is also mostly affecting older Audi S7 models, but there are some instances in which even the newest A7/S7 models suffer from similar issues.

If you hear any knocking, thumping, or whining coming from underneath the car, chances are that your differential is to blame. Either way, be sure to take your S7 to a dealership in order to get to the bottom of the issue as a faulty diff is not something you want on a performance car of any sort.

FAQ Section

Is the Audi S7 a good buy?

The Audi S7 could be a good buy if you want to compromise between having a ridiculous 600hp RS7 and having just a normal Audi A7. The S7 fits the gap perfectly as it offers 450hp while still being relatively docile. The RS7 is simply too wild for many people while the regular A7 is not a performance car at all.

However, if you want the best Audi A7 model you can get and you are willing to pay for it, the RS7 is the better buy. On the other hand, if you just want an Audi A7 and you don’t care about performance at all, the regular A7 will do the trick.

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Is the Audi S7 better than the Audi S6?

These two cars are almost identical, but there are some key differences worth talking about. For starters, the S7 costs more, but it comes better equipped from the factory and therefore the price difference isn’t as substantial in reality. Secondly, most people would agree that the S7 simply looks better.

However, the Audi S6 is available in both sedan and estate forms which is not something you can get from the S7.

How long can the Audi S7 last?

The Audi S7 can last at least 200,000 miles without needing major overhauls. Some owners have even stated that their older S7 models were comfortably treading into the 300,000-mile territory. This means that it is more important to maintain a car than it is to read online forums about how long a car can last.

It is almost impossible to say for certain how long an individual car can last, but you can make sure that your S7 lasts as long as it can if you maintain it well enough. If you don’t, you will not be able to reach 200,000 miles at all.

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