Best year for Audi A3

Is Audi A3 a good car?

The Audi A3 is a compact family hatchback/sedan that aims to offer everything you’d expect from a state-of-the-art Audi model, but without being overly large or expensive. The A3 has been around for quite a while and it’s safe to say that the A3 is one of Audi’s most successful models, especially in the European market that gets both the hatchback and the sedan.

The best Audi A3 year seems to be the 2017 model as it balances value with reliability really well. The 2017 model also introduced a mid-cycle refresh to the Audi A3 which means that this A3 generation bridges the gap between the very latest A3 and the one that came before it.

The 2020 Audi A3 represents the very latest generation of the A3 which inherits quite a few parts from the previous generation A3 and combines that with a completely redesigned interior and exterior. The 2020 model is the best model year for the newest A3 because of the price and the overall customer satisfaction rate.

You should also consider buying the 2016 A3 model if you want to save a bit of cash, but still get a car that offers you a relatively luxurious experience. A well-equipped 2016 model is cheaper or as expensive as a fairly barebone 2017 model which means that you are getting a lot of value for your money.

2017 Audi A3

The previous generation of the Audi A3 is a massive success for Audi, but the mid-cycle refresh previous generation of the A3 seems to be the best pick of the bunch in general. The reason why the 2017 model is so good is that it costs the least amount of money of all mid-cycle refresh previous-gen A3 models, yet it offers everything.

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First-year production models tend to be a bit less reliable than cars that come after, but the 2017 A3 is just a mid-cycle refresh which means that the car underneath is more or less the same as the model that came before it. The 2017 model looks great, especially in S-Line form and with a set of good wheels.

The interior of the 2017 model is as luxurious as it was when it first came out. You can get the 2017 A3 with high-quality materials throughout. Reliability is great, it offers decent value, and it looks better than most A3 models out there.

2020 Audi A3

If you want the very latest generation Audi A3, you ought to consider buying the 2020 model because it offers everything the 2022 model offers, but it costs considerably less money. As such, the 2020 model is the value pick of the bunch and therefore is likely the best A3 model you can get. It may not be as reliable as the 2017 and that is why it takes second place, but it is still a really good car.

Reliability-wise, there were some issues and recalls on the 2020 A3, but most of these have been sorted by now. The reason why the 2020 is so good is that it looks amazing inside and out. S-Line cars have lots of road presence because they look way too futuristic and are hardly going to go unnoticed.

This is not typical of Audi as they are known to design under-the-radar-looking cars, but S-Line Audi A3 models certainly are different. The interior is also incredibly well-appointed with sharp lines, large screens, and Audi’s beautiful best-in-the-industry Virtual Cockpit gauge cluster.

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2016 Audi A3

If you want to save a bit of cash, but you still want a relatively new, quality Audi experience, you should check out the 2016 model. The 2016 Audi A3 is the pre-facelift previous-generation model which does not differ too much from the post-facelift model. The exterior design is still really good-looking, especially when equipped with LED lights, a nice set of wheels, and the S-Line package.

The interior is more or less the same as the 2017 model, except for the steering wheel and a few other details. The 2016 is as reliable as the 2017 model which means that there are no worries from that department. It offers the same amount of space, the same engines, and the same transmission.

Sure, it does not feel as modern as the 2017 model because it is not available with Audi’s Virtual Cockpit, but if you want to save a few bucks, the 2016 is the way to go. It is likely the most value-oriented used A3 model you can buy in general.

FAQ Section

 Should I buy an Audi A3?

If you like compact premium cars, you will love the Audi A3 because it is a really well-rounded luxurious car that offers all the modern amenities you’d expect from a premium brand. The A3 has been around for quite a while and it is a really popular car on the 2nd hand market, especially in Europe.

If you don’t like small cars, you are not likely going to enjoy the A3 either. It’s not that it can’t fit large adults, it’s more a question of comfort and feel on the road. The hatchback is the more spacious option, but the sedan is a much better-looking car for most people.

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Which Audi A3 model is the best?

If you want the most efficient Audi A3, you should go for either the 1.6L TDI or the 2.0L TDI models, if they are available. If not, you should get the 1.5L gasoline-powered A3 model. If you want the most exciting and best A3 model money can buy, the Audi RS3 with a 5-cylinder turbo engine is the way to go.

Does the Audi A3 come in convertible form?

Audi used to offer an A3 convertible, but the convertible model was dropped for the 2020 model year as the popularity of small convertibles (and convertibles in general) has been on a downward spiral for decades. We live in an era of SUVs and crossovers which means that there simply isn’t enough interest in convertible cars, at least not at this moment in time.

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