Best small cars for tall drivers

If you are above six feet tall, your life requires you to make compromises on daily basis. An example of such compromise would be whenever you enter a compact car. Even though many compact cars are still large enough for taller drivers, they are not ideal, especially when it comes to longer journeys.

Taller people need cars that offer lots of leg space and headspace in order to be comfortable for extended periods of time. This can be tricky for those who want a smaller car because they enjoy cheaper entry prices, cheaper running costs and are easier to drive than most larger cars.

However, there are a few cars out there that manage to combine a compact footprint with lots of interior space. A perfect example of such a car is the Volkswagen Jetta because it offers as much as 41 inches of driver legroom while still being firmly positioned in the compact sedan segment.

If you prefer compact SUVs, be sure to check out the Subaru Crosstrek. The best compact hatchback for taller drivers is the Mini Cooper or the Honda Fit. If you want a more luxurious yet modestly proportioned compact sedan, be sure to check out the Audi A3 sedan.

Volkswagen Jetta – A more spacious alternative to the Golf

The Volkswagen Jetta is not nearly as popular as it once was because VW has stopped focusing on the Jetta as much as they used to. That’s not to say that the Jetta is not good, it’s just the fact that crossovers and SUVs are now the most marketable cars on the planet.

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Be that as it may, the Jetta still offers all the qualities you’d expect from such a car. With 41.1 inches of driver’s legroom with 38.5 inches of headroom, the Jetta is firmly at the top of the compact sedan segment. If you pair that with a rather competitive price tag, it seems like you can’t go wrong with the Jetta.

Subaru Crosstrek – Best value SUV option for tall drivers

The Crosstrek compact crossover SUV is one of if not the best car to get for taller drivers who want practicality, space, and utility without spending lots of money. With 43.1 inches of legroom and almost 40 inches of headroom, the Crosstrek is at the very top of its segment as far as driver’s space is concerned.

If you combine that with a starting price of less than $24, it’s hard to find anything that can compete with the Crosstrek. The great thing about the Crosstrek is that it also comes with AWD as standard which makes it a lovely daily driver for any type of weather.

Mini Cooper – Incredibly spacious for the size

The Mini Cooper is one of the most easily recognizable cars on this list because it holds a long-lasting legacy of great compact hatchbacks. The newest Mini starts at around $27k for the four-door version which makes the Mini a fairly competitive option at this segment.

With more than 41.4 inches of driver’s legroom and 40 inches of driver’s headroom, the Mini is accommodating even if you are way above 6 feet. The Mini is also highly customizable, offers a fairly entertaining drive and a lovely exterior design.

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Honda Fit – Best value for money out all compact cars

2021 was the year that Honda officially ceased the production of the Honda Fit for the US market. This is rather disappointing, but you can still get a barely used, or even brand new 2020 version for less than $17k which makes the Fit the best value for money out of all cars out there as far as driver space is concerned.

The Fit comes with 41.4 inches of driver’s legroom and 39.5 inches of driver’s headroom which means that the Fit offers more space than most mid-size cars do. It’s also incredibly fuel-efficient and reliable which means that the running costs are as low as possible.

Audi A3 sedan – Best subcompact executive sedan for tall drivers

The new Audi A3 sedan is Audi’s smallest sedan on the market, but don’t go on thinking that the A3 is not as refined as an Audi should be. The new A3 got a completely revised exterior and interior design which makes it as appealing as some larger Audi sedans.

Interior space is also accommodating with almost 42 inches of driver’s legroom and almost 37 inches of driver’s headroom. I own the 2018 A3 sedan which offers less space and I am comfortable enough even at 6 feet and 5 inches.

FAQ Section

What makes a good car for a tall driver?

Tall drivers appreciate decent driver’s legroom and headroom and they also appreciate lots of cabin space in general. A great car for a taller person offers an adequately high entry point into the car without a tall driving position.

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Taller drivers also appreciate lots of adjustments in the steering wheel and seating department. The most important aspect is the fact that the car in question is comfortable enough both for shorter drivers and longer journeys without sacrificing rear-seat space in the process.

Which cars are bad for tall drivers?

The worst car segment for a taller driver is the sports car segment because cars such as these compromise on space in favor of a more exciting exterior design and better aerodynamic profile. They are also lower when compared to other cars on the market because performance requires a lower center of gravity.

Furthermore, cars such as these generally offer less adjustability when it comes to seating and steering wheel position. If you are interested in a sports car, be sure to test one thoroughly before you buy it.

What cars are bad for short drivers?

Shorter drivers also benefit from lots of steering wheel and seat adjustability, but they value great all-around visibility the most. Furthermore, a great car for shorter drivers also offers a lower ride height for easier entry into the vehicle.

Grab handles, running boards, adjustable suspension are all welcome as short drivers are concerned. Either way, a thorough test drive is always essential, no matter if you are short or tall.

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