Best coupes for tall drivers

Coupe cars are not what they used to be. A coupe was a 2-door car originally, now even 4-door cars wear the coupe designation, and even some SUVs are also named coupes.

Nonetheless, a true coupe is a 2-door car with a sloping roofline, and the reason why so many different cars are being named coupe is due to coupes being cool once again. If you want a smaller entry-level coupe, a Hyundai Genesis Coupe, BMW 2-series, or the Infiniti Q60 are great options.

If you want a sporty premium coupe, the BMW 4-series and the Ford Mustang are at the very top of the coupe market. Both of these offer ample space and iconic status, punchy engine options, and a bunch of technology features.

But if you want the highest-end coupes out there, a Bentley Continental GT, Mercedes Benz S-Class Coupe, and the BMW 8-series are the ones to go to. At the very top of the luxury coupe food chain sits the Rolls Royce Wraith, but the eye-watering price is really unyielding.

Best smaller entry-level coupes for tall drivers

An entry-level coupe might not seem all that premium at first glance, but there are many great options in this segment. The Hyundai Genesis offers 39.2 inches of driver’s headroom and 44.1 inches of driver’s legroom which makes it one of the roomiest coupes out there.

The same story goes for the Infiniti G80, the G80 is fairly affordable used, and it offers a  Mercedes-sourced engine. Furthermore, the G80 offers 39.4 inches of driver’s headroom and 43.8 inches of driver’s legroom which is more than enough for anyone up to 6 feet 9.

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A BMW 2-series might just be the best smaller coupe out there because it offers an amazing chassis that is incredibly fun to drive, and many do believe that the BMW M2 is the most dynamically satisfying BMW M car in recent years.

Pair that with 40.1 inches of driver’s headroom and 41.5 inches of driver’s legroom, the 2-series seems like a great purchase. Plus, the BMW 2-series is also not all that expensive because you are getting all the technology features usually associated with the more expensive 3 and 4 series cars.

Best mid-level sporty premium coupes for tall drivers

If you do plan on spending that bit more money compared to a Genesis or an Infiniti, there are lots of options to choose from, and all of these are more than spacious enough to comfortably accommodate anyone.

The Ford Mustang GT offers the best engine out of all the cars listed here. A 5.0L Coyote V8 that can be mated with a manual transmission seems like a no-brainer. The Mustang also offers 37.6 inches of driver’s headroom and 44.5 inches of driver’s legroom which is good for anyone up to 6 feet 8.

The BMW 4-series is one of, if not the most popular mid-size coupe on sale, and it’s not hard to see why. The 4-series offers great looks and numerous healthy engine options that are sure to satisfy even the most demanding of enthusiasts.

Pair that with 39.8 inches of driver’s headroom and 42.2 inches of driver’s legroom, the 4-series can also comfortably accommodate everyone less than 6 feet 9. But, if you do rob the rear passengers from their seat space, even a taller individual can comfortably drive the 4-series.

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Best high-end luxury coupes for tall drivers

Coupes are made to look upmarket, fast, and desirable. And all of these higher-end coupes are just that. They are comfortable enough for cross-continental journeys, and fast enough for most race tracks. And whichever one of these you prefer, it’s really hard to make the wrong choice.

The Bentley Continental GT is a definitive British luxury car. Shrouded in leather, the GT offers either a W12 or a V8 engine that are both good enough for upwards of 550hp. The driver’s headroom is measured at 40.1 inches and the driver’s legroom is also pretty spacious for 99% of people out there.

The Mercedes Benz S-Class Coupe is also a fairly competitive luxury coupe. The difference between the Mercedes and the Bentley is the fact that the Continental is still in production, and the S-Class is not. Which makes the S-Class a bargain compared to the Continental, and they also offer almost identical interior space.

The BMW 8-series Coupe is a little bit more compact compared to the S-Class and the Bentley, but the 8-series is equally as impressive and spacious enough for taller drivers. And the highest-end coupe on the market today is the Rolls Royce Wraith which is also more than enough for taller drivers but the price starts at $332k.

FAQ Section

Should I buy a smaller or a larger coupe?

The size differences in coupes are not like the size differences in some other car segments. This means that a larger coupe does not necessarily mean more available space because some coupes are incredibly large, but they don’t offer all that much room.

The size is somewhat associated with the styling, and the styling is really important if you want to buy a coupe. Moreover, practicality, luxury, and comfort are qualities usually reserved for larger coupes. But if you want a sports car, a smaller coupe is the way to go.

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Should I buy a convertible or a coupe?

Well, if you live in a mild climate that enables you to put the roof down and enjoy it more than just a few times per year, go for a convertible. There aren’t really that many differences between coupes and convertibles besides the roof itself, and these two usually share lots of parts.

A coupe is better for less body roll and a stiffer chassis, which means that the coupe should handle corners better. So if you want a dynamic sporty experience go for a coupe, but if you prefer cruising with the top down, go for a convertible.

Is a coupe the worst type of car a tall person can buy?

It might be. Even though all the coupes listed here are ample spacious for taller drivers, if you often plan on transporting multiple passengers at the same time, a coupe is the worst possible pick. Coupes usually have a lower roofline which robs a great deal of rear-seat headroom.

Plus, if you opt for a 2-door coupe with a lower ride height, you will constantly have to get out of the car for anyone to use the rear seats. If you are a younger individual this might not be an issue, but if you are a senior, you are better off with an SUV.

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