Which color seat cover is best for a white car?

When choosing the perfect seat covers for your new car, color is important, but not as much as material the seat covers are made out of, and how do they perform in an event of an accident. It is important that the seat covers fit your seats well, and that they are not too thick nor thin.

If you own a white car, you are likely going to opt for lighter-colored seat covers, or even black/silver color combos for a perfect contrast. The necessity of car seat covers is undeniable for most people, and yes, seat covers do protect your seats to a certain degree.

If you opted for a white car, you opted for a safe color option. Resale value loves white cars, and as such, you should also pick out the best seat cover color. Don’t go for dominant colors such as red, yellow, or green, maybe only if you own a sports car.

You can also opt for more mature interior colors depending on what kind of vibe you want to achieve. If you want your car to look more luxurious, leather or leatherette seat covers can upgrade the interior of your car if they are of a decent quality.

Chose daring accent colors for a sports car look

Depending on what you want to achieve, your car seat cover colors should go well with the rest of your car’s interior and exterior. If the exterior color is white, a black interior with red, yellow, or even green accents can make your interior look and feel more purposeful.

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If you think that such accent colors are a bit too brash, you can always opt for greyish accent colors. Even the entire seat covers can also be painted in a silver/gray color because both of these can go well with a white sporty-looking car.

As far as the material is concerned, suede or Alcantara is commonly known as the sports car material of choice, but even regular fabric or even leather can look good in a white sports car. Just don’t go brown or crema for a sports car look because it does not fit the ethos.

If you truly do intend to use the car as a sports car, be sure to opt for tear-resistant and durable seat covers. Leather is not really an option for a purpose-built sports car because the levels of strain such cars achieve are not friendly towards leather seats.

Chose mature colors for a luxurious look and feel

If you are the type of person that enjoys a quiet, serene, and calming-looking car interior, you are also able to achieve somewhat of a similar effect with higher quality car seat covers. You should skip the cheap ones if you truly do want to experience the highest levels of car seat cover extravaganza.

That being said, white cars typically mix well with a bunch of different colors, but in this instance, try to avoid daring and brash colors, and go for something a bit more mature and calm. Colors like brown, dark blue, tan, crema, burgundy, or even black fit the bill.

Material-wise, leather is the obvious choice, not just any leather, but rather a leather car seat cover that has specifically been designed for the seats you are sitting on. These car seat covers offer the perfect fit while not obstructing comfort nor safety.

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These do cost considerably more when compared to your regular set of $25-250 car seats covers, but if you want to achieve such a finish, you can either do this or buy a new car.

The necessity of car seat covers- Be or not to be

Even though car seat covers can make your car look more upmarket, or sporty, is it truly the way to go? After all, does it make any sense to buy a car with seats that cost a bunch of money, and are the very top end a manufacturer has to offer, just to cover them up with $59,99 worth of car seat covers?

Seat covers are useful for people who use their cars for work which includes dirt, debris, and other possible stain-causing materials. Furthermore, seat car covers can keep your leather seats from heating up during the summer if you opt for a lighter-colored seat cover.

Besides these, seat covers can make your car look fresh, and make your interior look a bit more interesting and individual. The necessity of car seat covers is obvious from protection and looks point of view if the car is already a bit too old and grumpy

However, for some high-end luxury cars, it is kind of not right to use car seat covers because they defeat the whole purpose of owning such a car. Whatever you do, just make sure that the seat covers you buy can coexist with your airbag deployment systems.

FAQ Section

Can car seat covers help with smelly interiors?

One of the greatest reasons why some car interiors tend to smell is the fact that sweat manages to accumulate in the upper layers of seats. If the seats are made out of leather, these are absorbed even more because leather seats do make you sweat more because they retain temperature better.

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Car seat covers can negate these effects to an extent, but it’s always better to deep clean your seats and then opt for car seat covers.

Are car seat covers durable?

It depends on the specific type of car seat cover you are interested in. Some seat covers are made out of tear-resistant materials such as neoprene, and these are usually a durable option. Others are made from thin cloth which is not all that durable, especially if placed onto leather seats.

How safe are car seat covers?

Another reason why you should not just buy your regular $25 seat car cover is that your seats are equipped with airbags that need enough space and resistance to deploy properly. A seat cover material and thickness that does not take the airbags into account can lead to airbag malfunctions.

That’s definitely not something you want in an event of an accident, so make sure you investigate the covers before you buy them.

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