Best supercars for tall drivers

Supercars and tall people don’t go all that well together, but there are options out there. All you have to do is look at an NBA player’s driveway, if they can fit into a Ferrari, chances are you are also going to fit without any issues.

Cars such as the Porsche 911 are spacious enough for most people, and even taller drivers can fit into a 911. A 6 feet 5 individual can also comfortably fit into a Jaguar F-type or the Audi R8. Both of which are owned and enjoyed by lots of tall athletes around the world.

The Nissan GT-R also offers fairly decent legroom, but the headroom is only marginal, which means that you have to lower the seats to their minimum position to be able to comfortably fit into a GT-R if you are really tall.

 A Ferrari 599 or the Mercedes SLS AMG are also more than spacious for tall drivers. Some Lamborghini models like the Huracan Spyder or the Murcielago should be avoided, but an Aventador or a Gallardo are both ample spacious for taller drivers.

Best mid-engined supercars for tall people

Mid-engined supercars are the most popular options for a supercars buyer because they offer the most athletic and balanced performance handling characteristics. Either a V12 or a V8 is the standard in this segment, but a bunch of newer mid-engined supercars are starting to offer V6 engines as well.

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The best mid-engined V8-powered supercar for a tall driver is the McLaren 650S Spyder. The 650S offers 38 inches of headroom, but the legroom extends up to a maximum of 44.2 inches which is unmatched by the rest of the mid-engined supercar industry.

The best modern mid-engined V12 powered supercar for a tall driver is the Lamborghini Aventador. The Aventador offers ample space for people less than 6 feet 9, and the naturally aspirated 700hp+ V12 engine is a unicorn in 2021.

The best modern V10-powered mid-engined supercar for a tall driver is unquestionably the Audi R8. The R8 offers at least 38.5 inches of driver’s headroom and 41 inches of driver’s legroom. And there are lots of 7 feet tall Audi R8 drivers out there, and if you combine that with the impressive comfort of the R8, there is no better option.

Best front-engined supercars for tall drivers

A front-engined supercar is usually more spacious, and more car-like because the vast majority of modern cars offer a front-mounted engine. This is also reflected in the interior space of these cars and they do offer more space compared to a mid-engined supercar platform.

A great example of this is the Mercedes SLS AMG because the SLS offers almost 40 inches of driver’s headroom and 41.7 inches of driver’s legroom. These headroom figures are not common in the supercars segment, and pair that with a lovely 6.2L naturally aspirated V8, the SLS certainly does seem like a great all-arounder.

Even though the SLS is amazing, the 911 is probably even better thanks to its modern-day technology and legendary Porsche reliability. Porsche 911s are extremely spacious and fun to drive. Maybe if you are above 7 feet tall, you might struggle a little bit.

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Another great option is the Ferrari 599. A V-12 powered Ferrari grand tourer with 44.7 inches of driver’s legroom. The headroom though is not ideal at 35.8 inches, but still plenty for the majority of NBA players. The Nissan GT-R offers the same amount of headroom, and 44.6 inches of legroom, still plenty enough.

Worst supercars for tall drivers

Even though you might be able to find a decent amount of supercar options even if above 6 feet tall, some of these should be avoided at all costs. A Ford GT40 might just as well be the single worst supercar for tall drivers out there.

The GT40 offers 40 inches in height, not in the headroom department, but height in general. Another issue with the GT40 was the doors which weren’t fond of tall people either, and even the later Ford GT road-legal supercar had this very same issue which was later resolved for the 2017 Ford GT.

Something like a Lamborghini Countach is a nightmare for anyone above 6 feet tall, the new C8 Corvette is also not all that spacious due to a newer mid-engined configuration, the Lamborghini Murcielago, Huracan Spyder, and Lamborghini Miura are also not all that fond of taller drivers.

FAQ Section

Is a supercar worth it?

From a financial standpoint, it depends on the car in question because some supercars hold a decent value, or they do appreciate, while others (mostly McLarens) depreciate like crazy. You ought to look for a more limited-edition car from brands like Ferrari or Porsche if you don’t want to lose much money.

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On the other hand, cars are illogical, but you don’t buy a supercar with your reasoning, you buy a supercar with your heart. Most supercar enthusiasts had dream car posters on their walls when they were kids, and buying a supercar is an impressive life achievement as well.

What are the benefits of buying a supercar?

Supercars offer amazing performance. Whether it be straight-line acceleration or impressive handling, nothing can match a supercar for a thrilling drive. Furthermore, supercars look stunning, they look like UFOs on the road, they sound amazing and they drive amazing.

You can also make money from buying and selling supercars. But this is mostly associated with the most expensive cars out there. But even more ‘’cheaper’’ supercars might earn you decent money down the line.

What are the drawbacks of buying a supercar?

Well, the obvious drawback is the cost. Supercars are expensive to buy, maintain and insure. They are impractical, loud, and sometimes even obnoxious. Not all people love supercar drivers, so you might experience lots of jealousy, and you can’t leave a supercar street parked in most cities.

Supercars usually only offer 2 seats, parts prices are eye-watering and they can not be driven daily due to value decreases. But, if you do maintain your supercar and drive it carefully, owning a supercar is a dream worth experiencing.

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