Best sports car for tall drivers

Sports cars are usually compact, fairly light, powerful and they also offer superior handling characteristics. Some of these aspects do not pose a problem for the taller driver, but the compact size certainly does.

But there is plenty of sports cars that can easily fit larger individuals, and some other ones you should simply avoid. Sports cars are compromised in many different ways because making a luxurious, spacious and still dynamically capable car is an extremely demanding task.

A sports car and a large luxurious comfy car are two opposite sides of the spectrum, and some sports cars like the BMW M3, Audi RS4, Jaguar XE, or a good old Porsche 911 are indeed capable of achieving a near-perfect mix of comfort and sportiness.

While others like the Mazda MX-5 Miata or the Porsche Boxster simply don’t. If you are looking for a supercar capable of fitting a tall driver, a few Ferraris will do in most cases. Lamborghinis are a little bit on the tighter side, but the Gallardo for example is able to accommodate a fairly large driver.

Best sports car sedans for tall drivers

Fast and comfortable sedans are probably one of, if not the best all-around daily driver options for a car enthusiast. Models like the BMW M3, Jaguar XE, BMW 8-series Gran Coupe, Mercedes E63 AMG, or the Audi RS7 are all spacious enough for almost all larger individuals.

The newly released BMW M3 is fairly controversial due to its overly-sized front kidney grilles, but the sportiness and the heritage of a BMW M3 are as strong as they ever were. The M3 offers upwards of 500 horsepower, a choice between rear-wheel-drive or AWD, and a choice between a manual or automatic transmission.

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The M3 offers 40.6 inches of driver headroom and 41.6 inches of driver legroom, and this is plenty for 99% of people out there. Considering all the different drivetrain options you can choose from new when buying an M3, and the overall space at hand, the BMW M3 does seem like the best sports sedan for a tall driver.

A Mercedes E63, Audi RS7, or the BMW 8-series Gran Coupe also offer 4 doors and in some aspects even more space, but the increases in driver legroom and headroom are negligible, and they do also cost a lot more. The Jaguar XE on the other hand offers comparable legroom, but the headroom is not as good as in the BMW M3.

Best true sports cars for tall people

A true sports car at heart would probably be something like a Porsche Boxster, and even though the sportiness of the Boxster/Cayman platform is nothing short of spectacular, you are diligently going to fit anyone larger than 6’2’’ in a Boxster.

A Mazda MX-5 Miata is also not an option, nor is pretty much anything Lotus makes, maybe the Evora might fit a ‘’compact’’ tall person with its 38 inches of headroom, the Exige/Elise will not. The BMW Z4 offers 38.9 inches of headroom, but a decent 42.2 inches of legroom, which is not bad for a compact sports car.

The Toyota Supra is based on the same chassis as the BMW Z4, and the Supra does offer the same amount of legroom, the headroom is even more meager at 38.3 inches which is not all that much for a taller individual.

The Alpine A110 is also a true compact sports car, but the interior dimensions are still fairly decent. The seats are mounted low which ensures ample headroom, and the seats slide all the way back to ensure decent legroom as well.

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Best supercars for all people

Between all these aforementioned car types, a supercar is the one that is the most compromised of the lot. And that is certainly obvious when you realize that almost no supercar offers 4 seats, nor all that much interior or cargo space as well.

The Porsche 992 911 is an amazing car, and it is hard to argue that a 911 is not able to do it all if you do not require 4 seats. With 45.8 inches of legroom, the 911 is a true class leader, pair that with a less impressive figure of 38.8 inches of headroom, it balances the 911 as adequate for tall people.

As far as Lamborghinis are considered, a Huracan is the most compact, and the Aventador can fit decently sized drivers. Some older models like the Gallardo are also fairly roomy as far as supercars are concerned.

Ferraris usually offer more space, especially if you opt for a GTC 4 Lusso or a Ferrari FF. The Ferrari 812 and the Ferrari F12 are decent enough for around 6 feet, and the older V12-powered Ferrari 599 is even more spacious and comfortable compared to the F12 or the 812.

FAQ Section

Which sports cars should I avoid if I am tall?

Initially, none. It’s not all about how tall you are in general, sometimes it’s more about the length of your torso or your legs. Always make sure you take your potential purchase on a decently prolonged test drive to make sure that you are indeed able to fit.

But in general, a compact 2-seater sports car is the one that offers the least amount of interior space, and especially a convertible. Cars like the Mazda MX-5 Miata or the Fiat 124 Spyder are way too small for tall people.

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Does being uncomfortable in a car cause any safety concerns?

Yes, it does. First of all, being uncomfortable is a safety concern by itself. When you are uncomfortable you are not able to concentrate fully, your trips usually take longer because you need more rest stops and the seating position can heavily intrude on the safety of the rear passengers.

And the biggest issue of them all is how close you are to the front windshield and the position of the headrest in parallel to your head. The purpose of a headrest is not to rest your head on it (true story), it’s there for safety reasons primarily, to prevent a neck injury in a crash event.

Is a sports sedan a true sports car?

Some might argue the logic behind comparing a BMW M3 or a Mercedes E63 to a 911 or a Lamborghini. And if you look at it from a supercar perspective, they might be right. But if you look at it from a general perspective, a BMW M3 is better at being a supercar, than a Lambo is at being a daily driver.

And this compromise is rather crucial for a daily driven sports car. A 500hp sub 4 second 0-60 time of the BMW M3 is easily comparable to most supercars, and the handling of the new BMW M3 is also amazing, but the comfort and visibility of a Lamborghini Aventador is nowhere near as good as in the M3.

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