Best oil for Mercedes E350

Best oil for Mercedes E350

The purpose of motor oil is to internally lubricate and cool your engine. Without proper motor oil, your engine will not work as intended by the manufacturer, which in the long term can cause problems and even degrade many parts of your engine.

Motor oil is also used to remove many contaminants. For this reason, motor oil has to be replaced regularly. Many modern-day Mercedes models including the E350 use synthetic oil because this type of motor oil suits the manufacturer’s recommendations and requirements.

Synthetic motor oils

Synthetic oil is manufactured from a refined crude oil raw material. A synthetic oil mixture consists of base oils, powder additives, and a carrier oil. The main advantage of synthetic oil compared to regular oil is the sheer level of refinement a synthetic oil has compared to regular oil.

Synthetic oils are distilled, purified, and refined even at the molecular level. Such manufacturing processes offer plenty of advantages compared to regular oils. Synthetic oils enjoy substantially reduced deposit levels, and the friction associated with synthetic oil is decreased due to similar molecular sizes.

Furthermore, synthetic oils are highly beneficial when it comes to clean engine operation due to the additives in the oils. Synthetic oils are also a lot better in extreme conditions, as a synthetic oil mixture will always outperform a regular oil mixture.

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It’s also worth mentioning that the entire process surrounding synthetic oils is a lot cleaner, with fewer impurities at every stage of the use and disposal.

Specific oil products recommended by many Mercedes dealers

It’s fairly clear that modern-day Mercedes engines require synthetic oil to function properly. Some Mercedes dealers and independent car shops recommend specific oil products by Valvoline, Castrol Mobil 1, Shell, Pennzoil, Quaker, or 76.

When it comes to Castrol synthetic oils for the E350, products like the Castrol Syntec 10W-40 or the Syntec 5W-50 are recommended. Mercedes also recommends the Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil OW-40 or the Mobil 1 Synthetic motor oil 15W-50.

Some oils made by Valvoline are also recommended for many Mercedes models, including the E350. Specific products like the Valvoline Synpower Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5w-40 or the Valvoline Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-30 1 Quart are both recommended by many independent shops as well.

These products should be considered as a general guide when it comes to Mercedes oils. But you should always consult with your dealer before making any decisions about which oil to get. Some factors, such as climate can also affect the decision about which oil suits you best, so you should consult with a professional beforehand.

Regular oils in modern-day Mercedes models

Modern-day Mercedes models work best with synthetic oils, and that’s always the case. Even though you can technically use regular oils in even the newest Mercedes models, and get away with it, it’s not something any Mercedes dealer would ever recommend.

Mercedes cars are complex, and the engines in newer Mercedes models require a more focused approach as compared to older Mercedes engines. This is mainly because the performance and efficiency benefits associated with these engines are far superior when compared to many other non-premium manufacturers and older Mercedes models.

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Regular oils are cheaper than synthetic oils because the manufacturing process is a lot simpler, and it takes less time to produce regular oils. Some studies have also shown that the financial benefit of synthetic oils is guaranteed in the long run, as consistent regular oil usage in a modern-day Mercedes engine is likely to make the engine less efficient.

Oil change FAQs

How long does it take before an oil change is required?

Modern-day Mercedes cars have a built-in system that will alert you when an oil change is required. It might be because the oil levels are simply too low, or the car is due for an A or a B service. Both the A and the B services also include synthetic motor oil replacements, so you should never worry about it.

Mercedes uses a Flexible Service system that is aimed at providing you with information about when such services are required. Your Mercedes infotainment system will alert you if an A service is required (after 10k miles or 1 year), or a B service is required (20k miles or 2 years).

What is motor oil viscosity, and why is it so important?

The 10W-40, 5W-30, 0W-40 designation associated with motor oils refers to the levels of viscosity every specific oil product offers. The term viscosity refers to the levels of flow a specific lubricant can resist. Some oils have a lower viscosity (0W-5W), this results in less friction, which, in turn, increases the energy savings.

On the other hand, motor oil with higher viscosity levels (10W-40) is aimed at providing a thicker layer between the moving parts of the engine. This will increase the durability and protection of the engine. You should consult with a trained professional when it comes to choosing the right viscosity levels.

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Are you able to mix regular oil and synthetic oil?

Some car fluids can be mixed, such as windshield wiper fluids that can even offer superior cleaning properties. Cooler fluids can also be mixed, but it is recommended. Motor oil, however, cannot be mixed in any case, as this can cause serious engine problems.

A mixture of regular and synthetic oil can seriously harm the engine, the environment, and your health as well.

Does motor oil have an expiration date?

Motor oil products do not have an expiration date if the can is not opened. If the can is opened, it is recommended for you to use the oil within the next 2 years, or otherwise, the oil might not fulfill its purpose.

You should always store the bottle in a dark, cool environment away from the light and in original packaging to make sure the oil does not lose any of its protective properties.

How should I dispose of used motor oil?

Motor oils can have harmful effects on the environment, and you should never dispose of your used motor oil just anywhere. Many companies recycle used motor oil, and some countries like France have an entire waste oil recycling industry.

Best oil for Mercedes E350

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