Is it cheaper to get an oil change at a dealership?

Getting an oil change at a dealership usually costs more money when compared to independent shops and quick lube shops, However, these may differ depending on what type of service you get from a dealership because some dealerships offer coupons and special deals which equalize the costs, or even decrease them.

From a convenience perspective, it should be easier to go through a quick lube shop if those are available in your area. Shops such as these tend to perform an oil change immediately which means that your car should be done before you finish your coffee.

On the other hand, a dealership usually needs to schedule your car in advance which can conflict with your personal plans so you will have to make adjustments in order to perform the oil change as fast as possible.

Independent repair shops are somewhere in the middle, but these differ the most as far as price, quality, and convenience are concerned. All in all, a dealership oil change is likely going to be your best option if you don’t have access to reliable independent shops.

Dealerships – Pros and cons of getting an oil change at a dealership

A dealership specializes in a particular brand which means that these are likely going to have the best understanding of how a specific car operates. This means that dealerships rarely make any mistakes as far as the best oil option is concerned.

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They are more expensive at first glance, but that’s not always the case if the dealership in question offers special deals or coupons for services such as an oil change. It’s worth mentioning that performing an oil change should be an easy task for every mechanic out there, so it’s not likely that someone makes a mistake while performing it.

Convenience is also a major factor, especially if you only own a single car. Most people tend to opt for dealership appointments which means these can take a while before you are actually able to turn your car in for an oil change.

Independent shops – Pros and cons of getting an oil change at an indie service shop

There are many independent repair shops out there, and pretty much all of them also do regular car maintenance such as an oil change. The benefits of going through the independent route are that it usually costs less money and is more convenient.

Independent service shops need to compete with brand-specific dealerships which means that they need to offer something a dealership can’t, and that’s price. It is rather logical that a brand-specific dealership is better at working on specific-brand cars.

As such, independent shops usually offer a lower price, because, without it, there would be no reason why one would opt for an independent shop. Furthermore, indie shops are not as busy as dealerships are because there are more independent shops out there.

This means that you will be able to get your car’s oil changed faster if you go through the independent route.

Quick lube shops – Pros and cons of getting an oil change at a quick lube shop

A quick lube shop specializes in car fluid replacements which means that they offer the fastest service out of the three. However, this is only the case if the car in question is popular enough. If not, they might not even be able to perform an oil change if they don’t have everything they need beforehand.

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Quick lube shops only do regular maintenance such as an oil change, tire balancing and replacements, battery replacements, windshield wiper replacements, and all sorts of fluid checks and replacements. This means that they are performing oil changes all day long which should ensure a quick turnaround time.

On the other hand, they differ in cost the most depending on the car in question and the availability of parts. The main selling point of a quick lube shop is the timing, so if you want to change your oil as fast as possible, you should opt for a reliable quick lube shop nearby.

FAQ Section

Can I perform an oil change myself?

A cornerstone of DIY car repairs is performing an oil change by yourself. However, you need to make sure that you are well aware of how this process works in order not to make a mistake. First of all, be sure to buy all the necessary tools for the job which include the right oil, the right amount of oil, drain buckets, and possibly a car lift.

Of course, a car lift is not a necessity, but if you have access to a car lift, it should make the process way easier. First of all, you need to drain all the old oil by opening all the oil drain plugs on your car, so be sure to locate them all. After you drain all the oil out, close the drains and top the car up with new oil. Finally, check the dipstick to determine if you filled the tank.

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What happens if you don’t get an oil change for a while?

If you don’t change the oil in your car according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, there is a high chance that this will damage your engine. Motor oil is an essential component when it comes to proper engine lubrication which keeps vital engine components from premature wear and tear.

Motor oil is also used to cool down the engine, so if the oil in your engine becomes sludge, there is a high chance that the engine will overheat. All in all, if you don’t change the oil for a long time, your engine is most likely going to die.

How much does an oil change cost?

If you go through the dealership route, you are looking at a $35-150 bill depending on the car in question and whether the car uses synthetic oil or not. On the other hand, independent dealerships might charge you $10 or $20 less in most cases.

Quick lube shops are usually somewhere in the middle, but as previously mentioned, they differ the most. Be that as it may, if you opt to change the oil yourself, you are likely going to save yourself a lot of money in the future.

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