Porsche vs. Jaguar: Reliability

Both Porsche and Jaguar are in the business of making sleek, sporty, and luxurious cars. Porsches are usually superbly engineered with amazing build quality inside and out, while Jaguars are perhaps a bit old-fashioned and not as well-engineered.

In a recent reliability study done by J.D. Power, Jaguar placed third-to-last place with 186 problems reported per 100 vehicles.  This means that Jaguar, Land Rover, and Chrysler are the least dependable brands out there.

Porsche also finished third, but third from the front of the pack. It’s not only J.D. Power that ranks Porsche high or Jaguar low, but several other reliability studies out there tell the very same story.

One of the most reliable models Porsche makes is the legendary Porsche 911 because the 911 has been in continuous production for decades. As far as Jaguars are concerned, the XE does seem to be a fairly reliable sedan, but nowhere near the level of the 911.

What makes Porsche so reliable?

The story of Porsche and superior reliability is fairly recent. A couple of decades or even years ago, some Porsche models were on the opposite side of the reliability spectrum. Fortunately, Porsche managed to change that, and now Porsche is considered one of the most reliable brands on the market.

Thanks to newer, more sophisticated manufacturing methods, usage of high-quality materials, and advancements through research and development, Porsche has managed to climb its way up the reliability ladder.

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According to some Porsche insiders, Porsche has also worked really, really hard as a team to find different ways of increasing long and short-term reliability. One of the reasons they did so is because Porsches are bought by enthusiasts predominantly, and these types of customers do appreciate a reliable platform.

One of the reasons why Porsche vehicles are so reliable long-term, especially the 911, is because an average 911 owner is an enthusiast who takes great care of their cars. Porsche 911s aren’t cheap, but they do hold their value well, especially if they are well-maintained and kept in tip-top condition.

Why does Jaguars rank so low in reliability?

Jaguar often scrapes the bottom of many reliability charts and surveys, but these surveys don’t always tell the whole story, and you should always focus more on individual cases of ownership. Furthermore, such surveys are often changing, and you can easily lose track of who is best and who is not.

That being said, it is true that Jaguars don’t offer the best reliability out there. However, it may not be as grim as it seems because many reliability charts and surveys have been showing a positive trend in Jaguar’s reliability in recent years, as the brand manages to climb its way up the reliability charts.

Land Rover, on the other hand, is still scraping the bottom. That’s because Range Rovers, for example, are iconic cars, and people buying Range Rovers are not all that focused on reliability. It’s worth mentioning that Jaguar switched management back in 2015 as Tata acquired the Land Rover/Jaguar company.

One of the main goals of this new management is to increase the levels of reliability of Jaguars and Land Rovers, and it seems like they are steadily improving. However, it takes quite a bit of time before the general public acknowledges such changes.

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Jaguar vs. Porsche: Maintenance costs

Both Jaguar and Porsche offer many luxurious, sporty, and comfortable features. As such, these cars are incredibly complex. In an effort of keeping everything working as intended, both of these brands require lots of money for proper maintenance.

For example, an oil change for a Jaguar XF costs about $310 to $340, while a regular Porsche oil change can go up to $400. Porsches might not need repairs as often as Jaguars do, but when they do need to be repaired, they cost more.

The yearly maintenance costs of these two brands are fairly similar, but on average, Porsches cost more yearly. However, maintenance is necessary if you want to keep up the reliability. That’s why such surveys are sometimes inaccurate as they don’t consider if maintenance has been carried out properly.

Maintenance-wise, costs tend to pile up quickly, and if you don’t have the financial means to maintain these cars as intended, lots of things can go wrong. When they do go wrong, it usually takes a large sum of money to deal with it.


What’s the core difference between Porsche and Jaguar?

Porsches are more performance-oriented, while Jaguars are mostly associated with a good old British sense of luxury and class. Porsches are usually equipped with carbon fiber and Alcantara, while Jaguars tend to offer real wood trim and thick leather.

Porsche offers the 911, and Jaguar offers the E-Type, and these two models show the brand differences perfectly. Jaguars are brutish, muscular, and have loads of road presence, while Porsches are sophisticated, sleek, and futuristic.

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Should we trust car reliability charts and surveys?

Car reliability charts and surveys can be trusted, but only to a certain extent. Such studies vary greatly and they don’t take many aspects into consideration, primarily maintenance. These studies are carried out over 3-5 years, which is not all that useful as the general public tends to keep their cars for longer.

These studies should be considered as a waypoint, a direction in which a car brand is going, not necessarily the whole truth. Most importantly, a customer only cares about his car, and not everyone else’s, and variables are that little bit different with each specific customer.

Do people truly care about reliability as much as we think they do?

At first glance, it’s obvious that people do care about reliability and that general dependability is a primary factor when choosing a new car. But that’s only the case with a certain number of customers. For example, if you are leasing a car on a three-year basis with service packs and warranties, you won’t care as much.

On the other hand, someone who buys used and intends to keep the car for longer, appreciates a reliable car a lot more. Brands know this, so sometimes they would rather prioritize luxury over reliability. Luxury sells better.

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