All about 2023 VW Passat

2023 VW Passat

The Volkswagen Passat is one of the longest-standing VW models and also one of the most well-known VW models of all time. The first iteration of the Passat came out back in 1973 and it seems that now, 50 years later, the Passat sedan is going to be discontinued permanently. However, we are going to get a wagon version still and the reason why the sedan is gone is because of the Arteon and the ID. Aero.

In this article, we are going to tell you all about 2023 VW Passat, when it’s coming out, and what to expect from it. The sedan version of the Passat is sure to be missed, but the Arteon seems to be becoming more and more popular while ID. Aero, the new electric VW sedan is soon to hit the roads around the world.

As such, there simply was no need to offer three similarly sized sedans with similar price tags and an overall similar experience. In addition to that, the European market actually prefers the wagon version of the Passat over the sedan version which means that the market is going to get what the market wants to get.

All in all, it’s time to go a bit deeper into the upcoming VW Passat and tell you all you need to know about it.

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2023 VW Passat – The Powertrain

As of right now, we are not 100% which engines are going to be offered with the Passat, but we do know that diesel engines are not going anywhere and that the Passat is going to come in PHEV form as well. As such, as far as diesel engines are concerned, the Passat is likely going to feature the familiar 2.0L TDI engine in various stages of tune ranging from 148hp to 200hp.

The latest reports state that the new Passat is going to feature “Euro 7” engines which means that they are going to emit fewer C02 emissions than previous Passat models which were only up to the Euro 6 standard. As far as gasoline engines are concerned, we can expect to get a 4-cylinder with up to 2.0L in displacement.

Most of the hype is situated with the two hybrid powertrains, one of which is going to offer around 200hp while the other one is going to offer closer to 250hp. The 250hp PHEV Passat is going to bare the name “GTE” to signify that it is the most powerful hybrid model of the Passat.

A DSG dual-clutch transmission is likely to continue on with the new Passat while base drivetrain models will have the FWD setup and AWD 4MOTION is going to be available as an option.

2023 VW Passat – Design

For 8 years or so, the B8 Passat has seen a large number of redesigns and refreshes, all of which moved the bar ever so slightly toward the new Passat. However, VW says that the new Passat is going to revolutionize Passat design and that it is going to feature a whole new design language that is going to be more in line with VW’s I.D. lineup of cars.

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The Passat is going to feature a wider front grille, slimmer LED headlights, and an even sharper fascia which is going to make it looks sporty even in non-R-Line trims. The interior is kept under wraps, but some sources do state that the new Passat is going to get the familiar Mk8 Golf steering wheel and a huge central infotainment screen.

We also need to mention that the new Passat is likely going to be offered with the “Alltrack” version which is going to make the new Passat more capable on mild off-road tracks and dirt roads due to higher ground clearance and extra protection all around.

 2023 VW Passat – Technology

It is said that the new Passat is going to borrow its technology from the ID. range which means that it is going to get haptic touch buttons on the steering wheel and the A/C is probably going to be controlled through a large infotainment screen in the middle.

A virtual cockpit is going to be present in all models, ambient lightning is also going to be improved and assistance features in the Passat will be better than ever before which means that it is likely going to get all the ADAS features that are available in today’s market.

2023 VW Passat – Pricing

No pricing details have been released up until now, but the Passat is likely going to cost around $28,000 to $30,000 for base variants while higher-end models are going to reach $50,000 without much trouble. This price is a relative upgrade over previous wagon models of the Passat, but that is to be expected since this is a brand-new model and the current state of the global economy in which prices are going up daily.

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FAQ Section

When is the 2023 VW Passat coming out?

Volkswagen has confirmed that the new VW Passat is going to come out sometime in 2023, probably early 2023 while production is going to kick off by the end of Q3 of 2023. However, we do need to take this information with a grain of salt as no one is yet 100% sure how the global supply chains will do next year.

Is the new 2023 Passat going to be a good car?

We will have to wait and see what VW has in store with the new Passat, but we can say that the new 2023 Passat is going to be a lot more advanced in the field of technology. It is likely going to ditch physical buttons and most functions will be controlled through a humongous central screen.

This is not necessarily a good thing as many people prefer having hard touch buttons for the A/C, and the main infotainment system controls such as the volume button and mute switch.

Is the new 2023 Passat going to be offered as a sedan later?

According to the very latest pieces of information, the Passat could be offered as a hatchback, but it is not going to be offered in sedan form, at least not in most global markets.

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