Is Volkswagen ID.4 a good car?


The VW ID.4 is the staple VW electric car from Volkswagen’s proprietary ID range of vehicles. Currently, Volkswagen has 5 different ID models in various stages of development such as ID.3, ID.4, ID.5, ID.6, and the best one of them all, the ID. BUZZ campervan.

The ID.4 is the most popular one of the bunch, but it’s closely followed by the ID.3. All VW ID cars are set to feature the same powertrain which means that they are more or less identical underneath the skin. Power outputs range from 150hp all the way up to 300hp for the most powerful models.

Design-wise, the ID.4 employs a futuristic design language that hopes the bridge the gap between VW concept cars and the well-established VW models such as the VW Golf. The interior of the ID.4 is packed with all sorts of features and gadgets that make the car feel futuristic and special.

Reliability-wise, ID.4 is decently reliable, yet it does suffer from issues related to the electric system, the brakes, the suspension, certain build quality issues, and trim and equipment issues. Value-wise, the ID.4 is expensive, but so are all EVs from its segment. The ID.4 is also practical and should easily be able to satisfy your family’s needs.

VW ID.4 – The powertrain

The VW ID.4 comes with 2 different battery sizes, a 52kWh battery, and a 77kWh battery. The ID.4 with a 52kWh battery offers either 149hp or 170hp. The 77kWh battery models offers 204hp or 299hp. The 52kWh 149hp model can do a maximum of 214 miles on a full charge.

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The 52kWh 170hp ID.4 is also able to do a maximum of 214 miles. The 77kWh battery 204hp ID.4 can offer a maximum of 323 miles on a full charge, while the most powerful 77kWh 299hp model is able to do 300 miles.

All ID.4 models come with a FWD drivetrain and there are no current AWD models. VW Is likely going to offer a higher performance model eventually in order to fully rival the Tesla Model Y Performance. Either way, all of these also come with regen braking that is designed to recuperate lost energy while braking.

The ID.4 is able to fast charge in about 30-60 minutes depending on the model. Slow charging is likely going to take 7-9 hours respectively.

VW ID.4 – Design and chassis

The VW ID.4 looks in line with all the other VW ID. models, but the ID.4 seems to be the best proportioned one. The body silhouette is streamlined and aerodynamic which is more or less the case with all EVs these days.

The interior is futuristic and minimalistic which means that there are hardly any buttons. This poses somewhat of an issue because many systems have to be controlled through touch panels which is a bit fiddly to use while driving.

The suspension and chassis tuning of the ID.4 is solely focused on comfort and maximizing the range. As such, the ID.4 is rather flat in the corners because the batteries are so down low.

VW ID.4 – Reliability and common issues

The VW ID.4 is a relatively reliable car for two reasons. The first reason is that it is an EV and EVs tend to be more reliable than ICE cars because they are simpler in construction. Either way, the most common issues with the ID.4 are down to the brakes, the electrical systems, the trim and equipment, and the build quality in certain areas.

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The suspension is also questionable in certain instances, but it is not something that is as widespread as all the other issues listed here. All in all, the long-term reliability of the ID.4 is still a mystery because most of these cars are still way too new.

VW ID.4 – Value and practicality

The VW ID.4 can be had for between $35,000 and $45,000 which makes it expensive, but competitive in the EV segment. Used models are only starting to be available so the value is all over the place. Practicality-wise, the ID.4 is extremely spacious for rear passengers which makes it even more desirable.

The cargo space is nothing to brag about but is really good. The ID.4 is perfect for family use because it is safe, spacious, quiet, and reasonably practical.

FAQ Section

Is the VW ID.4 worth it?

The VW ID.4 is a worthwhile consideration for all those wanting to jump into a semi-premium EV. The ID.4 is a competitive and desirable alternative to something like a Tesla Model Y. The Audi Q4 is fairly similar to the ID.4, but the Q4 is a bit more expensive and luxurious.

If you want an EV, and you are willing to make all the compromises that come with it, the ID.4 is a decent option. Given the fact that the EV segment is constantly increasing, there is a fair bit of logic to simply wait for a bit to see how the ID.4 fares against all the upcoming EVs this year.

Is the VW ID.4 safe?

As with any serious modern-day EV, the ID.4 is also a 5-star rated car across the board. This means that the ID.4 comes with all the necessary safety features such as blind-spot assist, rearview cameras, proximity sensors, lane keep assist, cross-traffic alert, collision avoidance, and adaptive cruise control.

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However, as is the case with all German cars, these are only available as part of expensive optional packages. No matter if you get them or not, the ID.4s passive safety systems are all there no matter the trim level and the options list.

 Does the VW ID.4 come with a frunk?

The VW ID.4 is built on a standalone EV chassis which means that it should have a front trunk, but sadly that is not the case. The VW ID.4 does not come with a frunk and that is why it is not able to rival the likes of the Tesla Model Y.

Nonetheless, the rear cargo area of the ID.4 is able to pack as much as 30 cubic feet behind the rear seats and a maximum of 64 cubic feet with the rear seats folded down.

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