All about 2023 VW ID 4 models

2023 VW ID 4 models

The Volkswagen ID.4 is currently the staple VW electric car and VWs best one yet. The ID.4 was first introduced back in 2020 and people were quick to state that the ID.4 is the new Golf of electric cars. These reasons why are due to how practical the ID.4 is, how comfortable it is, how balanced it is, and how roomy the cabin is.

If you are interested in buying the new ID.4, we will tell you all about 2023 VW ID 4 models, how they compare, and what you get with each. All models for the 2023 model year come with an 82kWh battery or a 52kWh battery. The 52kWh battery model is called “Pure”. The entry-level ID.4 model with an 82kWh battery is the “Pro” trim model which gets most of the stuff you need on a daily basis.

The former can do 245 miles on a full charge and can be recharged in 48 minutes using a fast DC 50kW charger while the latter can do 214 miles and can recharge in 35 minutes using a fast DC 100kW charger. When it comes to choosing which trim level of the ID.4 is right for you, you need to balance your needs and wants.

The PRO model is likely the one most people are going to go for as it is the cheapest and equally as capable while higher-end models are mostly going to be bought by tech heads and those who want the very best ID. product VW currently has to offer.

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2023 VW ID 4 Pure and Pro

The entry-level ID.4 Pure gets stuff like LED headlights, 19-inch wheels, and automatic wipers which is not something you often get with most entry-level models of any car. The Pure model also gets a 10-inch touch screen with which you can control the new VW MY-VW infotainment screen which is easy to understand but a bit tacky to use because of all the touch-sensitive buttons.

Cloth upholstery and power front seats are the standard while a wireless charger is available as an option. The ID.4 Pro comes with pretty much the same stuff as the Pure model and it only differs from it because it gets the larger 82kWh battery. Price-wise, you can expect the Pure model to start at $38,000 while the Pro model starts at $43,000.

Between these two, I’d go for the Pro model because it gets the larger 82kWh battery which is a lot better than the smaller 52kWh unit in the Pure model. On the other hand, if you can charge your ID. 4 in your garage overnight and you only use it for short daily commutes, you can save some money and go for the Pure model.

2023 VW ID.4 Pro S and Pro Plus

The Volkswagen ID.4 Pro S is the true higher-end ID.4 model because it gets stuff such as power-folding mirrors, signature lighting, a huge panoramic glass roof, an illuminated front VW grille, and special exterior colors such as Dusk Blue for example. A larger 12-inch screen is standard with the ID.4 Pro S with 30-color ambient lighting.

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The upholstery is now made out of sustainable leather, the seats are 12-way electrically adjustable with massage, and seat memory. As far as practicality is concerned, the Pro S also includes rear seat armrests and split-folding seats with a ski pass-through in the middle.

The ID.4 Pro S costs $48,000 and is the pick of the range in my opinion. The top-end normal ID.4 is the Pro Plus model which adds stuff like two-tone paint with a black roof, 20-inch alloy wheels, silver painted roof rails and styling accents, and other small details here and there. The Pro Plus is going to cost you $50,000.

2023 VW ID.4 GTX

The Volkswagen ID.4 GTX is the true flagship of the range, but you can’t buy it in the USA, not yet at least. The GTX ID.4 will set you back close to €54,000 in Germany. The GTX models offer the same 82kWh battery but the power is raised to 299hp which is also the top-end number for any VW ID. product out there.

The GTX gets everything you get with the top-end Pro S model, but with added styling touches in line with the GTX philosophy. These include new wheels, special colors, special touches around the exterior, GTX-badging in the interior, and sports seats.

FAQ Section

Which trim level of the VW ID.4 is the best?

The best model of the ID.4 to buy is the ID.4 Pro S as it offers all the luxury features you’d want, but isn’t as pointless as the Pro S Plus model. Don’t get me wrong, the ID.4 Pro S Plus does get cool-looking wheels and colors, but those aren’t really something worth paying more money for.

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The ID.4 Pro S is the perfect balance as it gets all the stuff people usually want, without all the unnecessary stuff you get with the Pro S Plus. Lastly, the GTX is the coolest ID.4 by far, but it really isn’t all that performance car-like which is why I’d just skip it and focus on getting more range instead of a few extra horses.

Why isn’t the VW ID.4 GTX available in the USA?

We are not 100% certain why the GTX isn’t available in the USA, but that is not too big of a problem as the GTX package is primarily a styling package and it does not change the way the car drives at all. Sure, it would be cool if the US could get everything, but that is also the case with loads of US-made cars that never find their way into Europe.

Is the VW ID.4 a new VW Golf?

In some parts of the world such as Europe, the VW Golf is the car for everyone. That is why so many people are comparing the ID.4 to the Golf as everyone wants an electric version of the VW Golf as that would automatically make it a great car. We are not yet sure about the ID.4 being the new Golf of the EVs, but only time will tell.

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