VW Keyless Entry Problems

VW problems

Modern-day Volkswagen models are equipped with a wide array of useful features, some of which are there to entertain us while others are there to make our lives easier and safer. Keyless entry systems have been introduced a while back and enable you to unlock/lock your car without taking the key out of your pocket.

The system recognizes that the key is near the car and will let you unlock the car simply by touching the door handle. However, VW keyless entry problems do exist and can even ruin your entire experience if you aren’t able to take care of them in due time. That is why you came to this article where we are going to list these and help you solve them.

Most common VW keyless entry problems include a dead battery in the key fob, the key fob losing connection with the vehicle, the keyless system being inconsistent, and issues where the keyless start works but the keyless entry function does not.

The good thing is that most of these issues are rather easy and cheap to fix, but in some cases, they might require professional assistance and expensive hardware replacements.

Dead Key Fob Battery

All cars equipped with keyless entry functions come with a VW key fob which houses a few buttons to unlock, lock, open the trunk, and potentially a remote start/alarm function. If the key fob battery dies, none of these will work which also means that the car will not be able to recognize that the key is near the vehicle and thus will disable the car’s keyless entry function.

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To solve this, test out the hard-press buttons on the key fob and see if all the buttons work. If not, it is almost certainly due to a dead battery which will need to be replaced. This is also a common reason why your car won’t start. The battery typically costs a few dollars and can easily be replaced without going to the dealership or a service center. Click here if you want to know how you can replace the battery yourself.

 The Key Fob Loses Connection To The Car

Sometimes the key fob can intermittently lose the connection to the car which means that the car’s key proximity sensors are malfunctioning. As such, the car will also think that the car isn’t near the vehicle and will not let you unlock or lock it. These mostly happen intermittently, if the car can’t recognize the key constantly, the battery is likely to be dead.

To solve this, a software reset of the system is necessary, but in rare cases, a technician will have to inspect the car’s electrical systems and maybe even replace a sensor or two. The good thing is that these issues are rather rare compared to most of the others listed in this article.

Keyless System Being Inconsistent

This problem takes place when the system enables you to either lock or unlock the car via the keyless entry function, but it does not let you do both. Also, the system can sometimes enable you to unlock/lock the car with just the driver or just the passenger’s doors.

As it so happens, this is relatively common with the keyless entry function in the VW. To solve this, you will have to take the key fob battery out and leave it out for about 5 minutes or so. Upon returning it to the key fob, the car should recognize it and everything should be okay. If not, contact a VW specialist/dealership.

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Keyless Start Works But Keyless Entry Does Not Work

A few owners have also complained about the keyless entry system failing, but without hampering the car’s keyless start functionality. This means that the car likely isn’t able to recognize that the key is near the vehicle, but it is able to recognize it while the car is inside the vehicle. To test this out, try to keep the key fob inside the car and test the car’s keyless entry.

If it does not work, it might be due to a weak battery. If it does not work, it is likely due to a module issue. To solve this, you will either have to perform a software reset/update or in rare cases, will have to replace the faulty module altogether.

 FAQ Section

Are Car Keyless Entry Features Safe?

While keyless entry sure is a really useful feature that enables you to never take the key out of your pocket while locking and unlocking the car. However, the reality is that cars with these features are more likely to get stolen as there are certain devices out that can detect and recognize the signal sent from the car to the key (and vice versa) and save it.

This will enable individuals with these devices to gain access to the car, sometimes even being able to start the car up. Manufacturers are always trying different ways to try and avoid these detectors, but it’s 100% safe to say that a car without these functions is most definitely safer from unlawful entry or theft.

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How To Prevent Keyless Entry Hacking?

There are a few really good ways how you can make sure that hacking your key fob is significantly more difficult than with most cars which can very well be the reason why your car was not nicked and someone else’s was. The first thing you ought to do is invest in a signal blocker key fob pouch designed to block incoming and outgoing signals from the key fob.

You can also always lock the steering wheel while leaving the car, re-program your keys, park defensively, use a car alarm, and turn off the car’s keyless signal. It’s worth mentioning that you can’t really be 100% safe, but you are sure to be safer than most people. 

Can I Retrofit Keyless Entry?

In short, yes, but there are different methods and ways how one can achieve this. The most elementary systems are likely to be the least reliable and are going to be most prone to hacking. More advanced OEM retrofitting is likely going to require lots of coding, new wiring, new modules, and potentially new/or reprogrammed keys.

If you do retrofit the system to your car, you will likely spend a lot of money, and it is not 100% sure that you will be able to boost your car’s resale value if the system isn’t 100% OEM and indistinguishable from the real deal.

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