Common problems with Volkswagen ID.3

Volkswagen ID.3 Problems

The Volkswagen ID.3 is the smallest VW electric car first introduced back in 2020. It is the very first VW built on the new MEB platform and the very first ID. car. The ID.3 traces its roots to the 2016 VW ID.3 concept car which suggests that the ID.3 was in development for quite some time. This means that the ID.3 has gone through extensive testing to make sure it performs in every environment.

However, when it comes to reliability, the ID.3 goes in two distinct directions. The first one is that it is an electric car. Being an electric car inherently means fewer issues because the car is not packed with nearly as many components as a combustion engine car.

The second one is that the ID.3 is the very first mass-production EV built on an entirely new platform which means that issues are inevitable, especially those that only come apparent years after the car enters production. The most common ID.3 issues are with the new-gen infotainment system, and active safety systems.

The ID.3 also suffers from issues associated with the roof retainer tab and the PE conductor. Chances are that most of these are being ironed out as we speak which means that the ID.3 is likely going to be reliable in the long run. This is a common occurrence for brand new cars and EVs are no strangers to issues such as these.

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VW ID.3 – Infotainment system issues

It seems like the VW ID.3 suffers from relatively common issues with the infotainment system where the screen apparently freezes, completely stops functioning, or it experiences bugs left, right, and center. Thankfully, the issue is related to the software which means that it should be ironed out sooner than later.

The bad thing is that the VW ID.3 incorporates the majority of its infotainment and even most safety functions within the center screen. This means that when the screen starts acting up, you will not be able to take full control of those systems which is likely to cause a few headaches.

VW ID.3 – Active safety systems issues

The VW ID.3 range is brimming with all sorts of 21stcentury technologies such as advanced adaptive cruise control with autonomous driving functions. These also incorporate features such as speed control, traffic sign recognition, and all sorts of technological wizardry. The issue here is that these tend to stop functioning without an apparent reason.

Chances are that these issues are also solely related to the software side of things which means that they are likely going to be ironed out over the air at some point. This is indeed a problem because one of the greatest benefits of modern-day EVs is that they are packed with these technologies, and not being able to use them confidently is a bummer.

VW ID.3 – Roof retainer tab issue

The VW ID.3 was part of a 96H7 VW recall back in 2021. This recall only includes the ID.3 and the ID.4 and some estimates state that all ID.3 and ID.4 models could be affected. The issue here is that the roof module is likely missing a retainer tab which could detach the roof completely in an event of a crash.

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This poses significant safety issues, especially if the car rolls over. VW issued a recall in September of 2021 which means that there could be many ID.3 and ID.4 models still suffering from these issues. As such, be sure to pay close attention to this issue as you don’t want it to become a problem.

VW ID.3 – PE conductor issue

The ID.3 is an EV exclusively which means that there are no hybrid or combustion engine variants. In order to replenish the ID.3s battery, you have to charge it through a charging socket. The issue here is that the protective earthed (PE) conductor housed directly onto the charger could detach which would render the entire charger useless.

As such, VW issued a recall in 2021 to remedy this issue, and the corresponding recall code is 93J9. According to VW specialists, all ID.3 models were affected by this. Thankfully VW realized this issue soon enough which means that most ID.3 models out there have had this issue fixed either from the factory or through the recall.

FAQ Section

Is the Volkswagen ID.3 a good car?

The VW ID.3 is the first EV made by VW which means that VW invested huge sums of money in it. The ID. range is ever-expanding which means that new ID. cars are being introduced left and right. Two years after the first ID.3 models were delivered to customers, the ID.3 seems to be a relatively popular alternative to the VW Golf 8.

As such, if you are interested in a hatchback such as the VW Golf 8, but you want something more efficient and more environmentally friendly, the ID.3 is a great choice. Therefore, the ID.3 is indeed a good car, but only if you want an EV.

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Is the Volkswagen ID. range going to introduce an SUV?

Volkswagen has officially stated that the VW EV range is going to offer a few different SUVs really soon. VW also said that a three-row family luxury SUV is also soon to follow. This means that the ID. range is going to become one of the most popular and most technologically driven VW models out there.

VW is serious about a more sustainable future, if we don’t count the Dieselgate scandal of course. Either way, the ID. range is shaping up to be really comprehensive which is something everyone can appreciate.

Is the VW ID.3 better than a Tesla Model 3?

When it comes to EVs, and ease of use, a Tesla is still the preferred choice for most people. However, the EV infrastructure is growing rapidly and manufacturers like VW have enough resources and knowledge to compete with Tesla, and even beat them in many areas.

Even though the Model 3 is still a better car than the ID.3, the differences are not huge. In a few years, we are likely going to witness better ID. cars that could potentially 1be overall better packaged than any Tesla models.

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