2022 Porsche Cayenne vs Mercedes GLE

The 2022 Porsche Cayenne is one of the most well-rounded mid-size luxury SUVs because it comes in almost all imaginable versions. You can get a classic SUV Cayenne, a coupe Cayenne, a diesel Cayenne, a hybrid Cayenne, a supercar rivaling Cayenne, and a Cayenne that offers enough torque to kickstart a dying planet.

The 2022 Mercedes GLE is a direct competitor to the Cayenne, but it does not come in such variety as the Cayenne. The GLE also undercuts the Cayenne when it comes to price, and that is rather obvious because the Cayenne does seem like a higher quality product.

These two are some of the most popular mid-size family SUVs that can do both performance and comfort with a slight edge towards off-roading. It’s safe to say that hardly anyone is going to take either of these off the beaten path, but if they do, it’s good to know that they can.

All in all, the Cayenne seems to be the superior choice because it is more desirable, more luxurious, faster, more reliable, and holds its value better. The GLE is not a bad SUV, it is actually a really impressive package, but the Cayenne is simply on another level.

2022 Porsche Cayenne – The Porsche flagship SUV

The 2022 Cayenne kicks off at $69,000 for the regular Cayenne model that offers a 2.9L turbocharged V6 with 335hp. For $79,000 you can get the limited-edition Porsche Cayenne Platinum Edition which is a special package for a few Cayenne models. The $83,300 Cayenne E-Hybrid offers the same engine in addition to an electric engine for a combined output of 455hp.

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The $86,800 Cayenne S gets 434hp from the very same V6 while the $109,000 Cayenne GTS gets the full-on 4.0L V8 with 453hp. The $129,000 Cayenne Turbo also gets the V8, but the power is increased to 541hp while the $165,300 Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid adds an electric motor for a combined output of 670hp.

The Cayenne GT is the range-topping Cayenne model with 631hp and a ludicrous price tag of $180,800. It’s also worth mentioning that all Cayenne models are also available in coupe form. The Cayenne looks menacing, dynamic, and sophisticated both inside and out and it manages to look and feel more luxurious than the GLE.

The Cayenne is not as spacious as the GLE, but it utilizes its available space very well. The Cayenne is more reliable, holds its value better, and is a lot more thrilling to drive.

2022 Mercedes GLE – The best Mercedes family SUV

The 2022 Mercedes GLE range kicks off with the $56,150 GLE350 which gets a lackluster 2.0L 4-cylinder turbo engine with 255hp. While this engine is indeed efficient, it simply can not be compared to any of the Cayenne engines, both for sophistication, smoothness, and performance.

It’s also worth mentioning that the  GLE350 does not come with 4MATIC as standard, if you want it, you will have to pay an additional $2,000 over the asking price. The $63,950 GLE450 4MATIC is an SUV more in line with the Cayenne because it offers a 3.0L turbo V6 with 362hp. The Coupe GLE is not available with the 2.0L engine and all Coupe GLE’s come with 4MATIC from the factory.

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The $74,150 GLE 45 AMG gets the same 3.0L engine, but with a hefty power increase to 429hp. The most expensive GLE is the GLE 63 AMG Coupe which costs $117,000 and offers around 600hp from its 4.0- BiTurbo V8. The GLE looks more like a classic family SUV, and only when you jump into an AMG one, it starts looking a bit more youthful.

The GLE is more spacious than the Cayenne and it offers a more futuristic-looking interior design, but the quality is not on par with the Cayenne. It’s also worth mentioning that the 9G automatic found in the GLE is not as refined as the one found in the Porsche.

Conclusion – The Cayenne is a better car

Even though the Mercedes GLE costs less and offers more efficient engines, the Cayenne is an obvious step up both in quality and in performance. The Cayenne is available in many different trim levels and configurations while the GLE is only worthy of its price tag if you opt for either the 6-cylinder engines or the V8.

The Cayenne also offers a higher quality interior that is able to match the GLE when it comes to functionality. The Cayenne is more reliable, holds its value better, and is more desirable thanks to a Porsche badge.

Driving-wise, the Cayenne offers an obvious edge towards performance while the GLE is always subdued, even in the range-topping AMG versions.

FAQ Section

Is the 2022 Porsche Cayenne more efficient than the Mercedes GLE?

The most efficient non-hybrid version of the Cayenne is the standard Cayenne model which is rated at 19MPG in the city and 23MPG on the highway. The E-Hybrid Cayenne is not all that much better because the added electric engine is only there to boost performance, not focusing all that much on efficiency.

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That being said, the entry-level 2.0L 4-cylinder GLE350 is rated at 19MPG in the city and 26MPG on the highway which means that it is not all that much more efficient while also being the most efficient GLE.

Is the 2022 Porsche Cayenne more reliable than the Mercedes GLE?

According to a majority of reliability charts and surveys, Porsche as a brand is always near the top while Mercedes is either somewhere in the middle or low down at the bottom. This holds true for both the Cayenne and the GLE because the Cayenne is indeed a more reliable car.

Maintenance-wise, the Cayenne does cost considerably more than the GLE, but that is partly why it is more reliable.

Is the 2022 Porsche Cayenne safer than the Mercedes GLE?

Both of these mid-size premium luxury SUVs are as safe as they get. This means that both of them come with all the state-of-the-art software safety features such as automatic braking, collision avoidance systems, parking sensors, cameras, blind spot assist, lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, and cross-traffic alert.

If you want the safest versions of these two, you will have to spend quite a bit of money on optional packages and this is where the Cayenne costs a lot more compared to the GLE.

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