2022 Mercedes GLA vs GLB

Compact Mercedes executive SUVs are selling like crazy and the most popular ones are the GLA, the GLB, and the GLC. Both the current GLA and the current GLB have been released only a few years ago while the current GLC is soon to be replaced with a brand new model.

As such, it makes more sense to consider buying either the GLA or the GLB over the GLC as they both cost less money while also being considerably more up-to-date. The GLA is basically a Mercedes A-Class on stilts which is both a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing is that the GLA is the cheapest Mercedes SUV, but the bad thing is that it does not offer anything special over the A-Class.

The GLB on the other hand is a more tempting proposition as it is a true Mercedes family SUV. The GLB feels more like a separate product with a clear market positioning as it offers more space both for the passengers and your cargo. The GLB is both taller, wider, and longer which makes it feel like an SUV while the GLA is a regular crossover.

All in all, both of these entry-level Mercedes SUVs are impressive, yet it is safe to say that the GLB offers a more usable platform without being way more expensive than the GLA.

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2022 Mercedes GLA – The entry-level Mercedes SUV

The current, 2nd generation of the GLA seems a lot more promising when compared to the old one which was a bit of a mixed bag. With a starting price of $36,400, the GLA250 offers a 2.0L 4-cylinder turbo engine with 221hp and 258lb-ft of torque. It also comes with the Mercedes 8-speed DCT gearbox and RWD.

If you want to upgrade to the 4MATIC AWD system, you will have to pay an additional $2,000 over the asking price. Design-wise, the GLA definitely does share plenty of similarities with the A-Class hatchbacks, both considering its size and design.

It looks urban-oriented with an interior that is most definitely worth the Mercedes premium badge. Although the interior does look amazing, it does not offer the highest levels of quality. Space-wise, the GLA lacks behind the GLB in almost all areas.

You are also able to go for the AMG GLA models which are indeed fun to drive, but they often tend to sell for upwards of $55,000 which is enough to buy the entry-level Mercedes GLE mid-size SUV.


2022 Mercedes GLB – The entry-level Mercedes family SUV

For $38,600 you can upgrade to the GLB which does seem like a more reasonable choice considering that the GLB is a lot more spacious. The GLB250 comes with the same powertrain found in the GLA which means that you get the 2.0L turbo 4-cylinder, RWD, and the 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

The GLB250 4MATIC costs $2,000 more and it follows the same idea as the GLA250 4MATIC. The GLB is a lot better when it comes to practicality as the 27.0 cubic feet of cargo space dwarfs the GLA that only offers around 15.4 cubic feet of cargo space.

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Design-wise, the GLB looks and feels like a more substantial car as it is larger in almost every dimension. It sits higher which gives it a more SUV-ish driving experience while the GLA still feels like a somewhat bloated GLA. The design differences are even more noticeable when you go for the AMG trim.

All in all, the GLB drives almost identically with the GLA, but the GLA45 AMG is indeed the most dynamic option of the bunch.

Conclusion – You get more for your money with the GLB

These two SUVs are strikingly similar because they are designed on the same platform and they take advantage of an identical Mercedes powertrain. The only major differences between these two are the fact that the GLB offers more space, a more SUV-ish driving experience, and a lot more cargo area.

The GLA feels a tad bit more dynamic to drive as it sits on a fence between being a hatchback and being a true SUV. However, if you are after a dynamic driving experience, you are better off with the Mercedes CLA Coupe.

All in all, the GLB seems like a more reasonable choice because the small price increase needed to get into a GLB is logical. All in all, the GLA is the entry-level Mercedes SUV while the GLB is positioned as a more family-friendly option, especially when you consider that you can get the GLB with seven seats.

FAQ Section

Is the 2022 Mercedes GLA more efficient than the GLB?

Even though the GLA and the GLB share the same powertrain, there are some noticeable efficiency differences between the two. The GLB weights a tad bit more and it offers a slightly higher drag coefficient which means that the GLA is indeed more efficient.

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This is not really a massive difference, but for the sake of comparison, we can say that the GLA is the more efficient car. However, the way you drive either of these two is going to impact your fuel efficiency quite a bit.

Is the 2022 Mercedes GLA more popular than the GLB?

The Mercedes GLA is in its second generation while the GLB has only recently been revealed as a brand new model which means that more people are aware of the GLA. As such, the GLA is indeed more popular, but this might change eventually as the GLB seems to be a more complete product.

The world of luxury compact crossover SUVs is hot right now which means that the GLB is on a good start to becoming a more popular option.

Are the 2022 Mercedes GLA and the 2022 Mercedes GLB good off-road cars?

Even though Mercedes likes to call both of these SUVs, they are not all that utilitarian. They come with road-biased tires and a setup that is aimed towards city and highway driving. Even though both of these are better off-roaders than the A-Class, it’s safe to say that they are not made for off-roading.

As such, you are able to take these on mild off-roading courses, but you are never going to feel like driving a true SUV as only the G-Class is the true Mercedes off-roader SUV.

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