2022 Mercedes G Wagon vs Range Rover

Land Rover has recently revealed the all-new 2022 flagship Range Rover which means that the old Mercedes G-Class and Range Rover rivalry continues. However, the new G Wagon has been on sale for about 2 years now and it was also an all-new model at the time.

Both Mercedes and Range Rover more or less updated their cars rather than reimagine them which means that both the current G-Class and the new Range Rover are more of an evolution rather than a revolution. This is because both models are enjoying a privileged status in the upper echelon of the industry and thus don’t need to change much to satisfy existing customers.

The all-new 2022 Range Rover is a sleek, large, luxurious, and status-boosting SUV that bests the G-Wagon when it comes to technology, luxury, safety, and the driving experience. The Range Rover was always a car with better driving characteristics and the new model showcases that even more.

On the other hand, the G wagon offers a specific blend of iconic styling and superior usability that hardly any other SUV can match. Both of these are amazing SUVs, but the Range Rover does seem like a better option.

2022 Mercedes Benz G-Class – A brute in a suit

The Mercedes Benz G-Class starts at $131,000 for the G550 SUV and the range-topping G 63 AMG S costs $156,000. For this price, you are getting one of, if not the most iconic SUV designs in history and a car that holds its value better than 99% of SUVs out there.

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Technology-wise, the G Wagon offers more or less everything you need from a 21st century SUV. Two large landscape screens house both the gauge cluster and the central infotainment screen that can be controlled in several different ways.

Space-wise the G Wagon does lack behind the Range Rover both in the front and in the back, but it does offer a slightly larger cargo area. Reliability-wise, the G Wagon is noticeably better, especially after a few years of ownership and a decent amount of miles on the clock.

Maintenance-wise the G Wagon does seem a bit more accessible as well. The G-Class is a more capable car when it comes to off-roading and at the very highest end, it costs less than the Range Rover while also offering considerably better value retention.

 2022 Range Rover – The new luxury SUV king

The brand-new Range Rover starts at around $92,000 for the more accessible 6-cylinder versions while some V8 models start at twice as much. However, the Range Rover does offer more engine choices while also including a few hybrids in there.

As such, the new Range Rover is more efficient than the G-Wagon while also being more comfortable on the road. It offers newer technologies that both feel and look nicer. The new Range Rover is available with rear-wheel-steer which virtually shortens the wheelbase and makes the car more maneuverable than the G-Class.

The Range Rover is both better to drive and to be driven in because it is also available in a long-wheel-base version which increases the 2nd-row space way past the G-Class. The new Range Rover is also available as a seven-seater version while the G-Class is strictly a five-seater only.

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However, Range Rovers are known to be unreliable after a while and they also cost exorbitant amounts of money to fix. They don’t hold their value as well as G Wagons do and they arguably don’t look as nice even though they are way more sophisticated throughout.

Conclusion – The Range Rover is the better car

The Range Rover simply offers more of everything and that’s where the biggest differences reside. The Range Rover is available with multiple different engine choices and configurations while the G-Class only comes with a thirsty V8.

You can get the Range Rover both as a seven-seater and a long-wheel-base model while the G-Class is strictly a five-seater. The Range Rover is available with technologies such as rear-wheel-steer, active noise canceling, power-adjustable arms rests, a vegan-friendly interior, a special bacteria A/C filter system which are all absent from the G Wagon.

The Range Rover feels more refined and is more comfortable no matter where you are sitting. The G-Class is still an amazing SUV that does cost less, holds its value better, is more reliable, and is cheaper to maintain, but it does feel a lot older than the Range Rover.

FAQ Section

Is the Mercedes Benz G-Class a more desirable car than the Range Rover?

Even though the Range Rover is a better car, most people prefer the G-Class over the Range Rover for many different reasons. Value-wise it makes more sense to buy and own a G-Class because it retains its value better, but the biggest differentiating factor is the exterior design.

Everyone is familiar with how the G-Class looks and everyone is loving it. As such, it’s safe to say that the G-Class is a more desirable automobile in most markets around the world, even including the UK.

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Is the Mercedes G Wagon a better off-roader than the Range Rover?

Both Mercedes and Range Rover take great pride in making capable SUVs that can excel both in a gated community car park and on an off-road trail. However, the G-Wagon is a slightly more capable off-roader because of its more utilitarian design.

That’s not to say that the Range Rover is a bad off-roader, it’s actually also incredibly capable, but it is more tuned for the road.

What is the most luxurious SUV on the market?

The most luxurious SUV on the market is undoubtedly the Rolls Royce Cullinan because it offers a 100% bespoke luxury experience that encompasses 100% of the ownership of the car. Every single part that finds its way into the Cullinan is of utmost quality and can not be compared with anything else.

The Rolls Royce Cullinan is the very top echelon of the SUV game and even SUVs like the Range Rover are far from being actual threats. That being said, the Cullinan costs more than $335,000 without any options.

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