2022 Mercedes C300 vs Volvo S60

In the land of compact luxury sedans, the 2022 C-Class is now king because it offers more luxury, more comfort, and more style than any other car from its segment. However, this does not mean that the existing Volvo S60 is unable to rival the C-Class?

In this article, we will put these two compact luxury sedans head to head in all the areas common luxury sedan buyers are interested in. As mentioned in the beginning, the new C-Class has only recently been revealed while the S60 is on sale for about 2-3 years now.

This makes these two compact sedans quite different because the C-Class offers a more futuristic-looking interior and exterior design with a lot more functionality and gadgets. It is also more comfortable to drive and it is a lot more desirable.

On the other hand, the S60 does best the C-Class as far as practicality and space are concerned. Objectively speaking, the C-Class is the better car, but the S60 does come with its few share of benefits over the C-Class.

2022 Mercedes C300 – The most luxurious compact sedan on the planet

Mercedes has pulled the covers of the brand-new C-Class a few months ago and the C300 is likely going to hit the market at any moment. The C300 starts at $42,000 and it comes with a 2.0L 4-cylinder turbo engine that pushes out 255hp. This engine also comes with the Mercedes EQ Boost mild hybrid technology that can temporarily offer you 20hp more.

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The C300 is a rear-wheel-drive car from the factory, but if you are willing to spend an additional $2,000 you can option out the 4MATIC AWD system. All C300 models exclusively come with a 9-speed automatic gearbox that is both smooth and seamless which fits the character of the C300 beautifully.

Design-wise, the C300 is bold and confident and is a lot more attention-grabbing than the S60. Interior-wise, the C300 looks and feels like a mini S-Class and it is hands down the best interior out of its class, both for design and functionality as it comes with the Mercedes superior MB UX infotainment system.

Space-wise, the C300 is mediocre for its class, but you should be able to accommodate 4 adults without any issues while the cargo space is also mediocre at best. The C300 drives like a true luxury car which means that the ride is soft, compliant and the noise isolation is class-leading.

2022 Volvo S60 – Swedish minimalism and substance

The Volvo S60 starts at around $40,000 for the Momentum model and the most expensive Recharge Polestar Engineered costs $65,845. The Momentum B5 model is the one that rivals the C300 head to head because it also comes with a 2.0L 4-cylinder that pushes out 247hp.

It comes with a rear-wheel-drive system and a sophisticated 8-speed gearbox that also fits the character of the S60 perfectly. Volvo updated the S60 for the 2022 model year with a brand-new grille, wireless charging, an air filtration system, and brand-new bumpers.

The S60 feels roomier in the interior, but the interior itself can hardly rival the C300. Material choices are upscale and potentially even better than a few parts in the C300. The S60 drives as minimal as it looks which means that it does not excel in anything, yet it does everything in a satisfiable manner.

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The S60 is not nearly as desirable as the C300, but it is more reliable according to a few online sources. Granted, the C300 is still new and hardly anyone can say if it is going to be reliable enough or not. The S60 is also available with an all-wheel-drive system as an option.

Conclusion – The Mercedes C300 is the better car

The Volvo S60 is indeed a great car as it is a jack of all trades. It is spacious and sophisticated looking, it drives smoothly and without much fuss and it offers high-quality materials. However, the C300 offers all the bells and whistles you’d expect a 2022 car to offer.

It is a more comfortable, more luxurious, more desirable, and better-looking car inside and out. The S60 does offer more space and the design might suit some people better, but all in all, the C300 is cut from a different cloth.

FAQ Section

Is the 2022 Mercedes C300 more efficient than the Volvo S60?

The S60 is rated for 26MPG in the city and 35MPG on the highway while the C300 offers 23MPG in the city and 33MPG on the highway. Even though the initial ratings do suggest that the S60 is more efficient, they are so closely matched that your style of driving can easily negate the benefits.

If you are a gas-pedal conscious driver and you prefer a smooth and easy driving experience, you might be able to get a few MPG more from the S60. All in all, the differences are so marginal that it makes no difference in the real world.

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Is the 2022 Mercedes C300 a better family car than the Volvo S60?

Both the C300 and the S60 can be great family cars because they are available with a myriad of family-friendly features and gadgets. However, the S60 is a little bit more spacious which means that you will be able to fit more people and more cargo in the S60.

On the other hand, the C300 is better isolated and it offers a more compliant ride which means that your kids are more likely going to sleep better. Both of these offer great connectivity and cubby spaces in the rear which means that the differences here are marginal as well.

Is the Mercedes C300 the best compact luxury sedan?

The C300 is indeed the best compact luxury sedan on the market right now because it offers more than all the other compact sedans do. However, the C300 is considerably pricier than some of its rivals which means that great value might negate that.

Even though the C300 is better than the BMW 3-Series, the Audi A4, and the S60, if you are able to buy any of these for a price discounted enough, they might be a better deal overall.

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