Which month to buy a used Mercedes

Which month to buy a used Mercedes

If you love Mercedes-Benz but don’t have enough money to buy a brand-new car, you can wait and buy a used Mercedes at an excellent price. But which month is the best for buying a used Mercedes-Benz?

The month of January is the best time to buy a used Mercedes-Benz. It’s followed closely by February and December. On the contrary, June and July are the worst months to buy a used Mercedes-Benz. January is the best month for buying a used car because the demand is extremely low.

Why is January the best month to buy a used Mercedes-Benz?

Low demand

Since many people spend a lot during the festive season, you will find that there are fewer buyers on the market in the first weeks of January. As a result, dealerships try to be more competitive with their pricing to attract clients. 

More inventory

Another reason why used Mercedes cars are cheaper in January and December is because of more inventory. Mercedes usually rolls out new models at the end of the year. So, to create space for the new models, dealers sell used cars at a great discount.

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What other time should I buy a used Mercedes-Benz?

Apart from January, there are different times of the year you can get excellent used Mercedes-Benz deals.

Best Holiday to buy a used car

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

You may be surprised that Black Friday doesn’t top the day with the best deal on used cars. Rather, it is Martin Luther King Jr. Day that has the best deals. According to research done by iSeeCars, MLK Jr. Day provided 39% more deals than average. This may have less to do with the specific holiday, but rather that it falls in January.

The research featured 32 million used car sales from 2018 and 2019, and particularly focused on deals where buyers saved at least $1000 and $22,000 in the price for quality used cars. So, if you want the best deal on your Mercedes-Benz, you should wait until this day to make your deal.

Apart from Martin Luther King Jr. Day, there are also some other popular holidays to buy a quality used Benz. These include New Year’s Eve, Christmas Eve, Veteran’s Day, and Black Friday. All of these holidays offer excellent deals above average.

Best day of the week to buy a used car

The best day of the week to buy a used vehicle is on a Monday. Generally, weekdays are better than weekends as the number of buyers is usually lower. Also, salespeople provide good deals on Mondays because they don’t know what to expect throughout the week.

What are the benefits of buying a used Mercedes?

You may be hesitant about buying a used Mercedes-Benz, but this shouldn’t be the case. This luxurious brand with a three-star emblem lives up to its motto of “best or nothing.” Even though Mercedes has had its own share of troubles, it still leaves up to its hype even with a used car. Just make sure the specific car is in good condition.

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Whether you’re considering buying a 2018 E-Class wagon or a 2012 S-Class sedan, you will still get a car with highly engineered technology, classy look, comfortable ride, excellent performance, and durability. Although perhaps you could get a new car from a brand with less sophisticated vehicles for the same price, it won’t have these Mercedes-Benz benefits:

  • They have a track record of quality craftsmanship
  • Lower price because of higher depreciation value
  • High-end features not found in most second-hand cars
  • Outstanding reputation for safety
  • They have a classy and luxurious look and feel
  • A comfortable and reliable ride

What’s the right procedure for buying a used Mercedes-Benz?

If you’re want to have a quality used Mercedes-Benz car, you shouldn’t just pick the cheapest one. Instead, you should do your due diligence and find the best deal possible. Here are the steps that you should follow to land the best deal possible:

  1. Check reviews and ratings online
  2. Go through the vehicle history
  3. Conduct a system scan
  4. Get an independent, Pre-purchase scan by hiring an experienced Mercedes mechanic

Questions to ask before buying a second-hand Benz

What is the worst time to buy a used car?

The worst time to buy a used car is in the late spring and early summer. This includes the months of May, June, July, August, and September. The main reason behind this is because car owners are holding onto their cars waiting for the next model year. 

What are the setbacks of buying a used Mercedes-Benz vehicle?

Even though a used Mercedes-Benz is still better than many vehicles on the market, it comes with its own challenges. The main setbacks of a used Mercedes car are high maintenance and repair costs. Taking a Mercedes to a mechanic is very expensive as it has to be handled by an authorized dealer.

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What to consider before buying a used Mercedes?

Before buying a used Mercedes, you need to know several things to land the best deal. First and foremost, you should consider the depreciation trend of the car you intend to buy. Additionally, you should factor in the maintenance and insurance costs of the car. Finally, you should do a test drive before paying for the car.

Are used Mercedes-Benz vehicles expensive to maintain?

Yes, they are. If you buy a used Mercedes-Benz with an expired warranty, it will be even more expensive to maintain. This is because Mercedes’ spare parts are expensive and the warranty helps to offset some of the cost. Also, Mercedes dealers charge a lot, as they usually use specialized tools in the repair and maintenance of your car.

What are the best used Mercedes-Benz models to buy?

Before you buy any used Mercedes-Benz model, you have to know a little bit of its history and what to expect from it in the long run. This is because some models have had more problems than others. Some of the best used Mercedes models are:

  •  2009 E-Class
  • 2009 SLK-Class
  • 2012 CLS-Class
  • 2010 C-Class
  • 2008 E-Class

Final thoughts

If you are in search of a quality used Mercedes-Benz, wait until January to buy the car of your choice. During January, there is less foot traffic, but more inventory. As a result, you can easily get a great deal. However, you should also consider the months of February and December as they also have some exceptional deals.

which month to buy used mercedes

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