Which Audi is best for tall drivers?

Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, and basically any other car brand out there tries to make a car that is able to satisfy the widest possible customer audience. This means that hardly any automaker out there is going to make a model specifically for the male, female, tall, short, skinny, overweight group, or any other customer group for that matter.

As such, all of these brands try to offer as much space as they can while also differentiating each model depending on its respective segment. An Audi A1 for example is never going to be able to rival the Audi A8 for space, and that’s the same story across the entire car industry.

If you want as much space as you can get in an Audi, you need to go for either the Audi Q7 or the Audi A8. The Audi Q8 is not as spacious as the Q7 because it sacrifices a bit of practicality for a better-looking exterior design.

Either way, hardly any mainstream Audi model is going to lack space for 99% of people. That means that everything above and usually including the A4 and the Q5 is more than enough for taller drivers.

 Audi Q7 – The most spacious Audi

The Audi Q7 is the largest and most spacious Audi SUV you can buy as it offers up to 7-seats and enough cargo for a month-long trip around the country. It also offers a raised-up ride height which means that getting in and out of the Q7 is easy for both tall and overweight drivers.

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The driving position is comfortable while also making you feel superior to all the other more compact cars around you. The Q7 also utilizes a classic overly boxy SUV shape which means that headroom is plenty for all three rows of seating.

Besides being spacious, the Q7 is also a true luxury SUV that can do both family duties and VIP transport. It is true that the current generation of the Q7 is nearing the end of its lifeline and that an entirely new model is going to replace it soon.

However, the Q7 is still a competitive SUV that offers class-leading space in all three rows of seating. All models come well equipped from the factory and some dealers are indeed willing to offer lucrative discounts if you get the timing right.

Audi A8 – The Audi flagship sedan

If sedans are more of your thing, you should check out the brand new Audi A8 as it is a worthy competitor to the class-leading Mercedes S-Class. Indeed, the Audi does not offer the same panache as the S-Class, but some people prefer a more understated approach.

Space-wise, the A8 is more than plenty as these cars are commonly being used for transporting VIPs, world-leading politicians, royal families, and potentially even a dictator or two. The best thing about the A8 is that every little detail is thoroughly designed to make you feel both special and comfortable.

Luxury-wise, the A8 is indeed the most luxurious Audi sedan because it uses the best build materials and the newest VAG technology. You are able to pick through an abundance of engine options and the best Audi A8 is the Audi S8.

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The S8 offers a perfect balance between performance and luxury while also looking a lot better than the regular A8. All in all, the A8 is the very top echelon of Audi’s catalog which means that it is likely going to satisfy everyone.

How spacious are current Audi cars?

Throughout the years’ cars have become a lot bigger which means that even models like the A3 now offer a lot more space when compared to an A4 from only a decade ago. Not only do cars grow in size, yet they are also designed better which means that in-car ergonomics and overall space are larger even without a significant increase in overall wheelbase.

A perfect example of this is the Audi A3 sedan. I am 6’6’’ inches tall I am more than able to get comfortable in the A3 even without robbing the rear passenger space too much. This means that 4 adults can easily get comfortable in the A3.

Even though it is doable without too many sacrifices, an A8 or a Q7 both offer a lot more space than the A3. As such, if the A8 and the Q7 can’t satisfy your needs as far as space is concerned, there is no car out there besides Hummer SUVs that actually can.

FAQ Section

Which Audi offers the least amount of space?

The least spacious Audi model currently on sale is the A1 hatchback as it is designed to work in busy city streets rather than in VIP transportation. This does not mean that you will not be able to fit in the A1, rather the fact that you will not enjoy your time driving it.

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A compact car feels different to drive which is both a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing is that you will be able to park it without any issues, but the bad thing is that small cars simply don’t feel all that special nor luxurious, no matter the badge.

Which Audi is the best to be driven in?

The long-wheelbase Audi A8L is the best chauffeuring Audi experience you can buy. The A8L is designed for rear passengers only because it offers the ability of captain chair seating which can be fully reclined at just a press of a button.

This enables you to literally lay down flat while being driven in uttermost comfort and luxury. These cars are primarily being used for chauffeuring purposes anyway which means that hardly any owner out there drives an A8L himself.

Which Audi is the most comfortable?

Once again, it’s the A8, no matter if it’s the A8L or the short wheelbase model. It’s also worth mentioning that the Audi S8 offers a slightly sportier experience with low-profile tires and a stiffer suspension which means that you should skip it if you want the most comfortable ride.

However, almost every Audi model out there is comfortable enough for most people, including the A3. The A4 and the A5 are even more comfortable while the A6 and the A7 are almost as comfortable as the A8.

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