What’s the difference between AMG and regular Mercedes?

A Mercedes AMG is a sportier, more powerful, better-equipped version of the regular Mercedes models. An AMG model is usually significantly more expensive, but just the AMG package consists out of a bunch of upgrades to the styling and the powertrain that easily justifies the price.

Nowadays AMG serves as an in-house tuning department for Mercedes, but AMG first started as an independent engineering company specializing in making cars faster and more athletic. AMG cars also use higher-end materials such as carbon fiber for many interior and exterior parts.

AMG cars also offer lots of exclusive AMG options which can not be bought with regular Mercedes models such as special sport seats, Alcantara steering wheels, special four-wheel-drive systems, carbon-ceramic brakes, AMG exclusive exterior colors.

Price difference AMG vs ”regular” Mercedes

An AMG sports package can be equipped with many regular Mercedes models, but this package only consists out of a few cosmetic touches here and there, and maybe some suspension upgrades, but this is not enough if you want a full-on AMG experience.

For example, the 2021 Mercedes E450 sedan costs $62K and it offers a 3.0-litre inline 6 turbo with 362hp, and a 0-60 time of 4.9 seconds. These numbers are fairly fruity, and only a few individuals would want something almost twice as powerful as the E450.

For the ones that do, the 2021 E63 AMG S is the $107k sedan to buy. The E63 comes with a handcrafted 4.0-litre BiTurbo V8 that’s pushing out 603hp. The E63 is able to sprint 0-60 in an astonishing 3 seconds dead.

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The price difference between a regular Merc and an AMG is always fairly huge. A Mercedes GLE 580 costs around $79k, and the GLE 63 AMG S model costs $113k base price. Second-hand market prices are also way different between a regular and an AMG model.

Design, styling, equipment difference AMG vs ”regular” Mercedes

As mentioned previously, AMG models differ quite substantially from regular Mercedes models. And that is to be expected given the price differences between the two. But the AMG department does take its time when designing AMG variants, because many of the exterior panels are AMG specific, and would not fit a regular Mercedes.

AMG models get exclusive paint jobs, special body kits that are designed to offer better cooling and aerodynamic properties. They usually have wider openings for the air to pass through, and many additional vents that can not be found in more regular Mercedes models.

AMG models are also known for the extensive use of carbon fiber materials for many parts of the exterior and interior. Furthermore, AMGs are equipped with a ton of exclusive AMG options that can not be specified on a regular Mercedes model.

For example. The switchable 4MATIC+ four-wheel-drive system that can switch from two-wheel drive into four-wheel drive is not available on regular Mercedes models. Special AMG exhausts, seats, steering wheels, decoration materials, paints, suspension set-ups, wheels, decals can not be bought on non-AMG models.

Performance difference AMG vs ”regular” Mercedes

The biggest difference between AMG and non-AMG models is the performance, as some AMG models are sometimes even twice as powerful as a regular non-AMG variant. AMG vehicles are set-up for performance driving, and they do compromise on comfort to achieve an incredibly athletic driving experience.

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AMG models usually offer 350-720 horsepower depending on the model, and these numbers are hard to come by on non-AMG models. Some AMG’s are able to hit 200mph, sprint 0-60 in the 3 seconds region. Many of them are also considerably lighter compared to regular Mercedes models.

AMG’s are not made for driving comfort, as most of the AMG’s offer suspension set-ups that are fairly stiff even in comfort settings. Mercedes decided that the AMG department will prioritize performance, and performance only. Some of the ”lesser” AMG 35, AMG 45, AMG 53 models are a bit less compromised when it comes to comfort.

FAQ Section

Are AMG models more expensive to insure and maintain?

AMGs are more expensive to buy, maintain and insure compared to regular Mercedes models. AMG’s are considered riskier compared to regular Mercedes models because of the power outputs and the prioritization of performance over everything else.

AMG’s require special equipment for diagnosing, problem detection, and many of the systems in AMG’s are not compatible with regular Mercedes models, which further increases the maintenance prices of AMG models.

Which is better, Audi RS, BMW M, or AMG?

Audi RS Sport division and the BMW Motorsport (M) division are basically the same thing as AMG. All three of these offer in-house tuning treatments to regular Audi, BMW, and Mercedes models. BMWs are usually the ones that offer the raciest feeling of them all.

AMG’s are usually the hooligan’s cars as they offer amazing tire slaying capabilities. Audi RS models are somewhat chilled down, they are not as ”in your” face as AMG’s are, nor they are as racey as BMW’s M cars are. Audi’s are not as fun to drive, but they are more comfortable, more akin to regular Audi models.

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What is the best AMG engine of all time?

Many AMG models are famous for many reasons, but the engine is usually the shining star in any AMG vehicle. AMG engines are hand-built, and they offer the highest output per liter in almost all of the car industry, just like the engine found in the AMG A45, the 420 horsepower 2.0-litre 4-cylinder.

Choosing the best of the best is not easy, especially because AMG is in a longstanding partnership with Pagani, which consists out of providing V12 engines for the multi-million dollar hypercar company. Furthermore, Mercedes also works with Aston Martin for the very same reason.

But the best has got to be the 6.2-litre naturally aspirated V8 found in the C63 AMG BS, among many other models. The 6.2 had a rough start as many owners reported a bunch of different problems, but as time went by, Mercedes managed to resolve them, and this engine will forever be remembered as one of the greatest.

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