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2023 Ford Maverick Tremor Off-Road

Ford’s SUVs and trucks have always had a soft spot for off-roading, overlanding, and desert driving. This is because most customers love the feeling of a rugged SUV/truck, sometimes even more so than the ability of it to tackle off-road trails and challenging terrain. It also has to do with the fact that many people who buy these trucks/SUVs use them for working purposes which often include traversing difficult terrain.

Ford knows this which is why you can get most Ford SUVs/trucks in some form of an off-road package. Ford example, the Ford Bronco Raptor is the most expensive and most capable version of the evermore popular Bronco, yet it is almost entirely focused on off-roading prowess and desert driving. The Tremor package is similar, but isn’t nearly as cohesive as the Raptor package, so, what is the Ford Tremor package?

The Ford Tremor package is something you can find in trucks such as the new Ford Maverick, the F-150, the Ranger, and most of the trucks found in the Ford Super Duty series. The Tremor package includes a plethora of upgrades, all of which are tasked with making your truck more capable off-road while upping its ruggedness tenfold.

It is a package that most Ford customers love due to its looks, even though many don’t use these for off-roading but rather for daily driving purposes. All in all, the Tremor package is more than what meets the eye, so we will go in-depth about what the package actually entails.

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What is the Ford Tremor Package?

The Ford Tremor package represents one of Ford’s more sensible off-road optional packages for some of its vehicles. The Ford Tremor package includes stuff such as a one-inch increase in width, larger and way more rugged-looking 18-inch wheels, knobbly 33-inch off-road tires, and a few additional software packages which are sure to up your off-roading game a lot.

This package also comes with increased suspension travel for a better rock-crawling and high-speed off-roading experience. A beefier driveline hardware is also included while a selectable locking rear differential is also included. If you opt for the Tremor package, you can also upgrade it even further by going for a front Torsen limited-slip differential which makes the truck/SUV even more capable.

All of this also includes certain visual upgrades as well which means new colors, certain decals, and new trim materials.  

Which Software Features Does the Ford Tremor Package Come With?

Ford did its homework while developing the Tremor package by also including a few additional software features to make the entire package a lot more usable. These include a special Trail Control feature which works as an off-road adaptive cruise control and helps you drive over rougher surfaces by letting the car do all the accelerating and braking.

The Ford 1 Pedal Drive feature also finds its way into Tremor-equipped vehicles and it enables you to drive the car as if it was an electric vehicle. This means that you can only use the accelerator pedal to drive the car as the moment you take your foot off the accelerator, the car will start to brake.

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Lastly, the Trail Turn Assist feature helps you reduce your turning radius by applying brakes to the inner wheels which helps you rotate around your axis a lot easier. This makes a big difference when it comes to larger Ford trucks which have become so big that it is almost impossible to take them to most off-roading trails.

Is the Ford Tremor Package Worth it?

The Ford Tremor package isn’t cheap, but it is worthwhile if you do want to take your truck off-roading as it truly does make it more capable. If you just like the looks of the Tremor package, you are better off going through the aftermarket route and putting a series of decals, a lift kit, and a pair of good-looking wheels yourself.

On the other hand, having the Tremor package is going to make your truck more competitive in the 2nd hand market and is thus going to retain value better. So, even though the upfront costs for the Tremor package are not cheap, you can get some of your money back when it comes time to sell the truck.

FAQ Section

How Much Does the Ford Tremor Package Cost?

For the Ford Maverick, the Tremor package pushes the final price up by $3,000 while the “appearance” package available if you opt for the former will set you back an additional $1,500. However, the Tremor package on the Ford F150 costs as much as $13,455 extra on top of the normal price which does make it relatively close to the top-spec Raptor.

As such, it only makes sense to go for this package if you like the looks and you truly do want to use it for what it was meant to be used. This means that daily driving trucks don’t need huge lift kits, huge loud tires, and a whole load of decals as all of those just ruin the truck’s daily driving ability.

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Is the Ford Raptor Better than the Ford Tremor?

The Ford Raptor is the top daddy of all Ford off-road packages as Raptor trucks tend to have more powerful, completely different engines, and are remarkably different from normal trucks underneath the skin. Therefore, a Raptor-equipped truck is a few levels over a Tremor-equipped truck.

This also comes with a vast price increase, a Ford F150 Raptor costs $14,000 more than the Ford F150 Raptor, but most people who buy the Raptor are more than satisfied with what it offers.

What is the Difference Between Ford Tremor and Ford XLT?

The Ford XLT package is what Ford calls its luxury package which means that the XLT package simply means a normal Ford truck, but with added luxury features such as lots of chrome, power tailgate, privacy glass, lane-keep assist, carpets, silver wheels, heated and power-operated wing mirrors, fog lamps, and a bunch more.

The XLT package tends to cost around $7,000 to $8,000 more for the F150 which means that the entry-level XL model costs around $34,000, but the XLT costs $7,000 to $8,000 more.

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