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2023 Ford edge

The 2023 Ford Edge is mostly a carry-over model which means that there are no significant changes to it. Most sources state that entry-level Edge models will now come with better equipment from the factory, but that is mostly going to be it. This is likely due to the fact that Ford wants to focus on electric and hybrid SUVs more which means that this could very well be the last Ford Edge model ever.

The 2023 model is not likely to offer any changes to the powertrain which means that we can count on the already familiar V6 and 4-cylinder engines. The transmission also stays the same as is the case with the drivetrain as you can still go for either a FWD Ford Edge or an AWD Ford Edge for those wanting extra traction.

Design-wise, it is still not clear if the new Edge is going to change for the US market, but it did change for the Chinese market (Ford Equator). The driving experience is likely going to stay untouched which is no bad thing as the Edge drives really well. It may not be as dynamic as some other SUVs from this segment, but the Edge ST is poised enough.

Reliability is also going to stay mostly the same as in previous models which means that all potential issues are also likely to remain. There will not be any significant price increases if the Edge remains unchanged, but if Ford decides to change it, the price will go up.

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2023 Ford Edge – The Powertrain

The entry-level 2023 Ford Edge is going to feature a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine with 250hp and 275lb-ft of torque which is a decent number for the entry-level model. Fuel efficiency is rated at 28MPG on the highway and 21MPG in the city which gives us a total number of 23MPG combined.

If you want more torque and power, and you don’t care about the best fuel economy, you will have to upgrade to the 2.7L EcoBoost V6 engine found in many Ford models such as the Mustang. This engine offers 335hp and 380lb-ft of torque which is mated to Ford’s 7-speed transmission. MPG is rated at 19MPG in the city, 25MPG on the highway, and 21MPG combined.

The later model we are talking about is the “high-performance” ST model which is the true top-spec Ford Edge model you can buy. All in all, these two engines are sophisticated and powerful but could use a hybrid push.

2023 Ford Edge – Design and Driving

As mentioned in the beginning, Ford came out with the “Equator” for the Chinese market and many people were quick to think that that is going to be the new Edge. However, this was not confirmed by anyone so it’s still anyone’s guess if that is truly going to be the new Edge. It seems more like Ford is going to leave the 2023 Edge as it is and focus on EVs.

The interior is rather dated and could use a hefty refresh. Driving-wise, the ST model is exciting and fun to drive while the regular Edge drives like any other SUV from its segment. That is no bad thing at all as that means that the Edge is safe, comfortable, and relaxing.

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2023 Ford Edge – Reliability and Common Issues

The Ford Edge was known for having average reliability which isn’t something to be particularly proud of but is still better than many other cars from its segment. The most common Edge issues are associated with the transmission, the fuel delivery system, the A/C, the airbags, and various electrical issues throughout the car.

If you take proper care of the Ford Edge, it certainly is not going to leave you stranded. However, we will have to wait and see what Ford actually does with the 2023 Edge before we can make a proper assessment.

2023 Ford Edge – Value and Practicality

It is estimated that the new Ford Edge is going to start at $36,000 which is more or less the same as the previous model. Models with AWD will add an additional thousand or two on top of that while the top-spec ST model is likely going to cost closer to $50,000 or even more than that.

Practicality remains the same which means seating for up to seven and large trunk space. The Ford Edge is easy to see out of and has lots of family-friendly features throughout. All in all, it is a really practical Ford SUV perfect for family use.

 FAQ Section

Is the 2023 Ford Edge better than the 2022 Ford Edge?

As of right now, we can’t seem to find any differences between these two models which means that they are basically the same. As such, if you are able to find a slightly used 2022 model, go for it as you are going to save quite a few bucks that way.

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Instead, you can go for a brand-new Ford Edge that is going to cost a whole lot more money but is not going to offer you anything new or anything special. Sure, it feels nice to go ahead and buy a brand-new car and don’t have to worry about anything, but pre-owned certified programs are also a really good idea.

 When is the 2023 Ford Edge coming out?

You can pre-order the 2023 Ford Edge right now, but you are not likely going to see it before the very end of this year, possibly at the beginning of the next one. Ford isn’t overly fussed about the new Edge, at least it seems that way, especially because the current Ford Edge is actually selling decently well.

Is Ford going to discontinue the Ford Edge?

Lately, it seems more and more obvious that Ford is going to discontinue the Ford Edge now or in a year or so in order to focus on its electric lineup. The Edge is likely going to be replaced by a model slightly larger than the Mustang Mach-E in the coming few years.

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