Is Ford F-150 Lightning a good car?

Is Ford F-150 Lightning a good car?

In the world of pickup trucks, diesel is still a really popular option. Most truck owners use their trucks for work purposes and diesel fuel enables them higher torque numbers which ultimately mean more pulling power and more fuel efficiency. Most people believe truck owners are old-fashioned and that they are not going to be all that interested in an electric truck.

However, when the Ford F150 Lightning was first introduced, it took the world by storm as even Ford didn’t think that the car will be as popular as it is. The Ford F150 Lightning takes the F150 which is the best-selling car in the US and pairs it with an electric powertrain. So, is Ford F-150 Lightning a good car?

Yes, the Ford F150 Lightning is likely one of the best F150 models of all time because it is incredibly practical, it handles great, it has a fully independent rear suspension, and has the best technology out of all F150s yet. It also has some never-seen-before features which further solidify the F150 Lightning as the best F150 model yet.

The F150 Lightning also gets a high-end powertrain, interesting design upgrades, and an additional front trunk. It’s still too early to tell how reliable the F150 Lightning is, but there are some problems we ought to talk about. Value is decent, especially if you take advantage of the $7,500 government tax credit.

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 Ford F150 Lightning – The powertrain

The Ford F150 Lightning comes in four different trim levels with two different battery sizes. The entry-level battery measures an impressive 98kWh with 426hp and 775lb-ft of torque. The larger extended range battery package gets you a 131kWh battery with 563hp and 775lb-ft of torque. All F150 Lightning models are AWD with their electric motors being mounted on the front and back axles.

The standard non-extended range F150 is able to last about 230 miles while those with the extended battery package should be able to last around 300 miles. The F150 Lightning can also be charged via a fast DC charger. 10 minutes through a 150Kw gets you 41 miles on the standard range model and 54 miles on the extended-range model.

It takes around 40 minutes to charge the entire battery from 15%-80% with the fast DC charger while slow charging takes about 10 hours. The F150 Lightning can tow between 7,000 and 10,000 pounds and has a maximum payload of 1,800 and 2,000 pounds.

Ford F150 Lightning – Design and chassis

The Ford F150 Lightning gets quite a few styling upgrades compared to the regular F150 that distinguish the two immediately. The F150 Lightning gets a unique lightning signature thanks to a full-length frontal and rear lightbar design, and a set of cool-looking wheels to name a few. The interior gets a massive central front screen and the gauge cluster has also been upgraded.

Where the F150 Lightning differs the most from the regular F150 is the driving experience because it offers an incredibly well-balanced chassis and near on perfect weight distribution. If you add that with a considerably lower center of gravity, the F150 Lightning feels much more engaging to drive than even the range-topping F150 Raptor.

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Ford F150 Lightning – Reliability and common issues

It is still too early to tell how well the F150 Lightning is going to cope with the stresses of a work truck, but there are some issues about the F150 Lightning that need to be said. First of all, Ford was surprised as to how many people placed their reservations for the F150 that they decided to invest an additional $580 million to double the production number.

This means that the interest for the F150 is huge which inevitably means mark-up prices and long waiting lists. Another problem is the fact that you can’t get the extended battery package on the entry-level Pro model unless you buy the F150 PRO as part of a fleet.

Ford F150 Lightning – Value and practicality

The Ford F150 PRO Lightning costs around $40,000, the XLT F150 Lightning costs $53,000, the Lariat F150 Lightning costs $56,000 and the range-topping F150 Lightning Platinum costs $90,000. As such, the entry-level Pro model seems the most logical choice, but if you want it all, it is going to cost you as much as two entry-level F150 Lightnings.

Practicality is where the F150 Lightning exceeds all expectations because it offers a huge amount of storage space both front and back. It also gets the special reverse charging feature which enables it to power an entire house for a few days.

FAQ Section

 Is the Ford F50 Lightning worth it?

It depends on who is answering this question. If you are someone who loves pickup trucks and you are interested in eventually making a transition towards electric energy for your car, the F150 is basically the very best option you can go for. The Rivian SUV also comes in a truck configuration, yet it costs a lot more than the F150.

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On the other hand, if you are someone who does not care about pickup trucks anyway, you are better off without the F150. There are many great EV options out there right now and the F150 Lightning is actually one of them. It is an interesting and promising prospect that is likely going to be a success.

How fast is the Ford F150 Lightning?

The Ford F150 Lightning is definitely fast, especially for a pickup truck. Almost all journalists who have been behind the wheel of the F150 Lightning have said that the car is not lacking any power whatsoever. 0-60mph lasts just 4 seconds which is an incredible feat for a pickup truck.

The F150 Lightning can also reach a quarter-mile in about 12.7 seconds which is impressive to say the least. The top speed is limited to 110mph which does not seem all that fast, but there is no need to go any faster than that anyway.

Is the Ford F150 Lightning on sale?

Yes, the F150 Lightning is firmly on the market at this point but due to high demand, there are various hiccups such as unavailability of certain options and trim levels. Be sure to ask your dealer about an allocation as that is the fastest and least painful way how you can buy yourself an F150 Lightning.

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