What is the best SUV for high mileage driving?

A great long-distance SUV has to be comfortable, spacious, and relatively fuel-efficient. As such, you should investigate as much as possible before you opt for a certain model. Many SUVs these days also offer an abundance of driver assistance systems that are designed to take the stress out of boring journeys.

That being said, the Audi Q7 seems to be the perfect SUV for the job because it offers lots of space, lots of comforts, and lots of technology while still being relatively fuel-efficient. The Volvo XC90 is also a great option for the very same reasons.

If you are planning on taking your entire family on a long road trip, the Mercedes Benz GLS or the Lincoln Navigator are both great options. If you are not into spending big money on an SUV, the Ford Expedition or the Kia Telluride should also meet your expectations.

Whichever SUV you end up buying, it’s essential that you know how to use all of the driver assistance systems available. To do so, the car’s infotainment system should be intuitive and easy to use, and that’s exactly what these SUVs are about.

Audi Q7

For decades and running, the Audi Q7 has been a true family car that can do both city driving, highway driving, and even off-roading if necessary. This makes the Q7 a great platform for everyone who wants a do-everything in one package type of car.

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Besides being a great all-arounder, the Q7 offers efficient, reliable, and sophisticated engines which are inaudible at highway speeds. The infotainment system is up-to-date and easy to use and the comfort levels are impressive. Space is also generous, especially because you have the ability to opt for a 7-seater version.

Volvo XC90

In many regards, the Q7 and the XC90 are designed to cater to the same type of customer. They are both sleek and understated while still being superior to many other more affordable mid to full-size SUVs.

Even though they share the same ethos, the XC90 takes a slightly different approach because this Swedish SUV is incredibly minimal when it comes to design. Interior-wise, the technology is also up to date but it lacks a few touches which separate it from the Q7. Besides that, both of these SUVs are great for long-distance driving.

Mercedes GLS

If you are a true family man, and you love taking your entire family and the dog on long road trips, you need a car that is large, safe, and comfortable, and the Mercedes GLC-Class is exactly that. Spanning 17ft long, the GLS has enough space for everything you’d ever want.

Besides being spacious, the GLS is also fuel-efficient considering the size and it offers industry-leading amounts of technology. Comfort is great as with every large Mercedes and the reliability is also fairly decent. The infotainment system offers lots of features while still being intuitive and easy to use.

Lincoln Navigator

A few years ago, we’d never list a Lincoln SUV in the same context as a Mercedes SUV flagship. However, the recent Lincoln models are a breath of fresh air to the executive premium segment because they look amazing and they offer basically the same levels of comfort and luxury as any other SUV on this list.

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That being said, the Lincoln Navigator is the Lincoln SUV flagship, and if you opt for the Black Label specification, you are virtually getting every possible luxury feature you’d want. The infotainment system is not as advanced as the ones found in other SUVs on this list, but comfort and luxury certainly are.

Ford Expedition

Since the inception of the large American SUV, the Ford Expedition has rarely ceased to deliver. Considered as the ‘’affordable large-SUV’’ benchmark, the Expedition manages to offer a lot of stuff for not that much money.

The Expedition is indeed unable to rival the Mercedes large GLS, but what it does rival is the necessity of a Mercedes GLS. The Expedition is huge inside and out, safe, and relatively efficient considering the size.

Kia Telluride

As stated previously, the Lincoln Navigator is a breath of fresh air to the premium segment in the same way that the Kia Telluride is a breath of fresh air to the more affordable segment. With a clever market approach and a confident exterior design, the Kia Telluride seems to have ruffled a few feathers.

Interior space is vast, the whole experience feels more expensive than it is, and the reliability also seems to hold up nicely. However, after you’ve spent some time driving the Telluride, you realize that it’s certainly not the same level as some more expensive SUVs, so be sure to test your options out before buying.

FAQ Section

Are sedans better for long-distance driving?

It is true that sedans are indeed more efficient when it comes to long-distance driving because they offer less weight and a more aerodynamic profile. However, the differences are not as obvious as some might have suggested them to be.

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As such, if you want an SUV because you simply love SUVs, be sure to opt for an SUV because the difference is rather relative.

Should I buy a hybrid SUV for long-distance driving?

When you take a closer look at many hybrid SUVs, you’d think that buying a regular combustion engine SUV is not a good idea. However, hybrids don’t do that well when it comes to highway driving because they have to rely on the combustion engine more.

That being said, it’s best if you opt for a diesel car because a diesel car offers the most efficient driving experience in a highway driving context.

Should I rely on automated cruise control while driving on a highway?

Automated cruise control is a system designed to take the stress out of long and boring journeys. Essentially, all you have to do is press a few buttons and the car should drive itself, but this can sometimes be dangerous and you should not completely rely on these systems.

Even though they do help to take the strain out of long journeys, they can also sometimes be the very reason why a journey becomes stressful or even tragic. As such, always keep a sentient eye while driving with these systems activated.

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