Best car for new parents

If you are expecting a child, there are lots of important decisions waiting to be made. One of which is definitely choosing the perfect car. Such a car needs to be safe above anything else, but it also needs to be spacious, quiet, comfortable, and with lots of storage spaces.

As far as specific car segments are concerned, a hatchback/crossover is the most popular car choice for new parents. The reason behind this is simple as these cars offer lots of space, value, comfort, and family-friendly features such as wide opening doors and Isofix Anker points.

One of the most popular family brands is Volvo, and the Volvo XC SUV range has always been a perfect choice for younger families. Between the Volvo SUVs, the XC60 strikes a perfect balance between size and space. If you want a cheaper alternative, go for the Kia Sportage.

If you love estate cars, the Audi A4 Avant is a great choice for younger families thanks to a lovely design and serene driving experience. If you want a cheaper alternative, go for the Ford Focus Estate. As far as hatchbacks are concerned, a VW Golf has always been a perfect family car.

Volvo XC60

The Volvo XC60 sits in between the larger XC90 and the smaller XC40 SUVs, and between the three, it seems like the XC60 is the perfect middle ground. Safety-wise, you can’t go wrong with a Volvo, after all, these guys were the ones that invented the three-point seatbelt in the first place.

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Besides the safety aspect, the XC60 manages to offer a contemporary design inside and out with lots of plush materials and superior build quality. Technology-wise, the XC60 can be equipped with pretty much everything you’d expect from a modern-day luxury SUV.

Kia Sportage

An SUV like the XC60 costs a lot of money, and it is not a good financial decision to spend so much money on a depreciating asset, especially so if you are only starting as a family. You might just be better off buying the Kia Sportage. Even though it does cost considerably less, the Sportage is a well-thought-through SUV.

One of the main reasons why so many families opt for the Kia Sportage is due to superior reliability. If you pair that reliability with a 7-year long Kia warranty package, your money stays in your pocket. Besides the value and reliability, the Sportage is amply spacious and safe as well.

Audi A4 Avant

There is no other car segment that screams ‘’family car’’ as much as the estate/station wagon segment does. Gone are the days of estate cars being boring and lifeless, if you don’t believe it, check out the Audi A4 Avant. Audi loves station wagons. This is fairly obvious the moment you lay your eyes on the Audi RS flagship, the Audi RS6

That being said, the A4 Avant packs all the necessary features you’d ever want from a family car. Huge trunk space, smooth ride, comfortable seats with easily accessible Isofix Anker points, quiet interior, and lots of safety and comfort features.

Ford Focus Estate

If the Audi is a bit too pricy for you, the latest Ford Focus Estate is also a great option. The Focus might even be more fitting for a younger family as it offers interior panels that are easier to keep clean. This is extremely important if you are planning to spend lots of time driving with your new family.

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Practicality-wise, the Focus also offers a sizeable trunk space that is easily accessible and it holds a pair of child buggies without any issues. The interior is quiet, well thought after, and easy to maintain. Reliability-wise, the Focus is also above average.

VW Golf

If you prefer a hatchback, the VW Golf might as well be the best hatchback of all time, at least in Europe. The new Mk8 Golf generation has received mixed reviews, but if you don’t like the 8th generation, you should just opt for a used Mk7 generation Golf as it offers comparable features anyway.

The Mk7 generation Golf is competitively priced right now, and you can get a 3-year-old barely used example with lots of equipment for a really tempting price. The Golf offers lots of space, easy access, great visibility, and decent dependability. It also is incredibly easy to drive and maintain as there are loads of spare parts everywhere.

FAQ Section

Which in-car features are essential for kids?

When buying a family car, and especially so if you are a young parent, there are a few specific features you should go for. One of which is the rear window shade option which should protect your children from the sun in the summery months.

Sizeable cup holders are also fairly essential to keep your car clean on longer journeys. If your kids are a bit older, USB charging ports are also good to have. Rear seat AC is a must and so are the child safety locks for the doors and the windows.

What are the worst cars for new parents?

If you are a new parent, a supercar is not a good idea as it limits you with the interior space primarily, and the noise levels a supercar usually emits are way too intense for a child. Besides these, a supercar is almost always way too stiff and uncomfortable and it attracts way too much unwanted attention.

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Subcompact cars that lack the essential safety features should also be avoided for obvious reasons. You should also avoid buying convertibles, or at least, don’t drive with the roof down while having small children inside the car.

Should I buy a used or a new car if I am starting a family?

Starting a family costs money, so it is always a better idea to be sensible with your car purchase prices and allocate more money towards more meaningful things that should make your family’s life easier. As such, buying a used car is the way the go.

Be sure not to skimp on essential features though, and don’t buy cars that are way too old or they lack sufficient comfort and safety features. Whatever you do end up buying, drive safe, and enjoy the family life.

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