What vehicle has the quietest cabin?

Having a quiet cabin is rather important when it comes to a luxury automobile as it takes the stress out from everyday commuting and it keeps you fresh after a couple of hours on the road. Many newer luxury models are quiet, but some of them are certainly quieter than others.

Probably the quietest car out there is the Rolls Royce Phantom as this luxury Rolls flagship is the epitome of post-opulent luxury and can only be compared to other Rolls Royce models. These cars are indeed on a whole different level when it comes to luxury, and they should be considering the price tag.

Besides the mighty Rolls, the Tesla Model S is likely the quietest EV out there, but the Taycan and the Audi E-Tron GT are also extremely quiet. The Audi A8, Mercedes Benz S-Class, and the BMW 7-series also offer a superiorly quiet driving experience.

If you want the quietest SUV out there, the Rolls Royce Cullinan is the one to get. Besides the Cullinan, the Bentley Benteyga, Audi Q7, BMW X7, Mercedes Benz GLS, and the Lincoln Navigator are the ones to consider.


If you want a quiet cabin, noisy engines are not an option. Lots of newer cars offer sophisticated engines with active engine mounts that suppress unwanted engine vibrations penetrating the cabin. This is essential in providing the occupants with a quiet, distanced experience.

And absolutely no one does it better than Rolls Royce. All modern Rolls Royce models use twin-turbocharged V12 engines that are specifically designed to be quiet and as smooth as possible. These V12 engines offer ample torque low down so you never have to rev the engine out.

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While stationary, the V12 is completely silent and you’d be forgiven to think that the car is actually powered by an electric engine. Loads of sound deadening around the engine completely isolate the engine and the only way to hear the engine is to rev it out which is not common for Rolls Royce owners.

In general, if you want a quiet cabin, you should opt for a petrol engine and not a diesel, but there are a couple of diesel engines that do offer comparable levels of quietness, such as the 3.0L diesel engine found in the Audi Q7.

Sound deadening

Sound deadening is the process of quieting down the car’s cabin. This enables the driver to feel relaxed for longer and it also benefits the sound system and is extremely important when negating wind noise on high-speed highway driving.

And the Rolls Royce Ghost is the sound deadening champ as it carries more than 220 pounds worth of sound deadening material which is an undoubted record for the entire car industry. While there is no way to confirm this but your everyday regular car carries around half the amount of sound-deadening materials.

The effects of deadening are not only aimed to suppress noise but to also improve the sound system quality as it greatly reduces the outside noise and puts a further emphasis on the sound itself. Most cars are covering about 50% of the interior metal with sound deadening material at a minimum, but others like RR take a step further.

It’s worth mentioning that while the new Rolls Royce Ghost was in development, the mad scientist RR engineers were able to completely isolate the driver from the outside, but the effects were disorienting and way too much vacuum-like so Rolls decided to make the cabin a little bit noisier.

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Additional noise suppression

Besides sound deadening and quit engines, there are many different ways one can quiet down the in-cabin experience. Many brands are well known to use double glazed windows and quietened exhaust pipes that significantly reduce the amount of wind noise at higher speeds.

Furthermore, some brands like Audi equip some of their models with a technology called active noise cancellation which basically reads constant frequencies from the outside that protrude into the interior so the car emits certain frequencies that cancel out those outside frequencies.

Rolls Royce is also known to put foam pads into the car’s tires so the high-speed tire noise could be kept at a minimum. Moreover, cars are becoming more and more aerodynamic as aerodynamics play a huge role in how loud a car can be.

This is especially obvious if you compare a Mercedes Benz G-Class to a more streamlined SUV like the Range Rover Velar. The levels of wind noise from the front windscreen are leagues apart between these two luxury SUVs.

FAQ Section

Can I increase my car’s sound isolation?

If you think that your car is too loud, or you just want the quietest possible experience, you can increase your car’s sound isolation in many different ways. There are companies out there that specialize in providing aftermarket sound deadening installation.

These companies usually put sound deadening in the noisiest areas such as the wheel well, cargo liners, or the underside of the car. You should also avoid wide low profile tires and be aware of the fact that winter tires emit considerably louder tire noises.

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Do I need additional sound isolation?

It depends on the car you are driving and the type of driving you regularly do. If you own a luxury sedan that already has increased levels of sound deadening then there is no need for any aftermarket trickery. If you usually travel longer distances, however, and you do wish to increase the sound isolation, go ahead and consult with a professional.

Having too much sound isolation is a double-edged sword. While it does make the experience a lot more enjoyable and calm, it also increases the chance of drowsiness and it significantly isolates you from all the dangers from the outside world.

Are EVs quieter than regular internal combustion engine cars?

It’s unclear if EVs are any quieter compared to a regular internal combustion engine (ICE) car, but the lack of engine noise certainly lowers the noise levels at lower speeds. But on the other hand, the lack of engine noise at higher speeds kinda makes the car noisier.

It’s also worth mentioning that EVs are usually way more aerodynamic compared to ICE cars which also helps with noise reduction. One thing is clear though, no car is as quiet and serene as a Rolls Royce.

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