Best car for someone who doesn’t drive a lot

Not driving your car often results in many unwanted consequences such as battery depletion, loss of tire pressure, your fluids and oils go stale or your seals tend to dry up. If you park your car outside, bird poop or tree sap can even damage the paint of your car.

As such, you are better of buying an affordable used car that is reliable and easy to maintain. If you only plan on driving shorter city routes, buying a hatchback or a compact sedan is a good idea. If you are only driving for extended periods, buying a larger, more comfortable car is also a good idea.

That being said, a used Honda Civic, Hyundai Sonata, Nissan Altima, Toyota Prius are all good options because they are reliable, safe, and easy to maintain. If you want a more luxurious car for longer journeys, a used 2011 Lexus LS is a great choice.

Be sure to avoid cars that are too needy and are hard to maintain. It’s always the best idea to just buy a regular car that does not attract too much attention if you are leaving it street parked for extended periods.

Honda Civic

Throughout modern history, the Honda Civic has always been at the very top of the ‘’best-used car’’ lists thanks to its affordability, dependability, and easy maintenance. The Civic is available as a sporty coupe, a 4-door sedan, or a 5-hatchback, all of which are equally popular and easy to maintain.

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The Civic is highly regarded as one of the most bulletproof cars on the market, and this is especially important if you are planning to not use it too often. If something goes wrong there are loads of parts readily available and almost every reputable mechanic out there has had decent experience working on a Civic.

Hyundai Sonata

Since 1985 Hyundai managed to sell a ton of Sonata models, and in 2018 alone Hyundai shifted more than 100k units of the Sonata. The very first models were a bit questionable, but ever since then, the Sonata proved to be a truly dependable automobile.

Besides superior reliability, the Sonata also offers strong residual value, easy maintenance, and an abundance of spare parts. The highlight of the entire Sonata model family tree is the 2016 model which is one of the most popular used Sonata models on sale today.

Nissan Altima

Besides the Hyundai Sonata, the Nissan Altima has also managed to prove itself as one of the most popular used sedans out there thanks to attractive looks, equally dependable platform, and an affordable used entry price.

Any Altima model after 2013 is reliable and incredibly cheap to run. But if you opt for a newer 2018 model you are also going to benefit from lots of safety and assistance technologies such as collision warning or automatic braking systems.

Toyota Prius

Even though the Hyundai Sonata, Honda Civic, and the Nissan Altima are all reliable and cheap, there truly is no better used value option out there than the legendary Toyota Prius. The Prius was introduced back in 2000, it’s not a bad car per se, but it is way too slow and too small for the 21st century.

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The second-generation 2004-2009 models are a huge upgrade when compared to the 1st model, but the second-gen Pirus is not all that comfortable or well equipped. The 2010 model year is the one most plagued with issues and 2013, 2014, and 2015 models being the most dependable newer Prius models.

Lexus LS

In theory, Lexus seems like one of the best car brands money can buy thanks to superior reliability and lots of luxury. Most luxury car brands are prone to issues due to complex vehicle architecture, but it seems that Lexus has managed to combine luxury, technology, and reliability, and the Lexus LS does it best.

It might be a bit old, but it is a luxury car, which means that there are loads of sophisticated luxury features available. The best thing about the Lexus LS is undoubtedly the price because a 2011 LS sedan starts around $14k. If you want a brand-new LS, you are looking at a $75k bill.

FAQ Section

What is the worst car for someone who does not drive a lot?

The worst type of car for someone who does not drive a lot is definitely a supercar. Even though supercars do benefit from low mileage, they are prone to serious issues if not driven regularly. Such cars can’t just be parked and left unattended for any long periods of time, otherwise, they will malfunction.

The most common problems undriven supercars experience are primarily associated with the battery. And some manufacturers such as McLaren use special compact batteries that cost a fortune to replace. Besides supercars, you should also avoid newer cars that suffer hefty depreciation.

Is not driving your car often a bad thing to do?

Cars are made to be driven, and as such, not driving your car is a bad idea. If you don’t lubricate all of your vital car components regularly, lots of deposits can settle and cause corrosion and many other issues. Battery issues, tire issues, ants, and many other problems usually plague undriven cars.

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There are ways one can keep a car parked most of the time without the car experiencing any issues. You ought to trickle charge the battery and start the car from time to time. You should either buy a set of dedicated tire cushions or drive the car around to avoid the effects of flat tire spots.

How often should a car be driven?

It’s always best to drive your car regularly, but if you are not able to do that, make sure you start the car up every two weeks or so. If you don’t, you are likely going to experience lots of stress associated with unnecessary car repair bills.

Starting your car up from time to time is essential if you want your car to be readily available when you do actually need it to be. When you do decide to start the car up, you should leave the car running for at least 15 minutes or so, and pay close attention to any warning lights on the dashboard.

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