What is the best Mercedes Benz for a woman?

what is the best mercedes benz for a woman

It comes as no surprise that women and men offer different perspectives on many things, including their taste in cars. There are many stereotypes about men preferring flashy sports cars, compared to women preferring practical and reliable cars. But is there any truth to this? What makes a car good for a woman in particular?

Mercedes is a brand that oozes prestige and loyal brand affection, no matter the driver’s gender. Mercedes tends to be more a popular brand with men, according to sale data, but there are plenty of women buying them too. So, let’s take a look at the amenities and features women tend to prioritize over their male counterparts.


Today’s car industry is slowly moving away from sedans in favor of SUVs and crossovers. And women do love SUVs. SUVs offer more safety and comfort features and a more commanding driving position compared to sedans and hatchbacks.

As far as Mercedes cars are concerned, women absolutely love the G-class, and for a good reason. The G-class is one of the most capable SUVs on the market. Its boxy shape is rather iconic, and the latest G-class irons our all the issues previous G-class models were known for.

It is rather pricey, but it seems the G-class never really suffers from severe depreciation. It is often the case that the demand for G-wagons is greater than the supply, so they tend to be sold with a significant mark up early in their lifespan. This also affects the rather mild depreciation compared to other Benzes.

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Modern-day Mercedes SUVs are rather tempting, no matter the segment. Gone are the days when SUVs were just sport utilitarian vehicles, nowadays they are a lot more. And Mercedes listens to its customers and carefully follows the trends in the car industry, which is showing in the car sales spreadsheets.

Hatchbacks and sedans

According to multiple car preference studies, women prefer hatchbacks and SUVs, whereas men prefer sedans. It is rather absurd to say that specific models are made with women or men in mind; nonetheless, studies tend to show a specific attraction depending on gender.

The Mercedes A-class is the entry-level hatchback. In the late 2000s and early 2010s, it was a rather disliked car, offering strange design decisions which even impacted the safety of the car.  But the third generation from 2013 changed it up, making the A-class more like the successful A3 from Audi, and the car has been growing in popularity ever since, also among women.

The A-class and the GLA which is the crossover variant of the A-class are fairly popular with women. And for a good reason, because they are great for city driving and being more compact than the G-class, while still offering great comfort for longer trips as well. They are also fairly fuel-efficient, safe, and offer great practicality.

What will the car be used for?

It may seem that women have an acquired taste towards SUVs and hatchbacks, but the specific needs of a buyer should always transcend the design appeal of a specific model.

For example, if you live in a busy crowded city, you should consider gas-powered more compact Mercedes cars, like the previously mentioned A- and GLA class. The G-class offers great visibility all around, but it’s a rather huge automobile that doesn’t necessarily lead in practicality when it comes to cabin and trunk space.

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That being said, the answer to the question should be about what you need your car for. It’s not about you being a man or a woman. If you do long-distance motorway cruising trips, you should opt for a diesel-powered sedan if you prioritize comfort and fuel efficiency, which is true for both men and women.

What features do women look for in a car?

Car manufactures tend to offer a large variety of different features and amenities these days, all of which are a direct result of countless hours of R&D that are poured into the manufacturing process.

While men and women overlap on most things when it comes to cars, some specifics do tend to be more appealing to women. Women love cars that are clean and well kept, smell nice, and all-around well taken care of. Furthermore, several studies have shown that women care for the environment more than men do.

Women are also prone to consider smaller cars, compared to men. It’s not necessarily about the size, it’s more about practicality, value, design, and comfort. Convenience is also a major part of stressless car ownership, and the same goes for safety.

Additional FAQs

Do women like supercars?

Not necessarily. Supercars tend to be showy and are associated with bad driving manners. Even though that’s mostly a stereotype, driving a low-slung rocket ship attracts a lot of attention, and it’s easily the type of attention one does not want.

Supercars are a more popular purchase for men, according to sales stats. A car enthusiast might appreciate the loud exhaust, but most women consider it a deterrent. Supercars are also fairly difficult to get into and offer subpar comfort and relaxation amenities.

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Additionally, supercars are stiff, extremely fuel-inefficient, mostly 2 seaters suited for paved roads. They are severely compromised in the daily driver segment. So, if they are not a car enthusiast or a badge enthusiast, most women dislike supercars.

Are the differences between men and women when it comes to cars even worth mentioning?

Yes, and no. Opinions mostly overlap, but the car market is a vast playing field, selling 60-80 million cars per year. So, in such a huge market, little differences do matter. Manufacturers consider consumer input when it comes to developing newer models.

It is mostly the case that the automotive industry keeps progressing and offering features that appeal to both men and women alike. However, there were some specific models in the past that were made specifically with women in mind.

For example, the Dodge La Femme, which was a bizarre attempt to market a model as specifically a “woman’s car.” Honda and other brands tried to do the same, but all of them failed. Some would argue that the Volkswagen Beetle is a woman’s car, but it’s more of a social construct than anything else.

Car manufacturers realized that generally men and women share a similar taste when it comes to cars, and they continue developing without a specific gender agenda, and this seems to be the right choice.

what is the best mercedes benz for a woman

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