What is the best luxury car modification company

What is the best luxury car modification company

Being the best at anything requires dedication, skill, and determination. In the world of automotive tuning companies, being the best also requires recognition, high-level branding, exclusivity, and most importantly, great products.

Brabus is certainly one of those companies as it continuously manages to deliver high-end cars with extensive performance and styling upgrades. On the other side of the spectrum, Gemballa is a high-end aftermarket tuner mostly known for tuning cars such as the Ferrari Enzo or the Porsche Carrera GT.

Mansory could also very well be one of the world’s best tuning while it certainly is the world’s most controversial tuning company. Mansory is also known for luxury cars and supercars, but Mansory also dares to tune some of the world’s most expensive and most limited multi-million-dollar hypercars.

RUF is a legendary Porsche tuner, probably even more iconic than Gemballa, especially when you consider works of art such as the 911 Yellowbird. Finally, Hennessey also needs to be part of this group because they once held the record for the world’s fastest car.


It’s hard to argue that Brabus is not the best and most famous tuning company in the world because they constantly make high-end, uber-powerful sedans and SUVs that tick all the boxes. From 900hp AMG GTs to monstrous 6×6 Mercedes Benz G-Classes, Brabus is not afraid to do what they want to do because everything they do sells like hotcakes.

The best Brabus creations are the Black Baron, the M V12, the E V12, the 3.6 S Lightweight, the Brabus Rocket, and a plethora of Brabus G-Class modifications. Brabus nails it both in the performance department and the looks department, and that is why they are as successful as they are.

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Gemballa is completely different than Brabus because Gemballa is a tuning company synonymous with speed and track performance. The best Gemballa creations are the Gemballa Enzo and the even crazier Porsche Gemballa Mirage GT. These two are now multi-million dollar cars that collectors love more than their wives.

The 700hp Ferrari Enzo kit is also known as the MIG-U1 and it does not come with just a body kit and a small engine tune. The MIG-U1 is lower and stiffer and it performs better than the Enzo does in every way. The body kit looks sick, but it does not only serve a design purpose, yet it rather maximizes Enzo’s slippery body shape to aid with handling and cornering.


Deciding the world’s best tuning company is difficult, some might even say that it is impossible. However, choosing the world’s most controversial tuning company is easy because that honor goes to Mansory. Mansory is mostly known for its outlandish styling packages for some of the world’s most expensive cars such as the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

The Mansory Veyron is completely made in bare carbon fiber, gold wheels, and even a slight power increase. The “greatest” Mansory creates are the aforementioned Veyron, the Lamborghini Aventador Carbonado, and the equally mental Mercedes G-Class 6×6 Gronos.


When it comes to legacy, style, and a cult following, RUF does it like no other tuning company out there. RUF was intended to thoroughly tune Porsche cars for a long time by doing it straight after the car reaches its “body-in-white” phase of production. This means that the Porsche chassis of the car exists, but everything else is done with RUF parts.

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RUF is primarily known for its 911 CTR creations because the very first CTR Yellowbird even broke the world’s record for the fastest car out there. After all, it reached an astounding 213mph in 1987. RUF is also known for its CTR3, and the crazy CTR3 Clubsport.


To top this list, we also need to mention Hennessey, a USA-based tuning company typically doing American muscle cars and trucks. However, Hennessey is also known for its work tuning high-end supercars such as Ferrari and McLaren. Hennessey cars often reach 1000hp while the Hennessey Jeep Trackhawk is by far the world’s most powerful SUV because it offers an eye-watering 1200hp which is the same as the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

The best Hennessey creations are the Venom GT, the Venom F5, and The Exorcist. The Venom GT also holds the world’s record for being the fastest road car ever to be created. This was done thanks to the GT reaching 265.7mph and taking the crown away from the Bugatti Veyron.

FAQ Section

What are the worst car tuning trends?

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but pretty much every beholder out there is going to agree that 34-inch wheels on a Dodge Challenger are not bad-looking, but it also ruins the whole point of having a car. These create massive problems with the car’s efficiency, safety, and maneuverability.

“Ricing” a car up is a well-known phenomenon in which people are simply not aware of when to stop modifying the car until the car starts looking like a cheap toy. Finally, the worst modification you can do to a car is to equip it with Lamborghini doors. Seeing a VW Golf, a Civic, or a Toyota with Lamborghini doors is as silly as it gets.

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Why don’t people like Mansory?

People don’t like Mansory because Mansory is simply over the top. They are known to completely change the visual identity of a car by over-styling it to the maximum. Mansory is the perfect company for you if your primarily and rather sole goal is to be noticed.

If you love clean design and seamless executions, Mansory is definitely not for you. The reality is that most people are aware that a bright red Ferrari does not need 17 spoilers to look great, but an average Mansory customer thinks otherwise.

Which tuning companies are most like Brabus?

Brabus is mostly known for tuning Mercedes cars, but Alpina and ABT are more or less what Brabus is, but to BMW and Audi. This means that they also take BMW and Audi family sedans and SUVs, increase the power, add a few design touches, and slightly revise the car to look either classier, or meaner.

This means that ABT and Alpina have their own visual identity which can be identified from a mile away if you know what to look for of course.

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