What is the best luxury SUV for seniors?

Lots of people out there like to feel accomplished, and what better to do so than to buy a luxury SUV for retirement. After all, we ought to enjoy ourselves from time to time, and if you love cars especially, buying a luxury 4×4 is certainly a treat.

And there are numerous options to consider out there. If you want a smaller luxury SUV, the Porsche Macan, Audi Q5, BMW X3, Range Rover Velar, or the Mercedes Benz GLC are all amazing options. You can also opt for a smaller coupe SUV version if you prefer such a thing.

If you are more into mid-size SUVs, the Mercedes Benz GLE, BMW X5, Range Rover Sport, Volvo XC90, Audi Q7, or the Porsche Cayenne are executive options to choose from. If you want the very top end, the Lamborgini Urus, Bentley Benteyga, or the Rolls Royce Cullinan are the ones to consider.

Full-size 7-seater SUVs are more family-oriented, but some enjoy driving a huge SUV even by themselves. And the BMW X7, Range Rover Vogue, or the Mercedes Benz GLS are the most popular options out there.

 Best luxury compact SUV for seniors

Compact SUVs are on a roll right now. Every brand out there primarily focuses on compact SUV EVs because they know that the compact SUV is the most popular SUV segment out there right now. They are large enough, relatively affordable, and packed with 99% of all luxury features.

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The first option to consider is the well-established German trio, the Audi Q5, BMW X3, and the Mercedes GLC. The Q5 is a great all-arounder just like any other Audi out there, the BMW is a little bit sportier, and the Mercedes GLC is the most relaxing one.

Choosing any one of these three should come down to what you expect from a compact SUV and the brand you like the most. But if you want even more exciting options, you should consider the Porsche Macan or the Range Rover Velar.

The Velar is arguably the best-looking compact SUV on the market right now and the Macan is the most exciting one to drive. You can also check out the newly redesigned Jaguar F-Pace which is more or less built on the same platform as the Velar.

Best luxury mid-size SUV for seniors

Lots of people out there think that a compact SUV is not a true SUV, and even though compact SUVs do offer 99% of the essential SUV experience, they are usually no good when it comes to off-roading and they simply can’t match the road presence and build quality of a mid-size SUV.

And the ones with the most road presence are the Lamborghini Urus and the  Rolls Royce Cullinan. These two are the most stylish and most exclusive SUVs one can buy right now, and if you add the Bentley Benteyga in there as a perfect middle ground between the two, choose the one you think best fits your needs and wants.

But if you are not planning to spend a fortune on a depreciating asset, you might as well just opt for the BMW X5, Mercedes GLE, Porsche Cayenne Volvo XC90, or the Range Rover Sport. The X5, Cayenne and RR Sport are the most exciting ones between the trio and they also offer the sportiest driving experience.

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The Audi Q7 is the most spacious one and it is based on the chassis as the Bentley Benteyga and the Cayenne, but the Q7 does come in a 7-seat configuration. As far as the Mercedes GLE is concerned, this mid-size SUV is the most comfortable and relaxing option in the entire executive mid-size SUV segment.

Best luxury full-size SUV for seniors

And then we come to the flagship SUVs, the largest, most impressive, and usually most capable SUVs on the market, in theory at least. That being said, if you want as much space as possible, it truly is a no-brainer to opt for any of these, but if not, bar the Vogue, you should opt for a mid-size SUV instead.

This is because these SUVs are not all that much ‘’more’’ compared to a mid-size SUV, not in the same way a full-size sedan is compared to a mid-size sedan. If you take a look at the Mercedes Benz GLS, you will realize that the GLE and the GLS are the same, the only true difference between these two is the size.

The BMW X7 is somewhat of an upgrade compared to the BMW X5, but it still makes no sense to opt for one if you don’t need the extra room an X7 offers. But the Range Rover Vogue is a true Range Rover flagship, and the Vogue is by itself an SUV icon, just like the Mercedes Benz G-Class.

FAQ Section

What is the most luxurious SUV money can buy right now?

The Rolls Royce Cullinan, and it ain’t even close. Rolls Royce is a brand solely focusing on luxury and only luxury, and no one does it better than Rolls Royce. Other incredibly luxurious SUV options are the Benteyga, Range Rover Autobiography, and the Maybach GLS.

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But there is no comparison between any other SUV and the Cullinan as the Cullinan truly is the luxury SUV champ.

What is the fastest SUV money can buy right now?

In recent years car manufacturers have started developing sporty SUVs. Cars like the Lamborghini Urus and the Bentley Benteyga Speed, Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-hybrid are the fastest SUVs on the market right now.

The Urus tops out at 190mph, and it reaches 60mps from a standstill in a little over 3 seconds. The Bentley Benteyga speed also tops out at 190mph, but the 0-60mph time is a bit slower compared to the Urus. And lastly, the Cayenne Turbo S E-hybrid does 183mph and a 3.8 second 0-60mph time.

Should I opt for a classic SUV or a Coupe SUV?

Nowadays you can opt for a coupe SUV of some sort. Some models like the Cayenne Coupe, GLE Coupe, Audi Q8, and the BMW X6 are indeed coupe SUVs. But the only benefit of these is styling, and a big drawback is the lack of space.

These coupe SUVs compromise greatly on rear-seat passenger space and this can be a dealbreaker for some. It’s worth mentioning that the Audi Q8 does seem to offer the highest amount of rear passenger headspace.

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